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Hard Decisions (#3 of California Dreaming)

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:James Alliston is a famous New York writer. After being left by his wife, he decides to move back to Los Angeles under the advice of his best friend and literary agent, Andy Jackson. Continually searching for her creative vein, lost for years now, he tries to rebuild a new life in the film capital. His arrival in the city is impetuous and James will find himself immediately in unseemly scenarios with old acquaintances. The meeting with Stacy, an old flame of him, will be for James an ease to rediscover the writer within himself, while the feelings for the woman may be stronger than those he himself would have expected. Meanwhile, Andy Jackson has to face the problems that have arisen between him and his wife Michela, and the arrival of Lucy: a beautiful and sexy emerging actress, will not simplify the situation. In addition, he will have to redirect the young actress towards the climb to success, making sure that she doesn’t get behind obscene proposals from directors with Dodgers hats. James, meanwhile, will venture into his new life in Los Angeles, trying to stay away from Allison, a young girl who seems to bring only trouble. At the premiere of Lucy's film, James will officially return to the literary scene of L.A., bringing back memories and feelings that he believed he had lost and overcome. Making doubts arise about the decision to have moved back to Los Angeles, abandoning his daughter Elizabeth to the possibility of growing up without a father constantly present in her life.

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