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World Cuisine Sauces And Diet Foods

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World Cuisine Sauces And Diet Foods

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my dear readers
This book series I prepared for you after 1 year work,world famous and the most used food in the world includes sweet fruit and salad dressings and diet recipes.turkish, china, italian, spanish, american, british, mexican and other sauces and diet recipes used in 32 countries are gathered for you and presented as a series of books.
This book series, where you can find dishes in our second book, in our second book, will be translated into different languages ​​as can find the preparation of the ingredients and dishes used in this series with more than 250 sauce and diet recipes.the most popular sauce in the book, easy to make sauces and local sauces are presented in 3 main titles.These food and sauces used by chefs and local people of the world famous gourmets will introduce you to different tastes and help you gain a healthy and dynamic eating habit.

Some of the topics in the list below have been presented to you, for example, and I would recommend this book to you, which you can read and apply for both taste and diet.
1. World Cuisine Sauces
A.Popular Sauces
B.Vegetable Sauces
C.Practical Sauces

A.Popular Sauces
Ingroedients for recipe for carrot and spinach sauce
espanyol sos
Place apple pasta sauce recipe
Neapolitan sauce recipe
Avocado sauce
Hot glas sauce
Shrimp salsa sauce
tatar sauce
mushroom tomato
bolonez sos
tomato sauce
Ingredients for homemade ketchup recipe
Pesto sauce recipe
Pasta sauce recipe with artichoke
Chili peppered hot dip sauce ingredients for recipe
Ingredients for recipe sauce (salad dressing)
Ingredients for spicy breakfast sauce recipe
Ingredients for blueberry sauce recipe
Ingredients for sour sauce
Ingredients for Ajvar sauce recipe
B.Vegetable Sauces
Ingredients for recipe for yoghurt and cucumber sauce
mi̇lanez sos
napoli̇ten sos
Practical Italian Sauce Recipe
Hollandez Sauce Recipe
Ingredients for sauce recipe with eggplant
Ingredients for the recipe with spinach sauce
Ingredients for spicy avocado sauce recipe
Ingredients for recipe with eggplant dip sauce
Ingredients for bottom and bottom with eggplant and olive
Ingredients for corn and creamy sauce recipe
Ingredients for carrot and dukkah spicy humus recipe
Ingredients for green vegetable bottom recipe

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