Computer Secretshhh! The Quest for Treasure

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Computer Secretshhh! The Quest for Treasure

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Bios’s beginning was before time began; she was an instrument of intelligence and great beauty. In the Kingdom, the One who had created her put her in a place of authority, allowing her much influence. Over an extended period, she became proud, haughty, demanding. She eventually turned away from the Creator, the One who is Supreme and Glorious and so she was thrown out of Paradise.
She lay in the sand, a beautiful golden object. Found by sailors who took her back to their ship, she was lovingly treasured and used by sailors on board the ship to predict times, seasons, new moons and stars. They sailed on a Roman cargo ship around the Mediterranean islands. Then came a mighty storm. The ship shook and swayed. The sailors shrieked as the vessel reeled to the bottom of the ocean where it would sit undisturbed for hundreds of years.
One day, twentieth-century divers discovered the wreck. While there was little left of the ship, her treasure and the crew’s piles of bones laying scattered at the bottom of the ocean, an encasement of gold had kept Bios secure. She felt hands gently brushing away the centuries of silt, sand and layers and layers of sea creatures embodied around her encasement. Many people were gazing into her very being, expressing great excitement about the discovery. She sat quietly within the golden apparatus; her peculiar trait of a curved upper lip gave her a smug smile. She waited patiently for them to uncover her mystery.
After some intensive research, with modern equipment such as x-ray machines, they discovered that within the golden casement there was an instrument that was made up of numbers, geometrical patterns and gears that operated so that it could be turned in any direction. Step by step, the mathematicians and technicians worked their 21st century innovated technology on her apparatus before making a grand announcement: they had discovered the first computer.

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