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President Vladimir Putin has become a legendary person in Russia once and for all. After the Crimean events in 2014, his authority among the society is indisputable. Attempts to exert pressure on him from outside only caused his popularity to grow. This is due to the peculiarity of the Russian nationality – Russians close the ranks in the face of external danger. However, there is the other side of the coin: the leader-worshipping gave rise to hypertrophied responsibility, and now any unpopular measure taken by the Government poses risk for his reputation. 

Basically, in the institutional sense, President Putin has become a kind of Egyptian pharaoh, with whom the population of the country associates the achievements and failures of the government. 

The delusion that Putin alone controls all processes exists in both Western countries and Russia. This is not true: there is a well-organized group of his associates, who actually exercise control. This dissonance is fatal for Putin, as there is a request today that he stay at the helm after 2024, and it is very strong. Putin himself has repeatedly said that he would like to live a normal life «for himself», which can be humanly understood. A very sensitive period, which is already called the «transfer of power» in the country, is expected in the future, and many pressure groups are getting ready for it.

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