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Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook: 100 Vegan Meal Prep Recipes and Beginners Guide for Healthy Living and Faster Weight Loss with 30-Days Meal Plan (Plant-Based Eating, Batch Cooking, & Clean   Eating)

Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook: 100 Vegan Meal Prep Recipes and Beginners Guide for Healthy Living and Faster Weight Loss with 30-Days Meal Plan (Plant-Based Eating, Batch Cooking, & Clean Eating)

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Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook: 100 Vegan Meal Prep Recipes and Beginners Guide for Healthy Living and Faster Weight Loss with 30-Days Meal Plan (Plant-Based Eating, Batch Cooking, & Clean Eating)

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Dec 15, 2018


Living the vegan lifestyle can be easier when ready-to-go and healthy plant-based meals are available whenever you are hungry. Vegan meal prep ensures the availability of healthy plant-based meals and snacks that will keep you sustained on your weekly meal rotation. This book is an action-oriented package that introduces you to vegan meal prep in such a simple yet profound way, with 100 delicious vegan meal prep recipes and a 30-day meal plan that will cover your needs. This book contains:
• A Beginners Kick-Start Guide
• Different Meal Prep Methods: to help you choose what works best for you
• How To Effectively Plan Your Meals
• Building a Shopping List that is Practical
• Meal Prepping and Storage
• Storage Tools and Other Equipment
• A 30 Day Meal Plan with 100 Delicious Recipes
• Benefits of Vegan Meal Prep
• Useful Hacks and Tips
• Tips to Vegan Meal Prepping Easier, and more.

You will find this vegan meal prep cookbook very useful as a newbie or expert with several scrumptious, nourishing and rich meals that can be included into diet. Live the plant-based lifestyle to maximum!

Dec 15, 2018

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Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook - Thomas Spears



Vegan meal prep has become a big healthy eating tradition and a style among pro athletes, fitness models and several other regular people. Everyone is keeping track of their macros and showing off their impeccably arranged meal prep containers. It is easy to get overwhelmed as a beginner, as you consider starting to meal prep your own vegan meals, believing you need extravagant kitchen utensils and equipment, loads of money and a great deal of time on your hands to begin with. However, meal prepping is for every vegan, regardless of your ability as a beginner or expert; and with this action-based book, you will begin to meal prep effortlessly.

Vegan meal prepping can be exciting, stress-free and a practical way to successfully stick to the vegan lifestyle by making your meals and snacks in advance and having enough healthy plant-based meals and snacks to cater for your weekly rotation. Most vegan diet-beginners are often not used to preparing their meals all of the time, so they end up getting occasionally stranded, having nothing to eat. Meal prepping ensures the availability of healthy meals and snacks on the go, eliminating the temptation to reach for junk food and store-bought meals. Once you get started on the vegan meal prep journey, you will marvel at how easy and significantly possible it will be to stick to plant-based eating.

Vegan meal prepping requires conscious effort and planning to be successfully implemented. Definitely, you need to apportion few hours per week to prepare your meals ahead for a full week's worth of meals. Your vegan snacks can also be planned and prepped ahead to make healthy snacks available in-between meals. Meal prepping helps you take charge of what you eat by planning ahead, it also frees up your time and gives you time to do other things. What's more, meal prepping is budget-friendly and saves you the extra money spent on last minute grocery shopping and buying restaurant and store-bought meals.

This book, Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook contains 100 scrumptious Vegan Meal Prep Recipes that will help you reach your nutrition and weight loss goals. This section also contains a 30-day meal plan that will help you plan your week effectively. The meals you will cook will be tastier than restaurant or store-bought meals. The meal plan can be adjusted as you become more familiar with vegan meal prepping and the ingredients in each recipe can also be adjusted to increase or decrease servings and to help you enjoy the boundless benefits of the vegan diet.

Vegan Meal Prep Benefits

Making your vegan meals ahead will ensure the availability of healthy and savory meals when needed. The benefits of meal prepping cannot be overemphasized. Some of this very many benefits have been summarized below: 

Eliminates Stress and Decision Weariness. Deciding on what to eat, shopping for them and cooking after a hectic day at work can be daunting. Spending several hours in a kitchen after a very busy day can be unpleasant. Meal prepping eliminates the stress of having to make decisions every now and then on what to eat and what not to eat on a daily basis and also the stress involved with shopping and cooking every now and then. Since, you just have to take out prepped meals from the refrigerator and warm.

Saves Time. Meal prepping saves a lot of the time spent making decisions on what to eat, what to buy, time spent grocery shopping and the time spent cooking individual meals. The amount of time spent deciding, shopping and cooking can be significantly reduced, if you set aside few hours to make your meals and snack ahead for the week.

Pocket Friendly. Most vegan diet recipes are budget-friendly. Buying your groceries in bulk will reduce extra costs and also eliminates wastage. Since, you will only shop for important items that are already on your list, meaning you will hardly throw away food and your pocket will be spared.

Eliminates Temptation. The temptation to eat any available food becomes very great when you are hungry. When you plan your meals and snacks ahead, you eliminate the temptation to eat any available unhealthy food or snack on the go.

Meal prepping saves you some extra hours every week, saves you extra money to attend to other pressing needs, most importantly keeps you organized and helps you to successfully actualized your nutrition and weight loss goals on the vegan diet.


There is no finite rule to meal prepping. The longer you meal prep, the more you will discover what works best for you. Adopting what works for you serves as the basis for your personalized meal prepping routine. As a vegan meal prep newbie, one of the most important things to remember is to keep it simple. When you become more familiar with the meal prepping terrain, you can begin to explore the fancy stuffs. The following are some hacks, tips and tricks to help you on your meal prepping journey:

Meal Prep Methods

Before you get started, you should first determine which meal prep method fits your cooking style, the meal you want to prepare and your schedule. One or a blend of the following meal prep methods may suit you:

Make-Ahead Meals. This involves cooking full meals in advance to be warmed when ready to eat. This method is for those with little or no time to prepare their meals and snacks during the week. It makes for readily available weeknight dinners. 

Single Portioned Meals. This meal prepping method involves the preparation of your meals and portioning them into separate single servings. This will help people who just want to grab their meals and go and those who have particular nutritional and health goals. Meals such as salads, overnight oats etc. can be portioned into mason jars and airtight meal prep containers.

Freezing and Batch Cooking. This meal prepping method involves preparing several batches of a specific recipes. This batches are then divided into meal prep containers, sealed and frozen for the coming weeks. Recipes such as rice and soups can be prepared in several batches and frozen for use for several weeks and even months.

Prepared Ingredients. Preparing the ingredients beforehand drastically reduces the amount of time spent in the kitchen. This involves blending, chopping, dicing, and mincing the ingredients in a recipe where necessary, such as garlic, ginger, fresh herbs etc.

Planning Your Meals

Once you have chosen the meal prep method(s) to use, the next step is to plan the meals you want to prep. Decide on which meals you want to cook and keep it simple. Steer clear of fancy meals that will waste your time and stick with meals you are familiar with to help save time. Write out the meals you want to prepare, such as batch cooking a tray of roasted veggies, a few grilled tofu pieces and a pot of brown

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