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A Maiden's Love: Book 1

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Set in the western frontier of the 1800's this story captivates readers with a combination of love, adventure, murder, revenge and more. After the disappearance of her parents Kate has been on her own. Her parents taught her how to live off the land and after they don't return she seeks help from town. When that too fails, she sets of on her own to find them. Along the way she makes a home anyway she can find it. An abandoned cabin, cave and a village to name a few. On the adventure she has the most unusual companion, a bobcat. She meets many people along the way as well including the love of her life and a long lost family she never knew existed. Life changes drastically for her in the coming years as she searches out for her parents. Now with her new experiences and life will she take the same path she's been walking or will she steer in a whole different direction?

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