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Come in from the Cold

Come in from the Cold

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Come in from the Cold

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May 30, 2012


A journey in this life through storms, pits, and valleys . A journey in which a young man learns of trust, closeness, tenderness of love, and never ever being alone. A journey of strength and friendship. A journey in a walk with God and his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Walking down the road of despair, all alone with weights I cant bear,
and my heart doesnt feel song, only tears come along,
and they call to their friends.
Walking broken on my way to nowhere, wondering why am I still even here.
I can see clear with my eyes, but its something inside missing, dying.
I can see the madness of a world gone wrong,
they play their games and love their shame and tell the young there is no wrong,
while along they sing a song of sin.
The young are torn by drugs and hate, a media world bombards their day,
electric this and electric that, instant this and instant that.
We move so fast almost like light, going 90 mph,
instead of going forward, they were really going down.
A million chains lead them away.
The intentions of this book are to honor my Father in heaven and my Lord Jesus Christ.
I know what its like to be lost in this world. Come in from the cold.

May 30, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Michael Krutz is a fifty-two-year-old construction worker living in Kansas. He was born and raised in upstate New York. He wrote this book to reach out to anyone who can relate to the struggles of life in this world and to draw them closer to God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Come in from the Cold - Michael Krutz

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Depression is not just a word it’s a feeling and a terrible weight,

at times it seems it can consume your whole world.

Depression is real, it loves to break,

it will try to tear you down and break you, then chain you down after your broken,

it will wake you up in the morning and tuck you in at night,

the pain is real and heavy, it will wear upon you

and wear upon you.

Depression’s intentions are not to just wound but to destroy.

Rich or poor, Strong or weak, A well known name or a name no one knows makes no difference.

No difference to color, language, height, weight or age,

only to break.

Depression will not take money or gifts to leave, it cares for neither, you mean nothing to them.

To make your heart as cold as it can, to make your life as hard as it can, only to break you,

then cast you to the side into the pile of ruins and wrecks.

They’ll use money, they’ll use poverty

They’ll use beauty, they’ll use no beauty

They’ll use victories, they’ll use failures, They’ll use loved ones, they’ll use loneliness.

They’ll use alcohol, they’ll use drugs, They’ll use broken dreams, they’ll use no dreams.


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