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I, Jared: The Trump Secrets

I, Jared: The Trump Secrets

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I, Jared: The Trump Secrets

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Oct 8, 2018


Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law is now on a world stage. The President has asked him to find peace in the Middle East. He has asked him to modernize the federal government. He is the White House Innovations Director. He is the Senior Advisor to the President.Yet Jared is not on any official payroll. He had difficulty obtaining a security clearance. He has no experience in government. Few people truly know him well. “I, Jared: The Trump Secrets” is a look inside the man. It examines the historic events surrounding the 2016 presidential election. It discloses the secret roles Jared played in the Trump campaign. The book describes the personal intrigue, political struggles and financial entanglements that swirled around him. It tells how Jared almost lost the Kushner family’s real estate empire. It tells of his deep religiosity. It reveals previously undisclosed information that will stun and surprise. Shocking insider claims and bombshell allegations promise to rock the Trump administration.
•I, Jared: The Trump Secrets will show the real role Jared played in the run-up to the Trump presidency
•The book will reveal the degree to which Ivanka resisted the idea of entering the world of politics
•It will disclose the real reason Jared pushed his wife to change her mind and risk it all
•It will describe the central role Jared played in helping secure funds for the Trump campaign
•It will show how Jared and Ivanka frequently bickered and how their marriage is not as rosy as depicted
•It discloses their pet names. Ivanka calls Jared, “Jare”. Jared calls Ivanka “Evie”. They both call Trump “dad”
•The book brings to light Jared’s medical issues including chronic dry mouth, or xerostomia, and the resulting poor dental health
•The book reveals Jared was diagnosed with sleep apnea. He and Ivanka have slept in separate bedrooms since they got married due to his snoring
•The book tells how Jared regularly checks his comb and the shower drain for hair loss out of a worry he is developing a bald spot
•In a shocking revelation the book discusses the moment Jared’s parents suspected he was autistic and had him tested. “I, Jared: The Trump Secrets” reveals the results of the test
•The book will disclose the degree to which Donald Trump dismisses his son-in-law. Trump frequently berates Jared in private and has no qualms calling him names in front of Ivanka
•Trump blames his son-in-law for the financial mess which impacted Kushner Companies.
•In a world exclusive, the book will disclose that Jared Kushner is a dual national. He became a citizen of Israel through his parents and holds an Israeli passport to this day
•In another world exclusive the book reveals Jared is fluent in Hebrew.and tells of his life-long friendship with Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel
•In a bombshell allegation, the book will describe Jared’s secret trip to Israel to get help for the flagging Trump campaign and secure a bridge loan to rescue his failed investment in 666 5th Avenue
•Most sensationally, the book will disclose secret details of Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace plan. The plan will push Saudi Arabia to sign a peace treaty with Israel and to end the Arab League boycott while undercutting the Palestinian cause
I, Jared: The Trump Secrets will make a startling final revelation that promises to shake the Trump administration like no other.

Oct 8, 2018

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I, Jared - Smashwords

I, Jared – The Trump Secrets

Copyright 2018 Anonymous

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

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without the express written permission of the publisher

except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Printed in the United States of America

