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Miscellaneous Papers: Volumes 1 & 2 Complete

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Miscellaneous Papers: Volumes 1 & 2 Complete

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This large collection of 27 separate works was originally published as two separate volumes. It is a broad and wide collection of some of H. A. Ironside's shorter works, some being quite short, no bigger than large tracts, and some being the equivalent of small books. The topics range from eschatology to baptism to cults and false religions to the Gospel, theology and more. This collection spans almost the entire ministry of Ironside, from his earliest days in the late 1800's to his latter days of the 1940's.

For someone looking for a good introduction to the thought of H. A. Ironside this large collection of writings is perfect. At the same time, those who have maybe already had a taste of his work and are looking for something more, they are sure to find a lot here to satisfy their spiritual hunger.

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