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A Flow Chart of Life: How We Create Our Belief Systems

A Flow Chart of Life: How We Create Our Belief Systems

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A Flow Chart of Life: How We Create Our Belief Systems

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Nov 12, 2012


This book of inspirational essays stresses the importance of perception when building a belief system. The essays give hints on how to keep our mind and hearts open to the awareness that we are in charge of our thoughts and feelings in the evolution of our spiritual growth. It emphasizes how we are to bring our gifts into our world.
Nov 12, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Rev. Nancy Purcell has had a varied life experience in her seventy-seven years. First, as a graduate of Rutgers University College of Nursing, where she then went on to a public health nursing career for two years. After marrying in 1959, Rev. Nancy became a mother of two girls, Kirby and Mary. In 1963, she began a career in public school teaching where she taught first grade and special education. Completing her graduate degree in education and specializing in learning disabilities at Kean College, she was one of the first learning disability specialists in the state of New Jersey. Then in 1977, Nancy and Robert, her husband, gave birth to a third daughter, Kasey. This completed the family. In 1988, Rev. Nancy retired after twenty-five years of teaching and entered Unity School of Religious Studies in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, graduating in 1990. Nancy, was the Senior Minister in Lynchburg,Virginia at Unity in the Seven Hills from 1990 until her retirement in 20012.

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A Flow Chart of Life - Rev. Nancy Purcell




The Quest Begins

It Is Within

Regardless Of Religion

Giving Thanks

Transfiguration Of Form

Discovering Meaning In Lent

Moving Toward Easter

Awaken To Your True Nature

Our Attitude Approaching Advent

Harvesting Our Good

Make Us A Loving People

Life In Paradox

Weeding Our Own Garden


Using Post-Resurrection Appearances For Personal Transformation

Reflections On What Makes A Ministry


Live In The Now

Serving A God Of Intention

Celebrate Acts Of Kindness

Peace Comes From Oneness And Harmony

Tune Up For Your Spirit

Planting Seeds Of Love

Speaking The Truth In Love

The Best Way To Teach Our Children

God Must Live Within Everyone



"Everyone has the right to his own opinion,

but not to his own facts

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan


What you will find as you read this book is a collection of essays that contain my personal opinion of spiritual principles that I have been studying for the past 35 years. Many times you will find repetition of these opinions because they made such an impact on me. There is no certainty that any of these opinions are fact. They are simply some ideas about how we build a belief system. It is my opinion that we build our belief system from our perception of our experiences. It is then our belief system that influences our behavior in the creation of our life.

It was 1991 when Charles Frost, author of The Possible You, first came to Unity in the Seven Hills where I was the minister and presented his concept of the Flow Chart of Life. It goes like this…


I was impressed. I entered this into my belief system and have been using it as a part of my teaching ever since.

In 2012 my daughter, Kasey, suggested that I compile all my essays into a book. I realized how important perception is to my work, and therefore I called Charles and asked if I could incorporate his idea into this manuscript. He gave me his blessing.

Take what you like and leave the rest.



Lately I have been thinking a lot about belief systems and how we come to believe what we believe. I believe we build our belief system from the perceptions of our experiences in life. This includes what we are taught and where we either agree or reject.

The concept of perception has always fascinated me. How and why do we perceive life in so many different ways? Why do we have so many belief systems? Let’s look again at the flow chart of life found in the introduction…


The fact is that this is a written essay. Each person who reads this essay has a perception of what it means and its importance to the reader. If it agrees with your belief system, you store it in the Yes column of your belief system and agree that you now have more proof that your belief system works. If it does not agree with your belief system you may store it in the No column or you may look at it and ponder for a while and look for ways to perhaps fit it into your belief system. We seldom look at the idea that it may be our perception that creates our response to a situation.

Playing with this concept I began searching for material on perception. The search led me to an author and scholar, Edward DeBono, who wrote a book entitled I Am Right, You Are Wrong. In a chapter on perception, Dr. DeBono writes… For twenty-four centuries we have put all our intellectual effort into the logic of reason rather than the logic of perception. Yet in the conduct of human affairs, perception is far more important. It is apparent that all our beliefs are based on our perceptions: our religion, politics, family values, businesses, economics, etc. We experience a situation and we perceive it to be a certain way and then we create our lives into a belief system that supports our perception. The problem in human affairs is that then we say: I am right, you are wrong. This creates arguments, separation, discord, divorce, and even war.

My concern with this idea that I am right, you are wrong is that many people claim

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