First Printing, 2016

Published by Annonymous at Smashwords

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 –Todah Raba

Chapter 2 – The White Paper

Chapter 3– The Bond

Chapter 4–Podium

Chapter 5– The Sabbath

Chapter 6–The Late Call

Chapter 7 – Mortal Meeting

Chapter 8 – Commitment

Chapter 9 – The Money

Chapter 10 –The Dinner

Chapter 11– Words of Anger

Chapter 12 – Vegas

Chapter 13 – The Room

Chapter 14 –Holy Land

Chapter 15 – The Ritual

Chapter 16 – The Trip

Chapter 17 – The Arrival

Chapter 18 – By Chance

Chapter 19 – Olive Grove

Chapter 20 – Twin Towers

Chapter 21 – The Synagogue

Chapter 22 – The Rabbis

Chapter 23 – The Letter

Chapter 24 – The Broken Glass

Chapter 25 – The Olive Branch

Chapter 26 – The Peace Plan

Chapter 27 – The Call

Chapter 28 – The Long Night

Chapter 29 – The Long Embrace


To You


Jared Corey Kushner started life with one notable advantage. He was born into tremendous wealth. The Kushner family is one of New York City's largest holders of residential income property. Charles Kushner, the family scion, amassed tremendous wealth acquiring apartment buildings. Kushner Company would come to own millions of square feet of commercial real estate. It was a far cry from its humble roots. It started as a corner grocery store. It was opened by newly arrived Eastern European immigrants fleeing World War II Nazism. The Kushners were survivors. They had a strong work ethic. Charles Kushner wanted his son, Jared, to succeed. He wanted to give him every opportunity. He sent Jared to the best schools. He got him into Harvard. He gave Jared a twenty million dollar graduation gift. He handed him the reigns of Kushner Company. Jared took over at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. He found himself at the top of a major business. He had everything going for him. He was young. He was handsome. He was rich. He was the head of a major real estate empire. Those who dealt with Jared found him likable in person. They described a polite, considerate and mild-mannered individual. There was a particular air about him. He exuded kindness. He projected a caring persona. At the same time, people sensed a level of unease. There was something uncomfortable about him. He seemed to project a protective wall. There was a point at which friends could not get closer. He preferred to keep everyone at a distance. Some saw it as aloofness. Others interpreted it as an extreme concern for privacy. Jared preferred to remain incognito. He liked obscurity. Outside the real estate development world of New York City, few people heard of him. Of those who did, even fewer knew much about him. He was a relative unknown. That was destined to change. Jared saw his name in print the minute he started dating an eligible young New York socialite. His prominence grew after marrying into the Trump family. It rose meteorically when he and wife Ivanka entered the world of Beltway politics. Jared has since become one of the most politically influential people of our time. In the span of a few short years, he has come out of nowhere to sit at the right hand of the most powerful man in the world.

Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law is now on a world stage. The president has asked him to find peace in the Middle East. He has tasked him with modernizing the federal government. He is the White House Innovations Director. He is Senior Advisor to the President. All these responsibilities have given him tremendous power. Each role allows him to wield great influence over governmental and non-governmental affairs. It places him at the pinnacle of Washington’s elites. Yet Jared is not on any official payroll. He has no governmental experience. He had difficulty obtaining a high-level security clearance.

Few people know him well. He shies away from publicity. He maintains distance from the press. He has made only a handful of televised appearances. He has conducted only a small number of interviews. He is reluctant to make speeches. Everything he has said publicly has been measured. His mannerisms are restrained. Of the people who have interacted with Jared, all describe him as being a highly guarded individual. He has few friends. Of the ones he has, none can describe an emotional moment shared with Jared. He mostly keeps to himself. He can come across as unsocial. His parents know him best but say the least. To the general public he remains mysterious. He is an enigma.

I, Jared: The Trump Secrets lifts the veil of secrecy. It is a look at Jared Cory Kushner, the man. It explains away the mystery. It solves the enigma. It is an expose of his actions. It is a detailed look at the events surrounding the historic 2016 presidential election. It discloses the unofficial roles Jared played in the Trump campaign. It divulges previously untold information that will shed new light on the circumstances leading to the selection of our 45th president. The book describes the personal intrigue, political struggles and financial entanglements that swirled around Jared in the run-up to the Trump presidency. It explains how he almost lost the Kushner family’s real estate empire. It is a peek into his mad scramble to rescue the failed investments. It tells of Jared’s deep religiosity. It details the friction it sometimes caused with Ivanka. The book brings to light Jared’s many medical issues. It describes a crisis the Kushner family confronted early in his childhood.

Anonymous takes you behind the scenes. It opens previously closed doors. It sheds light on every aspect of his life. It leaves no stone unturned. The narrative exposes the true nature of Jared and Ivanka’s marriage. It reveals Jared’s sometimes-tenuous relationship with his wife. It describes their moments together in previously undisclosed detail. It touches on their volatile early years. It lifts the lid on their secret pact. It is a look into their personal lives. It shows them as never before. It discloses their pet names. Ivanka calls Jared, Jare. Jared calls Ivanka Evie. They both call Trump dad.

