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Broken: Benjamin Vautier

Broken: Benjamin Vautier

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Broken: Benjamin Vautier

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May 13, 2013


This is a true story given from first-hand accounts that compelled me to speak out after losing faith in a system that I fought so hard to uphold with honor and integrity.
A broken system that allowed Ahmad Cherry to walk away free from facing any charges for shooting my brother. A broken system where investigators failed to rectify the lies on all of the reports that enabled Cherry to keep his freedom and also allowed the officer who failed to do his job on that fateful night to walk away with a full disability pension, while Dan struggles to make it through each and every day. For Dan there will never be justice.
A broken system where supervisors can bring false charges against you just so they can fire you.
A broken system where the head of Internal Affairs openly admits he was ordered to fire people without investigating them.
A broken system where corrupt officers would rob drug dealers, plant drugs on people and commit home invasions on people, taking their freedom from them. A broken system where you report misconduct on these officers but instead of investigating them, they hold a witch hunt for a good officer because he complained about a supervisor placing false charges on him.
For me, the system will forever be BROKEN.
May 13, 2013

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Broken - Benjamin Vautier


© 2013 by Benjamin Vautier. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

Published by AuthorHouse    05/08/2013

ISBN: 978-1-4817-5090-5 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4817-5089-9 (hc)

ISBN: 978-1-4817-5088-2 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2013908350

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Chapter 1  Officer Down!

Chapter 2  Fat Face

Chapter 3  Shots Fired!

Chapter 4  Unforgivable



First, I would like to dedicate this book to my brother, Daniel Vautier II.

He nearly gave all and never received any justice for what he had endured.

I would also like to dedicate this book to my father, Daniel Vautier, who was the inspiration for Dan and I becoming police officers.

I would also like to dedicate this book to my mother, Cookie, who is our biggest fan and supporter.

I also need to send a shout out to my sexy wife Tara, who puts up with my PTSD and freakiness in strides. Without her, I would be a train wreck.

And also

The men and women that I served with on the Camden Police Department each and every day, who put their lives on the line and were always there when you needed them.

Last but not least, to all the first responders across our country who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to make our lives a little more safer.



I never thought I would ever write a book, but after what transpired during my last year on the job, I felt compelled to tell this story. Everything in this book is based on actual events taken from first-hand accounts.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about who I am.

My name is Benjamin Vautier and I have a twin brother named Dan. For those of you out there that share the same kind of bond that twins have, you will definitely be able to relate to this story.

We are very close and have so much in common that it’s like we are the same person. We both enjoy video games and horror movies, and we rarely miss going to Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill NJ twice a year to meet our favorite horror movie celebrities. We have quite the collection of pictures and autographs from these events.

The only time we were ever separated was right after we both graduated high school, which was a miracle in itself.

Dan served time in the army and I joined the Marine Corps.

During my time in the Marine Corps, I had the privilege of serving my country during Operation Desert Shield/Storm with 2nd Marine Div. 2nd Tank Battalion while in Kuwait.

Once discharged from the military, we both took what they call the civil service test then waited patiently for the hiring procedure to commence.

I was able to get on the police department just before Dan due to my veteran status, so he worked in the prison system for quite some time.

We were both long time Camden residents so we knew a lot of people from going to school and growing up in the city. It made our job a little bit easier, especially when someone would try to lie or give a false name.

When I told my father that I wanted to be a police officer and follow in his footsteps, and his response was Be a firefighter, everyone loves firefighters. Nobody likes cops. Back then I would have agreed but in 2013 it seems police officers and firefighters have all been made enemies of the state, in every state.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story.



July 2007; it was a hot summer afternoon and our squad had began making its way through Fairview when a radio call came in about a black male wearing a white T-shirt, shooting a gun in Crestberry Apartments. We were less than a minute away so we proceeded in that direction.

Once we arrived on scene, we exited our vehicles and proceeded into Crestberry on foot. After observing a suspect fitting our description, I approached him. The second he saw me, he started to run while reaching into his waistband.

He then made a left between two buildings and headed out onto Little Hunter, which is where several marked units were waiting for him. Seeing that he was cornered, he turned towards me, holding a silver object in his right hand. I drew my firearm and pointed it directly at his face. Big Harry, G. Rod and Rueben tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him. Once the suspect was handcuffed, G. Rod came running over to me and saw me shaking uncontrollably and still holding my gun in my right hand.

My mind was blank. I didn’t even know where I was at but I remember G. Rod standing to my left and repeating, Ben, Ben, it’s okay, everything’s going to be okay. He then grabbed the barrel of my gun and continued to reassure me that everything was going to be fine as he re-holstered my weapon for me. I remember him asking me, Are you all right? I just stared at him, not realizing what had just happened. G. Rod said, Man, Ben, Ben, I thought you were going to shoot that kid in the face over a cell phone.

I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. I had never had any kind of problems when it came to handling volatile situations. I had been involved in MANY critical incidents that had never affected me.

Friday December 22, 2006; and we had just finished wrapping up roll call. My partner Rolan Carter and I were gathering our gear and preparing to hit the streets. I thought we were going to be in for an uneventful night due to the weather, which was very cold and raining heavily.

Rolan and I were assigned to the Southern District Supplemental Patrol and my twin brother Dan and his partner John McArdle were assigned to the Northern District Supplemental Patrol. We had all chosen to work in this unit (Supplemental Patrol) because it gave us more freedom to do what we enjoyed the most, which was hitting areas known for guns, drugs, and violent gang activity. Working in this unit was like a roller coaster ride and there was rarely a dull moment. My father, who is now a retired Camden Police Sergeant, used to say to Dan and I, This job is like having front row seats to the greatest show on earth. And he wasn’t kidding. Dan and I used to take turns at getting hurt on the job, which was pretty funny. I often wondered what the total would be if we ever added how many broken bones, stitches, dog or human bites we had suffered together. They never slowed us down one bit; but this was all about the change.

At about 5:20 PM, Rolan and

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