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The Captain's Soul

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The Captain's Soul

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Chief interrogator on the IPW team of his V Corps unit, Captain Carl Linder is German-American. The war is personal to him, the defeat of his ancestral homeland paramount. And some of his interrogation team are German-born Jews who fled from the Nazis to America, joining the U.S. Army as fast as they could. Their battle is as personal as it gets. Although the unit's orders are that the war must always take precedence, the team is daily discovering the most bestial of undersides in the enemy's quest for European domination. The Holocaust, before it ever has the name, is revealing itself to them piece by unimaginable piece.

His teammates' family tragedies and his own volatile reunion with a cousin in the German army skew his focus on the day-to-day combat, while two very young war victims, one prey and one predator, challenge him to unlock the moral gut within himself that he so often questions.

You had to confront the line, crossing it or not, to recognize it.
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