Anonymous weaves a tale that reads like a novel. It discloses sensitive secrets. Most sensationally, it reveals Jared Kushner’s tightly guarded Middle East peace plan. I, Jared: The Trump Secrets makes known the closely held details. It pulls back the curtain to reveal the truth. It will also make a startling final revelation that promises to shake the Trump administration to its core.

For that reason, the author of this work has chosen to stay anonymous. It will be more than self-evident why. The question will answer itself from the first chapter onward. No doubt, there will be those who will criticize this book as fake. They will insist it is nothing more than a work of fiction. They will more than likely attack its author as gutless. Here is the response. Anonymous stands by every written word and observes with a slight sense of humor to quote, It is better to be gutless than disemboweled.Lectio fui.

Chapter 1 – Todah Raba

Jared…Jare? Ivanka yelled. Where are you?

Over here…I’m at my desk, Jared yelled back looking up from his computer, working-

-Let’s go, Ivanka demanded, we need to go-

-Evie...honey, Jared protested plaintively as he stalled, can’t it wait?

It can’t wait.

Ok, be right there honey.

Just drop whatever you’re doing, Ivanka persisted, this is important.

Ok…I just need a second more please, Jared pleaded, I have to complete this one thing and I’ll be right there.

Jared turned his attention back to finishing his email. He moved the cursor over the send button. The arrow hovered. He hesitated clicking the mouse. He proofread the message one more time. His Hebrew was a bit rusty. His parents made sure Jared, as the eldest of their children, learned to read and write in the tongue of their ancestors. They immersed him in all things Jewish growing up. Being able to speak Hebrew was important. It was instrumental for any Orthodox Jew to understand the language of the religion. These days, Jared used Hebrew only sporadically. He mostly referenced it during prayers. He also turned to it whenever he wrote to family. He occasionally sprinkled in some Yiddish on those occasions.

Abi, this investment will work. I promise you. I will make it work. It will pay off in the end. I give you my word. Trust me. Let’s just get it done. Let’s just buy it, Jared wrote. Gelt gait tsu gelt. Money goes to money. Todah raba... Thank you very much.

The recipient was Charles Kushner, the nominal head of Kushner Companies. Jared’s father warned his eldest son about investing in 666 Fifth Avenue. Charles criticized the plan. The forty-one story office building in Midtown Manhattan sat on the market for years. Tishman Realty and Construction wanted to offload it badly. The same legendary Tishman’s of New York City built it in 1957. Most would-be buyers considered it lacking to say the least. Over four hundred other buildings in Manhattan were taller. It was architecturally sterile. Design wise it was boring. A shoe-box had more style. The Japanese owned it or a while in the 1990’s. It was the era of Japan, Inc. The NIKKEI stock market reached a valuation on par with the United States market. The Japanese gross domestic product skyrocketed. Japanese investors rewarded themselves with a buying binge. The world had not seen anything like it. Japanese entities purchased Rockefeller Center. They bought the Pebble Beach Resorts golf course. They had an interest in all but one downtown Los Angeles skyscraper. It did not last. The Bank of Japan surprised financial markets. It raised inter-bank lending rates stratospherically in late 1989. The sudden policy about-face caused burst the stock market bubble. Japanese equities crashed. The carnage forced Japanese investors to liquidate foreign investments at fire sale prices. After the dust settled, the Tishman’s purchased their building back for a song. As the property’s original developers, they knew it best. They understood the investment it would take to redevelop it properly. They were not prepared to take the risk. It would be too much of a gamble. They thought the better of it. The Tishman’s decided to bide their time. The legendary family preferred the less perilous route. They decided to sit on 666 5th Avenue until the markets stabilized. By the early 2000’s they were ready for another flip. They aimed for an even bigger profit. The New York real-estate market was near record levels. At the same time, the Tishmans had to act fast. They sensed danger. There was change coming. The business environment did not feel right. The economy was vulnerable. They knew there could be another ugly turn in the markets. They were eager to get out ahead of it. They wanted to rid their portfolio of non-producing properties. 666 Fifth Avenue was top of the list. The Tishmans prepped the building. They dressed it up. They made it look the best it could. They added tenants by dropping the rent. That juiced the occupancy percentage. They boasted about the location. They touted the site’s future redevelopment potential. They marketed it everywhere. Jared stumbled across it by accident. A friend gave him the heads-up. He told him about the property in advance of the official listing.

