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The Thai Smile: Thailand Take Two, #1

The Thai Smile: Thailand Take Two, #1

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The Thai Smile: Thailand Take Two, #1

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Nov 19, 2018


Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles.But never assume that smiles mean the same as they do in the West. Smiling is quite automatic in Thailand. A monk once told me that Thais were boirn with smiles on their faces!Matt Owens Rees discusses the many different types of smile and gives several real-life illustrations in this free volume. 

Nov 19, 2018

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Are you sometimes surprised when visiting a foreign country? Do you like discovering a side of the people’s lives that tourists rarely see? Matt Owens Rees has written extensively on Thais and Thailand. Thailand Take Two describes the main characteristics and differences between Thais and Westerners. A Thailand Diary is a lighter read with an entry for every day of the year. You can take a virtual look inside the everyday lives and experiences of the Thai people, and how they and foreigners interact in this amazing country. Through field research and discussions with Thais, either in normal conversation or in the lecture theatre, Matt Owens Rees presents a rich picture of the real Thailand: warts and all. Despite not being similar in style, his books reflect on some of the observations in “Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind.” ln his opinion, the best introductory book on Thais and Thailand. Written by Carol Hollinger in 1965, its insights are still very revealing and up to date. Sadly, Hollinger passed away at 45 years old before she could see her best selling book in print. Thailand Take Two and A Thailand Diary are dedicated to her. Escape To Thailand is an account of an expat’s move to this country and his early days here. Take a look at a free sample. You can always follow Matt Owens Rees at, his twitter address is @MattOwensRees, and you can view and comment on his blog posts on Facebook's group page "Discssing the Real Thailand"

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The Thai Smile - Matt Owens Rees



Matt Owens Rees

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The world always looks brighter from behind a smile

Lanna, the northern part of Thailand, is known as the land of a million rice fields (lan = million, na = rice fields). After you have read this chapter, you may feel you want to call Thailand the land of a million smiles. The Thais, and their neighbours, are often described as inscrutable because the different meanings of their smiles are not easy to understand.

In the West, a smile always indicates pleasure. In Thailand, you cannot make that assumption. The Thai smile can express many emotions, not just that the person is pleased to see you or meet with you. For example, a smile in a club or disco is not necessarily a come-on. Far from it.

Let’s look at the different types of Thai smile before we visit a department store and then a bar where we will meet some Thais who will demonstrate the Thai smile in action.

The Smile Friendly is merely a polite welcoming smile and no more. Enjoying life and having sanuk (fun) are central to being Thai. Why be too serious? This smile says that the person is happy and contented with life.

Smiling comes naturally to Thais; they were born with smiles on their faces. If there is a choice between smiling and not smiling, they will choose smiling every time. They see no reason not to smile. In that sense, the smile is an automatic reflex. They smile whenever they are speaking to you. The Smile Automatic. You should not read as much into it as you would in the West.

If a Thai doesn’t want to do what you ask him, he will smile automatically. It is his natural response. You may have to be less indirect or more persuasive. Be long-winded to avoid coming across as too serious or annoyed. Introduce some friendly humour into the conversation, engage in a little sweet talking pootwan, get him on side, and try again. This time with a smile of your own.

We all smile when we hear a good joke, and the Thais are no exception. They love double-entendres and clever wordplay. Sarcasm escapes them because of their basic polite nature and unwillingness to engage in insults. When you joke with a Thai, you will see The Smile Humourous. Some people, particularly young girls, will put a hand

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