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The Power of the Resurrection: Towering Above the Challenges of Life

The Power of the Resurrection: Towering Above the Challenges of Life

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The Power of the Resurrection: Towering Above the Challenges of Life

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Sep 29, 2012


The Resurrection of Jesus is one of the central beliefs of the Christian faith. This belief and teaching cut across all the Christian denominations. Hence, Paul teaches that if Christ had not risen from the dead, then we would have been the most foolish of all religious groups. But the fact that He, Christ, died and came back to life gives us the opportunity to glory in the resurrected Christ.

The book, The Power of the Resurrection, is centered on the resurrection of Jesus, and the meaning that this resurrection has for us as individual Christians, who believe in the risen Lord. It is not a theological work aimed at defining the resurrection, nor is it a historical work aimed at tracing or verifying the veracity the resurrection. No. It is rather a faith lifting book on the basis of the resurrection story as we have it in the Christian bible. Just as Jesus rose from the dead in the midst of all the opposing tides, so shall those who trust in him rise above all opposing tides in their life. Jesus could not be stopped, so also by the grace of Him who rose from the dead; nothing is going to stop your upliftment and manifestation also. The resurrection shall be your experience in your daily life and at the end of time, he who raised Jesus from the dead shall give life to your own mortal body too. This is the argument of the book.

Jesus, the son of God, came into the world for the love of humanity. His teachings were misunderstood, and so through the journey to Calvary, he was crucified and died on the cross on Calvary. Yes he died. The chief priests and the scribes and the Pharisees, in conjunction with Pilate, conspired against him. He was sentenced to death. He accepted the death willingly and lovingly. He died that we might be saved. Hence, his death brought salvation to the world.

However, before he died, he promised the resurrection. He did not hide the fact of the resurrection. Openly he said, the son of man shall be delivered into the hand of sinners, he shall be put to death, but on the third day, he will rise again. In another place, he said, destroy this temple, and in three days, I shall raise it up, and there was misunderstanding again. The people thought he was referring to the physical temple, but from scripture, we know he was referring to his body rising from the dead. Thus he did spoke about the resurrection quite clearly.

This is where this book hinges its weight. Because he promised the resurrection, after the execution, the chief priests and the soldiers, knowing what he was capable of doing, asked the permission of Pilate for the grave to be guarded till the third day. This is because he said on the third day, I will rise again. They knew that it could happen. They said: this man who gave sight to the blind, who raised the dead (Lazarus and also Jairus Daughter), who cleansed lepers, who casts out devils; this same man said on the third day I will rise again. And they concluded: if he should rise again from the dead, then it will be worse for us. Hence, they received the permission to guard the grave, to prevent any rising from the dead.

Humanly speaking therefore, the resurrection would not have been possible. This is because they did everything to prevent it. They put a very big stone to wedge the entrance, hence no coming out and no going in. More so, they stayed on guard with weapons to prevent any fraudulent act. They were prepared to kill again even if he should try to come out of the grave; that is, if he was able to overcome the wedging stone. Therefore, from the human point of view, it was impossible. By their calculation, they have overcome, they have conquered, and they have become victorious.

But one thing they failed to understand was the statement of the Angel, which Jesus himself repeated to the apostles; that for men, it may be impossible, but not for God, because, for God, there is no impossibility. And so when the appo
Sep 29, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Francis Innocent Otobo is a Catholic Priest of the diocese of Otukpo in Nigeria. Since his ordination, he has been very deeply and excitedly involved in the Charismatic Renewal. He has authored three other works: Stand Your Ground (2003), The War is Still On (2007) and Relationship and Courtship (2010). At the moment, he is on mission in the diocese of Sale, Australia.

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The Power of the Resurrection - Francis Innocent Otobo


Copyright © 2012 by Francis Innocent Otobo.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

First published 2002.

Catholic Star Guide (INYILOWO)

Apostolate, P. O. BOX 1400, Otukpo, Nigeria.

Second Edition 2012:

Nihil Obstat:

Very Rev. Fr. Ojaje Idoko JCL

Director: Pastoral Affairs

Catholic Secretary of Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria.