He told Jared he could get a leg up on the competition before the building actually hit the market. Jared was not impressed. He seemed lukewarm at first. Then all changed. Jared suddenly bought into the redevelopment prospects. He awoke to the possibilities it offered. His imagination ran wild. He pictured himself constructing one of the tallest buildings in New York. He imagined a new gleaming skyscraper over eighty stories high. He wanted to build his own Trump Tower. Jared scheduled a tour of the property. It was imperative he got a firsthand look. In a way, he sold himself on the idea of investing even before seeing it. It did not take much for Jared to embrace the thought of becoming a buyer. He believed it was a tremendous deal. He worried it would be snapped up from under him. He was sure another developer would pounce. The Tishman’s were eager to spread that impression. They floated that prospect eagerly. In reality, there were no other suitors. Everyone else saw the demerits. They balked at the redevelopment tab. They bemoaned its low-rise appearance. Others questioned the quality of the building’s tenants. They worried they would be buying in at the top of the market. Jared disregarded market conditions. He ignored the current structure’s lack of height. All he could see was the new tower that would replace it. He did not concern himself about the tenants. He reasoned that at one million five hundred thousand square feet the building could always generate enough cash flow to keep itself afloat. When people raised zoning and other red tape roadblocks, Jared looked past them. He zeroed in on the potential. He believed in the promise the redevelopment plans offered. His first visit cemented his inclinations. He dismissed the cautionary opinions of others. The massive lobby sculpture by Isamu Noguchi sealed the deal. It came with the building. Jared saw the artwork as icing on the cake. He considered it a once in a lifetime opportunity to own both. It would be the first piece of original artwork he ever bought.

Jared! Ivanka yelled, What are you doing?

One minute Honey, Jared pleaded, almost done.

What’s holding you up? Ivanka demanded, We’re running late.

I just have to fire off this email.

Well, get it done. We should have left already.

Will do…

I mean now!

Jared sat motionless. His focus consumed by the glow of the screen casting a ghostly light on his face. He re-read the email. He floated the cursor above the send button. His left hand hovered over the keyboard. He checked the message yet again. Jared scrutinized all his emails repeatedly. He never sent even the simplest message without rewriting it once and reading it at least twice. Ivanka strained her neck. She leaned into the hallway. She looked through the doorway of Jared’s home office. She was growing more impatient. She could not imagine what was taking him so long. She was tired calling out to him. She had been on the go all day. Launching her fashion label was much tougher than she bargained for. An urgent phone call cut her day short. Her father summoned her and Jared to Trump Tower for a meeting. Ivanka grabbed her coat. She checked herself in the mirror. She touched up her makeup. She put her coat on. She flicked her hair over the collar.

Jared, I’m ready so you know, Ivanka said one more time, common, we have to leave.

Ok, I’m almost done,

Dad is already waiting for us,

Honey, geese, Jared said sounding a bit exasperated, let me just finish this real quick.

Jared felt rushed. He wanted to give it some more thought. He wondered if it would be better to sit on the message. He pondered sending it a bit later. He was prepared to look at everything anew. He did that with all of his most important emails. Jared fixated on one phrase in particular. He did not think it conveyed the right meaning. He fidgeted with the wording. He read the problematic phrase aloud. He uttered a replacement sentence.

Fine, I’m leaving without you, Ivanka admonished, the driver has been waiting downstairs for over half an hour.

Ok...Ok, Jared said hitting the send button.

A sudden feeling of regret washed over him. He had not wanted the email to go out. It was inadvertent. He intended to save the message as a draft. Jared had never pressured his dad before the way this email would. He was never so overbearing. He was never so headstrong. Charles was equally blunt in his eventual response. He warned his son the building was trouble. He noted the steep purchase price. He told Jared the market was about to correct. He cautioned the family business could be at risk. He pointed out that Kushner Companies was not big enough to redevelop the site on its own. He tried to save his older son from what would become a disastrous investment. Jared ignored all the advice. He rushed headfirst into it.

