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Go Organic: Eating the Organic Way

Go Organic: Eating the Organic Way

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Go Organic: Eating the Organic Way

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Mar 17, 2014


Do you wonder if eating organic labeled food is better for you? . Worried about eating too many processed foods and how they are harm you? Research is now showing that people who include more organic foods tend to enjoy longevity. In this book, George Rapitis shows how foods labeled organic contains powerful flavonoids that can help promote longevity. This book is an excellent guide to help you eat the organic and live a healthier lifestyle. Go Organic: Eating the Organic way is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.
Mar 17, 2014

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Go Organic - Dr.George Rapitis


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Published by AuthorHouse 03/14/2014

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About The Author


I was recently eating a family style dinner with a group of friends when the topic of organic foods came up. The foods on the dinner table consisted of salads, fish, potatoes, beans, cheese, and olives. The guests started passing around platters to each other. While passing around the various dinner platters of food, someone turned to me and asked, Are organic foods really worth eating for the health benefits? I was pleased to hear such a great question being a nutritionist, I answered, it really depends on the type of food. I went on to say that, foods such as strawberries and apples are treated with a higher amount of pesticides which often penetrate the peels however, foods such as avocadoes have a tough skin and don’t allow pesticides to penetrate. Although I do recommend eating a diet rich in organic foods labeled organic, I know that it’s not always possible. However after reading this book you will have a whole new outlook to why you should eat more organic certified foods. It will encourage you to include as many organic foods in your diet as possible because eating them can help improve your health. So the questions to ask yourself when trying to improve your health are: Do you try to include organic foods in your diet? Do you believe they can be helpful to health? Are you not sure whether organic foods are worth the price

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