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Empowerment Of The Entrepreneur: The Ultimate Guide To Life, Sales And Business

Empowerment Of The Entrepreneur: The Ultimate Guide To Life, Sales And Business

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Empowerment Of The Entrepreneur: The Ultimate Guide To Life, Sales And Business

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Jan 14, 2019


The desire to work for yourself, to be your own boss, has driven countless men and women out of their blue walled cubicles and into the world of entrepreneurship. The sad fact is that many startups don’t last more than the first year. Those who break that invisible barrier are confronted with a myriad of problems on a daily basis, making it easy to become lost. Energy and Empowerment of the Entrepreneur: The Ultimate Guide to Life, Sales, and Business was written for both groups.

Work often burns us out. Let Energy and Empowerment of the Entrepreneur be the key to a better life. There are many facets to a balanced life. Maintaining balance is the key to success on every level. This book guides the reader through the steps for business development, top sales secrets, methods of managing stress and finding peace. From meditation to leadership, Energy and Empowerment of the Entrepreneur is sure to leave you invigorated, energized, and ready to tackle the next steps to success. What are you waiting for? Take control of your life and your business now.

Jan 14, 2019

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Empowerment Of The Entrepreneur - Oliver Ingham

Empowerment of the entrepreneur

The ultimate guide to life, sales and business.

Energise and empower your success mindset

Written By Oliver Ingham

© 2019 Oliver Ingham

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition


Chapter 1: Introduction

The Seven Steps of Business Development and Success

1. Have a Great Attitude

2. Manage Your Time

3. Be Prepared

4. Avoid Distractions and Use Your Working Time Effectively

5. Use Your Resources Effectively

6. Avoid Negative People

7. Take control and Be Accountable

Chapter 2: Taking Action

1. Visualization

2. Clarity

3. Solid Foundation

4. Planning

5. Take Action

6. Commitment

7. Support and Motivation

Chapter 3: Strategic Goal Setting, Planning and Assessment

1. Set Goals

• Action Based Goals

• Networking Goals

• Learning Goals

2. Plan to Achieve the Goals

3. Assess Your Performance

Chapter 4: Meditation


1. Improved Health

2. Psychological Recovery

3. Spiritual and Karmic Benefits

Chapter 5: Passion

Chapter 6: Law of Attraction

Chapter 1


Going into the business world is a bold bet while being a fascinating adventure for the owner. Undoubtedly, the success of the business - it is one of the most disturbing issues for startups. All businessmen would like to know the magic formula of a successful business development, applying which could be guaranteed to get the desired result.

Business development is a major issue because if your organization is not growing, it is in decline! In fact, business development is about maintaining and enhancing the relationship with your current and future customers. It is, therefore, a key element in the practice of several professionals.

Yet this important aspect of the practice is perceived by many as complex and arduous. Others find it difficult to be effective in this process while working ethically and with the utmost respect for others. Fortunately, this non-negligible business constraint is developing and this is exactly the purpose of this book.

Obviously, there is no secret formula for success in business. Nevertheless, there are basic factors that need to be considered in order to create a successful business. If you follow them, then the probability of executing the developed business plan is significantly increased, but, of course, no one can give a 100% guarantee, because business is always a risk.

Success in business development, like most things in life, boils down to mastering the basics. Whatever the chosen field of activity, we must know that the success of the business is based on several key ingredients and the implementation of an infallible strategy. Although most people spend their time talking about ideas that work for others, all you really need to do is follow a few simple rules. And you will start seeing the results almost immediately.

This book has been carefully prepared to provide you with everything you need to achieve success in your business while maintaining your business development ethic.

Before we begin you must know;

The Seven Steps of Business Development and Success

1. Have a Great Attitude

A person's attitude is an expression of their mindset at any time and in any given situation. The attitude stands apart and is the cornerstone in achieving success in any sphere

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