To order additional copies of this book, contact:

Xlibris Corporation





A Note for this Second Edition




The Power of the Resurrection

Chapter 1    The Vicarious Death of Jesus

Chapter 2    The Triumphant Resurrection

Chapter 3    The Glorious Ascension

Chapter 4    The Authority of the Believer

Chapter 5    Do Not Be Afraid

Chapter 6    Be Calm but Vigilant

Chapter 7    We Serve the Living God



The attitude objective of every politician is to acquire power, which he or she does not shelve away. While some fight to get power, others cheat, manoeuvre, and, at times, kill to obtain it. Once such power is possessed, it is used to rule and exert authority on the followers which could either enhance the living conditions of the populace (as is the case with a good government) or oppress and create a more pathetic situation where life becomes very unbearable (as the case with a bad government).

Power, therefore, is an existential phenomenon, which many people struggle to acquire. The political leader, be he or she, a president of a nation, a state governor, or a local government chairman, is not unaware of the enormous power residing in him or her. More often than not, he or she uses it to his or her advantage and selfish ends. Fundamentally, before power can be wielded and put to use, the possessor has to be aware that he or she has it.

This is also true for a Christian. As a matter of fact, there are so many Christians today, who are unaware of the immense power that flows naturally from the resurrection of Christ, which accompanies them and all Christ’s followers. This power is either underused or lies dormant and unused by many a Christian due to ignorance.

This book The Power of the Resurrection is a journey to rediscovering this overwhelming power which Christ has given us through his resurrection but which many Christians are unaware of. It is most amazing when one sees Christians live as if still under the bondage and servitude of Satan. The Power of the Resurrection vividly emphasises that every Christian possesses that ‘resurrection power’ which makes him or her transcend the ploys and subjection of the enemy of salvation, the devil.

As the reader will notice while reading this piece of work, this power of the resurrection is not just a mere intellectual knowledge; rather, it is a practical thing that can only flow from a personal, dear, and intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This book reminds us that the problem with many Christians today is the fact that they still view the resurrection of Christ and its power as an event which occurred so many years ago and which has no bearing on the Christian life today. Similarly, this has led many Christians to relegate to the background and remain ignorant of the tremendous power that accompanies them as believers.

The power of the resurrection is a dynamic power which operates in the life of the individual Christian every second that ticks until the end of time. This vital book tells us that the power of the resurrection is that power and authority of the risen Christ in the believer which enables him or her to tower above every other principalities and powers of darkness. It is the same power that saturated and transformed the fearful Peter on the Day of Pentecost into a fearless preacher (Acts 2: 14-42; John 20: 19-21).

This book, The Power of the Resurrection however, did not fail to bring to the fore, therefore, the fact that possessing the power of the resurrection is inevitably dependent on the Christian’s personal experience of Christ. The Christian who ‘lives in Christ’ must definitely experience the power of the resurrection in his or her daily endeavours. The moment a Christian stops to live for himself or herself and allows Christ to rule and direct his or her life, then the experience of Christ will be his or hers. Like Christ, the believer who allows the resurrection power to permeate his or her being will triumph over all the forces of darkness that are at work against his or her life.

Read this book, and you will discover the latent power of ‘Christ’s resurrection’ in your life. On discovering it, exploit this tremendous power for your own good and the good of other brethren by getting copies of The Power of the Resurrection for them.

Emmanuel Adai


St. Francis College

Otukpo, Benue State


A Note for this Second Edition

At the time of writing this second edition to the original work The Power of the Resurrection, the author, Francis Innocent Otobo, was on mission to the diocese of Sale in Australia. Thus, this second edition has a lot of updates relevant to the title from the missionary activities and experience of the author. May God bless you as you read on.

Every testimony given in this work is given with the permission of the brethren concerned, who wants the story of their lives to teach others of the faithfulness of God. As you read this work, I pray that God may put a testimony on your lips too that others may share in the manifestation of the power of the resurrection in your life.


There is as much greatness of mind in acknowledging a good turn as in doing it.


I    thank my God for giving me the gift of good health of body and soul and for calling me to this priestly ministry. I thank my bishop, Michael Apochi, for his moral and spiritual support. In a very special way, I appreciate the contributions of Fr. Ojaje Idoko, for granting the Nihil Obstat and for his words of encouragement.

In a particular way, I thank Mr Akor Otobo, Prof. I. A. O. Ujah, Mrs Charity Ojile, Prof. (Mrs) Ker, Mr Godwin Otobo, and Mr Sunny Otobo for their continuous support in this ministry.

My thanks go in a unique way to Rev. Ameh Onuh and Rev. Idoko Boniface, who

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