Jared heard the front door open. He caught a glimpse of Ivanka exiting. She walked out briskly. Jared pushed back from the desk. He grabbed his things. He scampered out the door too. The computer stayed on. The lights remained lit. Jared scrambled to catch up to his wife.

Ivanka…? Wait! Jared yelled after her, Here I come, Jared said as he struggled to put his coat on.

Ivanka stood at the private elevator. She waited for the heavy bronze clad doors to open. Jared caught up to her. She looked past him out the large picture windows. Dark storm clouds outside made it feel like night. Rain pelted the glass. Strong winds blew the water sideways. The drops turned into streaks. New York was experiencing the remnants of tropical storm Barry. Despite the weather, Ivanka and Jared arrived at Trump Tower exactly on time. They walked in unrecognized. Ivanka took her slightly damp raincoat off. Jared collected it from her. He added his own trench coat to his left arm. Trump’s private bodyguard and the Director of Security for the Trump Organization, Keith Schiller, spotted them first.

Ivanka…Jared! Schiller called out.

Ivanka and Jared acknowledged him with a quick wave of the hand. He motioned them over to the private elevator.

Can I help you with the coats? Schiller offered.

Jared said no. Ivanka answered yes. They gave out a nervous chuckle.

Sure, here you go. Ivanka said.

Thanks, Don is upstairs waiting.

We know, Ivanka answered making the ride up to the twenty-sixth floor slightly awkward.

Looks like we will be getting showers for the next day or two, Schiller attempted to small talk.

Yes, and then we have sunshine for the rest of the week. Jared added trying to take the lead.

Here we are, Schiller announced, I’ll put your coats over here. Whenever you’re done, I’ll retrieve them for you.

Thank you, Jared said rather formally.

Schiller put the coats away. Jared and Ivanka hung back. Schiller returned gesturing with his right hand toward the entrance to Trump’s office. Jared and Ivanka briefly glanced at each other. They were somewhat surprised Trump sent him down to greet them. It must mean something serious was up. Schiller opened the lavishly decorated gold double door to Trump’s office. Jared let Ivanka go in first.

Ivanka, come right in, Trump said as he pushed away from his desk to welcome his daughter, Jared, hello, have a seat…both of you.

Hi dad, Ivanka said smiling.

Hello Donald, Jared greeted his father-in-law rather formally.

In private with Ivanka he practiced calling Trump dad. He was yet to feel completely comfortable doing so. He called his own father, Aba, Hebrew for dad. Jared had difficulty transitioning to calling Donald Trump that. Everyone else in the family was already there. Trump preferred it like that. He discouraged formality. He disliked pleasantries.

I guess you two are wondering why I called you for the face to face, Trump said leaning on his desk, Relax, relax…it’s nothing bad, I promise.

Dad, I can guess, Ivanka volunteered, You’ve made your mind up. You’ve decided. Right?

That’s right, Trump said smiling at Jared, You see I made a bright one there.

Yes, you did sir, Jared jumped in rather clumsily.

Ivanka poked her husband. She gave him a disapproving look. The two sat, as close to each other as the guest chairs in Trump’s memorabilia strewn office would allow.

Dad, am I right? Ivanka asked eagerly, Are you going to give us the details now?"

Before I do, Trump said as he went back around to his chair, I just want you to know one thing. Ivanka, I took into consideration everything you told me. I understood your reservations. Trust me. This was not easy. It’s not going to be easy. Nothing great worth doing is necessarily easy. Otherwise, everybody else would be doing it too-

-Dad, sounds to me like you’re going to run, Ivanka interrupted.

-Like I said, this was not easy, Trump continued, I understand your reservations. I’m not that eager to relocate to Washington either. If we weren’t doing the old Post Office project, I wouldn’t ever think about going to DC. But this is different. I want you to know it will be worth the sacrifice.

So, dad, you’re going to run? Ivanka said impatiently, I’m right? Right?

