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Doors of Promise

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Doors of Promise

Lunghezza: 271 pagine4 ore


A Promise of Redemption
Betrayed and sold into prostitution, Sonnys world was turned upside down. Angry at God and hating herself, will she allow the kindness and love of a gentle stranger and a promise of redemption to show her the way to the Saviour, or will her bitterness and self-loathing destroy her heart when further tragedy befalls her?

A Promise of Grace
Newly married, everything in Ian and Sarahs world seems to be going perfectly. But will a nearly fatal fall and the loss of Ians memories destroy everything they have waited so long to claim, or will Gods promise of grace be sufficient for all they face?

A Promise of Mercy
The night Rob Peyton saved Theresa Morrows life was the night everything changed. Trapped by the memories and guilt of all shed become, only Gods promise of mercy to the prodigal can give Theresa hope and bring Rob to the Saviour he had so long denied.

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