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Tears of Ice: The Littlest Soldiers

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Tears of Ice: The Littlest Soldiers

Lunghezza: 356 pagine6 ore


Long before Hitler and the Holocaust, the Jews of Russia faced their own relentless terror from Czar Nicolas I thirty year (1825-1855) reign. His Rekruchina Decree of 1827 forced 60,000 Jewish children, some as young as ten years of age, into the Russian Imperial Army in hopes of erasing their Jewish religion.

Tears of Ice is a poignant story following the forced conscription of twelve-year-old Poti Levin. Torn from his mothers arms by khappers, he was forced on a journey to a military camp in the eastern interior of Russia. This book delves into what happened to these boys along the route and when they arrived at the camps.

Poti and the other boys are under the care of the brutal Sergeant Yuri Dominkov, a grizzled veteran of Russias many wars. On their long trip they are befriended by the story telling Private Gai Bosha. This is their story.

There have been many love stories,

but this is a story of love.

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