Well, that’s just the thing. Melania had some of the same reservations you did. She said our lives would change forever. And I know they would. Trust me I realize that. It will definitely change us. Then there’s Barron. He’s still pretty young. It’s going to be especially tough on him. His friends are all here. I get it. But in the end Melania said she would support whatever decision I made. Don Jr. and Eric were on board to begin with. It took no time to convince them. In fact, I didn’t do any convincing at all. They said let’s roll. But I told them we all had to agree or it was going to be a no go.

Yes, that’s what we agreed. Ivanka echoed.

So, that’s why I called you two here, Trump said turning to Jared, Jared, I know you’re on board. You were the one practically begging me. But I know you aren’t going to go against Ivanka’s wishes either. So I know where the heart of this deal lies.

Jared nodded in agreement. He took a quick glance at Ivanka. Both he and Trump stared at her. Jared sat patiently without saying a word. As Trump spoke, he rocked slowly back and forth. Ivanka reached over to take his hand in an effort to settle him down.

Ok, Honey, Trump said softly. I’ve never been one to twist your arm about anything. You know how I feel about you. How much I respect you. So if you still tell me ‘no’, I am going to respect that. But today we have to come up with the final decision. I promised my people we decide today. So hit me with it. Or hit me with any questions you might still have. I’ve got to know if you have any, and I do mean any qualms still left. I have all day if we need to talk.

Dad, so I did guess right! Ivanka said but sounding a bit less enthused.

Yes, you guessed it, Trump concurred, But it has to be without any reservations. I have to have your full backing. Do I have your unconditional support?

You’re really putting me on the spot. Ivanka said breaking free of Jared’s touch. It’s like this. I want the best for us. I especially want the best for you. I want you to pursue your dream. But at the same time we’ve worked very hard to get to where we are. We have a lot to lose. I think the risks are very high. What happens if things don’t work out? What will become of us? What will happen to the brand we so carefully constructed? That’s my worry. On a personal level, I’m open to new possibilities. But going to live in DC is not really one of them. If it was, we’d already be there. I’ve been working on the Old Post Office project now for well over two years. I’ve been to DC a lot. Aside from just a few small areas, it’s not such a nice city. It’s not going to be friendly to us politically either. There are people there who will hate us. So why would we be risking everything to get there? I raise all these concerns because I care about what might happen to us all. It’s not just about me. Being President is dangerous. I mean you’ll need security the rest of your life. We will all need security the rest of our lives-

-I'm living with security around me all the time already, Trump interrupted.

Yeah, but I’m talking Secret Service level of security. We’ll all need it, right? Look at all the crazies. I don’t want everyone in the family to go through the rest of our lives in fear. That would be terrible. I’d hate to live scared-

-I’m not scared. Trump said raising his eyebrows.

Dad, I know you’re not scared. I’m talking on behalf of everyone else; the kids most of all, Ivanka said gesturing emphatically with her hands. Her long slender arms remained outstretched. She reached out for understanding.

I know honey, I get it, Trump reassured her, but everyone will be fine. The kids will be fine. Besides, we have some of the same concerns now. We’ve been already dealing with some of these issues. So in a funny way, it will just be more of the same. Right…?

-No, no, it’s nothing like being President though. It’s not remotely like it, Ivanka interrupted. I meant to say we will always have to be extra, extra vigilant. We won’t be able to move around nearly as freely. I talked to Chelsea about this. She described her routine to me. And it wasn’t anything I’d want! She has to tell the Secret Service in advance everywhere she goes. She has lost her privacy on so many levels. Her mom can’t even visit her without Secret Service agents being involved. When I visited her, I got a taste of what that was like. It was not great-

-When did you talk to her…? Trump asked perking up.

Oh, this was a while back, dad. I visited very briefly. But it was long enough to feel what it would be like to live in a cocooned bubble-like existence. It didn’t feel good. At least it didn’t feel good to me. It was very claustrophobic. I never felt so shut in. I really wouldn’t have wanted to change places with her. I think it altered her life forever. I’m sure she would never choose to live like that on her own. But she was too young to have any say about it.

Oh-oh, Jared! Trump chortled, This isn’t looking good!

Dad, I’m being serious! Ivanka shot back.

