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Prince of Tyrants

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Prince of Tyrants

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History tells us that at the end of World War 2, Adolf Hitler killed himself in the bunker below the Nazi chancellery. But a body was never presented by the Soviet army who occupied Berlin. In fact, no conclusive evidence was ever presented to verify his death except for sworn testimony from his loyal staff. There is growing evidence from many sources that Hitler did not die in 1945, but escaped to Argentina instead.
If he did escape, what did he do and where did he go? My fictional novel "The Prince of Tyrants" tells the story of how he might have escaped, and his flight from Germany and his eventual life and family in Argentina. What if he and Eva Braun survived and prospered, had a family and grandchildren?
The premise of the story is of Hitler's granddaughter and how her innocence is of no concern in a world obsessed with revenge for things that happened long ago.
I wrote this story after an encounter on face book with a friend of my sons who was a Muslim. He made a comment how during the crusades, Christians killed thousands of Muslims, which is true. The fact that it happened nearly one thousand years ago didn't seem to matter to him. I do not believe we, as humans, should adopt the causes of our ancestors and act on them today. If we do this, there will be no end to the violence and destruction and we will have learned nothing from history, Everyone has some horrible event endured by some ancestor, some where, at some time, that needs to be revenged. So I decided to write a morality play to make my point.
What group of people from recent history, really has a reason to seek revenge on another? As a student of World Was 2, the answer is the Jewish people. Nazi Germany killed some six million Jews, and if anyone has a reason for seeking revenge against the Germans, it is the Jews,
If Adolf Hitler had a granddaughter, and she did not know who her grandfather was, would it be right and just for her to be harmed in revenge for what Hitler did? Of course it would not, but that is the premise of my story. I hope you will buy it, read it, and be entertained, as well as understanding its moral imperative

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