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The Next Level

The Next Level

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The Next Level

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Jan 3, 2019


The Next Level reveals how people may make remarkable progress in every area of their lives through the unadulterated word of God and biblical examples which serve as guide to the attainment of lives goals.

Jan 3, 2019

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The Next Level - Pastor Tony Fasoore



To my wife, Shalewa. Thank you for standing by my side for all these years.


I believe it is God’s desire that we improve and get better in life. The Bible says, the path of the righteous is as a shining light, shining more and more until the perfect day. No matter where we are in life or what we find ourselves doing, we can get better and better--in our marriages, businesses, spiritual walk etc. As we read this book, it is my prayer that you desire the next level in your life.

-Pastor Tola Odutola

Jesus House, Baltimore, USA

In this book, The Next Level, Pastor Tony Fasoore lays out the factors that will guarantee your change of level. He has done a marvelous job at identifying the steps any believer can take at any time to ensure they change levels in life. I am sure you'll enjoy reading and learning from it.

-Pastor Joseph Oyewole

House of Praise, Baltimore, USA

God’s thoughts for us are continuously good. The Next Level which is authored by my friend and brother, Pastor Tony Fasoore is a continuum of inspiring sermonettes; and an epic read for anyone and everyone striving to keep his head above waters of life’s struggles to get to the top in any endeavor.

-Pastor Fola Ojo

House of Praise, Milwaukee, USA.


Most times, what hold believers back from rising up to high levels in life has very little to do with the devil. This truth is not very popular among Christian circles, particularly in the African charismatic Christian society. I believe that God intends to give His children the best of everything, and He has made provisions for them to be identified in the world through their great exploits. These provisions can be found in the Bible.

I have written this book, The Next Level, to equip the believers in this modern age with the tools they need to access these great heights God has prepared for them. I believe you will find the topics discussed insightful and I pray that they will propagate you to a new dimension.

Prayer is good, as a matter of fact; every Christian is supposed to learn how to pray effectively. I believe very strongly in prayers, especially in my duties as a pastor. I very much enjoy praying and I know that spiritual battles must be fought and won through prayer, based on the faith from the word of God.

However, prayer alone cannot, and will not launch you to the great heights that God has made available to you as a believer.

Then, if prayer alone will not do it, what else would you need to do to rise to the next level?

Come with me; let us explore the answers to this question together in the pages to come.

-Pastor Tony Fasoore



For your situation; God alone is enough. For your job, health, marriage, finances; God alone is enough. God is enough! You don’t have to do anything else.

In the body of Christ, some still do not believe that God is enough for them or their situations. There are even some pastors who do not believe that God is enough. But when you trust God and patiently wait on Him; then He will begin to do things that are extraordinary for you and people will wonder how you did it.

The reason many people are not experiencing miracles is that they do not believe that God is enough for them. We could as well say that many of us do not listen to God speak. Many people would say, The Lord said when He had not spoken; and if He had not spoken, it would not come to pass. And if it does not come to pass, people would know that it was not the Lord that spoke.

Some pastors often seek diabolical means in their quest to ensure all

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