Jared sat motionless. He did not so much as flinch. He kept his head high. He never heard Ivanka and Trump at loggerheads. He seldom heard them disagree. To argue this long over anything was a first. Jared clasped his hands. He held them tight on his lap. He broke the grip only occasionally. He straightened the sleeves of his shirt. He had a habit of pulling on his cuffs. He wore his favorite steel grey blue suit and black shoes.

Dad, don’t make light of any of this. Ivanka said sounding ultra-serious.

I’m not, Trump insisted. Let’s continue talking.

As I was saying, Ivanka stretched her hands out again for emphasis, Look at what the presidency did to the Clintons. They would have had happier lives in my opinion without the whole Washington experience. They went through hell and back. There were scandals. There was heartache. There was an impeachment.

Jared, don’t you think I should make Ivanka the campaign manager if I ended up running? Trump said smiling at Jared, those are all good points.

Dad, please, Ivanka implored, I’m trying to be totally serious here.

Go ahead, Honey, I’m listening. Trump said leaning back in his comfortable office chair.

Worst of all… Ivanka said starting to sound slightly agitated, All the presidents aged so much. Every one of them aged decades while in Office. Look at Obama. He was like a kid when elected. Now he has grey hair. He looks really tired all the time.

Great points again honey, Trump said praising his daughter, Obama looks terrible,

"So why would we want that? Ivanka asked looking at Trump. She quickly shifted toward Jared.

Jared remained non-responsive. The heated exchange between Ivanka and Trump left him with a loss for words.

Well, you’re right of course. Who wants to grow old? Trump asked throwing his chest out for emphasis, certainly not me!

I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror and think the wrinkles are coming on faster, Ivanka said emphatically. I think we have a good life now. I’m enjoying my life now. I am really not looking forward to how that might change if we decided to go into politics.

Well, you’re right on the money, Trump said looking over in Jared’s direction, Jared, I have to admit. She’s right again-.

-I am right, Ivanka repeated for emphasis.

Jared, you haven’t said much, Trump challenged his son-in-law.

Dad... We know where Jared stands, Ivanka interceded, I’m the one bringing up the concerns.

Well, I agree with you honey. Politics is a dirty business, Trump said as he suddenly stood up from his desk, I’ve dealt with plenty of politicians so I should know. I never thought I would become one. If I do this, it wouldn’t be because I was clamoring to be a politician. I can tell you that much!

That’s right, Jared finally spoke up nodding up and down.

None of us ever thought we’d end up at this point. Politics was definitely not in the cards, Trump said sounding reflective, But when history calls. When events reach a point where they can’t be ignored

-Events…? Ivanka jumped in again, There will always be events. Why not let someone else tackle it. We should stay clear of the whole mess.

That’s precisely it, Trump raised his voice as he caught sight of an opportunity to persuade Ivanka, Only I can successfully tackle the mess out there.

That’s right, Jared chimed in one more time, And I can add Don Jr. or Eric think so too. I haven’t spoken to them lately but I doubt they’ve changed their minds. I’m not speaking for them obviously. I’m speaking for me-

Then just stick to what you know, Ivanka snapped at Jared. I haven’t been clamoring to be the wife of a politician or the daughter of one either as far as I know. And I sure as heck don’t want to be one myself. Chelsea told me she would never want to go into politics either. After experiencing what she experienced, I don’t blame her. I understand her perfectly. She was so badly treated. It bordered on the abusive. So I worry about Arabella, Joseph and Theodore.

Aren’t they great? Trump said pointing at Jared, great grandkids the two of you made!

They are, Ivanka seconded, but like Chelsea they are too young to decide for themselves. What if this changes their lives? What if it’s for the worse? They would never forgive me! I mean, that’s a huge risk. Am I not right?"

Well, they are pretty young, Trump said furling his lips, I don’t know but probably this will all be over before they even know it-

-That’s exactly my point. Ivanka bore in, It would all be for nothing in the end anyway. So we’re back to not knowing how this will affect us. That’s what I was talking about when I said there are so many unknowns. For example, dad, you know Jared has his family thing that is going to get dredged up all over again.

Family thing…? Trump asked, "oh yeah, that thing. I know,

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