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Fishermen of Taupo

Fishermen of Taupo

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Fishermen of Taupo

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Feb 28, 2013


Fishermen of Taupo is a book about the fly fishermen of New Zealands Lake Taupo. It tells the individual stories of twenty Taupo fishermen that I have been fortunate enough to fish with over the years. Taupo is, and still remains, a gem, but with the world getting ever smaller due to air travel, this fishery is fragile. Still it remains, like its trout, wild. It needs protecting before its lost.
Feb 28, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

The author has fished in many places, including Gambia, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Belize, Christmas Island, Honduros, USA, and Canada to name but a few, visiting some of these several times, always with a camera and fishing rod as his companions. Fishing expeditions have lasted anything from two weeks to six months. In this book, the reader is taken to just some of these exotic locations in search of bonefish, tarpon, payara, mahseer, white sturgeon, and trout.

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Fishermen of Taupo - Jeremy Norris


© Copyright 2013 Jeremy Norris.

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Chapter 1 Tom Northcroft

Chapter 2 Bill Wilson

Chapter 3 David Lehndorf.

Chapter 4 Rory Lehndorf.

Chapter 5 Trevor Pierce.

Chapter 6 Geoff Hall.

Chapter 7 Chris Hall.

Chapter 8 Jack Bublitz.

Chapter 9 Alan Appleton.

Chapter 10 Brian Nicholl

Chapter 11 Frank Mazzola.

Chapter 12 Ivan Northcroft.

Chapter 13 Sio Ateli.

Chapter 14 Chris Young.

Chapter 15 David Fraser.

Chapter 16 Pat Te Kahu

Chapter 17 Jerry Silva

Chapter 18 Gregg Clarke.

Chapter 19 Fran Sargent.

Chapter 20 Alan Tahau.

Chapter 21 Archie Reid Mcleay.

Chapter 22 Final Cast.


Without memories you

have no soul.


To become a true fisherman there

is no school. Most families have a

wild child a black sheep. Fishermen

the real ones are like an uncaught fish

who either slipped under or through

the net.

So for all those who qualify

I dedicate this book.


Every time I sit alone overlooking Lake Taupo in the afternoon sun drinking a beer and looking at my fly rod set up ready to fish, I always feel excited. I like to see them strung especially when I have been tying flies and I’m waiting to use them at night, I never tire of that feeling that fishing gives me. Taupo is still a place where fishermen gather. The seasons change and with it its trout. Some years are good others bad but the fish are always there to be caught, wild and unpredictable. The fishermen that seek them are the same as the fish, most have been about a bit and have led some colourful lives.

In this book I will talk about some of the fishermen more than others the only reason is, I know some better than others. One thing stands true with all of them though they are all cut from the same cloth-a fellowship of fishermen.

Tom Northcroft

I will start this book with Tom. I have to because it’s where it started with me in Taupo reading about his family and the fishing they had done. Any fisherman who comes to fish Taupo and are not aware of Tom and the history of his family and what they have achieved over the years are not fishermen worthy of fishing Taupo. Like his father before him he chooses to live a simple life close to the fish he was weaned on as a boy. Tom’s batch is the ultimate in a fisherman’s pad everything there in its place all designed to catch fish. Tom’s batch sits opposite the Waitahanui Rip, at the back runs the Mangamutu stream a spawning and a feeder stream for the gin clear spring fed Waitahanui River. Tom’s batch he found in Taupo, a defunct office, he had heard it was for sale. He offered a low price for the batch, the owner wasn’t interested in the offer. Here’s my number if you change your mind, said Tom. The owner then went on to tell him that someone else was willing to pay more. Out of the blue Tom received a phone call, the owner had swallowed the bait, it was his. He paid him a deposit on the understanding that he insured it before it was to be moved as Tom had to sort out land issues. The owner agreed and put the whole shebang on oil drums. Good job it was insured as after a

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