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World of Five: The Universal Number

World of Five: The Universal Number

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World of Five: The Universal Number

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Jan 9, 2013


In this enjoyable and lightheaded volume, he gathers a plethora of cultural, biological, geometrical, algebraic, and planetary phenomena of our lives related to the number five.
He investigates these occurrences in various facets of life on earth and seeks plausible explanations for some of them and hypothesizes about some others while widening your horizon.
Jan 9, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Louis Komzsik is the author of several books with a historical perspective on some interesting scientific concepts; some of them also translated to foreign languages. He has written about the role of the intriguing number 3 in our life, the intrinsic phenomenon of rotation, and about the beguiling concept ot time. His present focus is gravity.

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World of Five - Louis Komzsik


Copyright 2013 Louis Komzsik.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written prior permission of the author.

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World of five

The universal number

To those who marvel




1 World of five

2 Historical pentagrams

3 Five fingers

4 Pentameric plants

5 Fivefold symmetries

6 Golden pentagon

7 Celestial quinticity

8 Dodecahedral universe

9 Quintic boundary

10 The universal number


Also by Louis Komzsik


My sincere thanks to Paul Sicking, a reviewer of my earlier book also focused on a special number, for his careful evaluation of my mathematics. Thomas Flock, reviewer of a prior physics adventure of mine, deserves credit for assuring the correctness of my astronomy. Finally, special recognition goes to Olivier Schreiber, a faithful reviewer of all of my books in this genre, for his thorough proofreading. Their corrections and comments greatly improved the quality of my original manuscript.

The images of the flowers, animals and certain graphics are from various public domain photo archives with their permission granted therein.

I also appreciate the contributions of the staff at Trafford Publishing, especially the support of Nika Corales, project coordinator, and the artwork of Carlo Tuvilla.


Louis Komzsik


As the date above indicates, we apparently survived the end the fifth world of the Mayans. This event was only one of many demonstrating that our world is full of surprising occurrences of the number five. In this book’s fittingly two times five chapters we will be searching for, discovering and contemplating those.

We encounter a copious number of references to number five in our lives. They range from the mundane to the religious, from the silly to the serious. Some you are aware of, some you are not and surely there are some you know that are not mentioned in this book.

The number has been subject of intense interest for millennia and still fascinates us today. The pentagram is an object transcending continents, laden with religious and philosophical meanings.

All we need is to glimpse at our hands to recognize that the many everyday occurrences of five are results of human effort to mirror our physical appearance. In that regard we are of course not alone; there are five fingered creatures of all kinds, animals and plants, as we will also discover.

The figures of objects and living creatures with five fingers, arms and other appendages lead to the geometrical manifestation of the number, the pentagon with its spectacular symmetry and algebraic relationships.

Carrying the pentagon into space and looking into the skies shows some really intriguing patterns related to five. There are five very specific gravitational locations in planetary systems and even some mysteries surrounding the fifth planet of our solar system.

We will also look into the universe and contemplate the importance of the number’s spatial geometric manifestation as the possible basis for the structure of the universe.

The extremely wide spread mathematical presence of the number is also remarkable. We will see several important roles of five and related boundaries that will make us marvel the universal nature of the number.

Despite the subject matter, this book is intended for the everyday reader. The first five chapters are completely devoid of mathematics and the second five are sparingly sprinkled with some high school level material, nothing serious.

All in all, this is a journey you never thought about taking, but upon completing it you will recognize this number as another mysterious component of our lives that we cannot fully comprehend.


World of five

Have you ever wondered about the importance of the number five in your life beyond looking at your hands and seeing your five fingers? If you have not looked beyond this level, then you will now suddenly see a preponderance of fives in your life.

The popular American greeting of giving a high five demonstrates the everyday use of the number as well as anything else. Of course we know the most plausible reason for this phrase: the five fingers of our hands. But we will see many more deeply rooted appearances of the number.

Let us start with the silly superstitions related to the number. Some say that if a stem of an apple breaks after five twists, you will get married in that year. The apple itself will have another notable appearance later, and we will leave this a hope for those striving to find their life mate. Note the saying’s gender independent nature.

Five pointed star shaped jewelry is supposed to turn away forces of evil. On the other hand five cookies fusing together when baking means the opposite and a likely ominous end. Then there are strong believers and lifetime seekers of five leafed clovers that are sup-

posed to surpass the lucky qualities of the four leafed ones that are already hard to find.

There is only a short distance from superstition to politics and sure enough, the number five makes many appearances in political life as well. Many national flags depict a certain variation of a five-pointed star attesting to the religious foundations of those nations.

The United Nations Security Council has 5 permanent veto-carrying members. While we are at international politics, it is worthy of mention that the preferred system of economical planning in communist countries was comprised of five-year plans. In fact, the Chinese have just concluded the 12th five year plan since the installation of the communist system. Five in that might only be a convenient number to let certain programs develop and produce measurable results. This could also be a deliberate selection in a society with a 4 year election cycle to postpone measuring one’s success past the re-election.

Then there is the Fifth Amendment of the US constitution, the right to avoid self-incrimination. This clearly is an accidental occurrence, the result of simply numbering the amendments, but noteworthy. The US Supreme court needs at least 5 votes to reach a decision. There are five branches of the US military, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and the Coast Guard. We must then mention the center of all that military might, the Pentagon.

The building was designed practically overnight according to military

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