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Journey to Sunrise

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Journey to Sunrise

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As one of the many passages of faith God preordained in my life, Journey to Sunrise is a witness of conviction and gratefulness of a preachers kid (PK) as to the grace and mercy of Christ Jesus. This is a chronological account of how Christ Jesus answered prayers from my heart and prayers prayed intellectually. I had not yet become aware of how God and Christ Jesus had been working in my life from the age of twenty-four, when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, at which time I lost my eyesight for three months (up to the point of yet another miraculous life-altering event years later). This event caused me to stay in a constant prayerful relationship with Christ Jesus more than ever before. It caused me to build not only a stronger prayer life but also a more humbling and willfully trusting relationship with God the Father and Christ Jesus. Okay, youre probably thinking, arent they the same? Lets see! As God tells us in His Word, there is but one God, none else. Isaiah 45:18, James 2:19, Revelations 1:8 just to reference a few of His scriptures. He is God the Father to all and over all. Alpha, the beginning, the creator of all things, and Omega, the end. God the Son, our living example, Savior, Intercessor, and Comforter. And God the Holy Spirit, our ever present help, our guide into all truth (John 16:13). Each one is distinct and equally necessary and is one as God is omnipresent in our lives at all times (Hebrew 13:5).

This was a passage that was a blessing for and to me. Growing deeper into a more humbled, willful, genuine heart desiring an even greater presence of God the Father, my creator; God the Son, Christ Jesus my savior and intercessor; and God the Holy Spirit, my ever present help. It was a daily blessing God preordained for my family and friends chosen to be with me, giving me support and receiving the blessing of encouragement that He had waiting for us all during this critical season in my life. Others were blessed that Christ Jesus allowed to cross my path during that time of anointed rehabilitation of the body and mind and are being blessed even today. To God be all the glory! It is my hope that you will be encouraged by this witness and scriptures that God allowed the Holy Spirit to give me then and now.
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