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Lupus of the Underworld and Revelation Now: A View of the End Time

Lupus of the Underworld and Revelation Now: A View of the End Time

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Lupus of the Underworld and Revelation Now: A View of the End Time

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Mar 18, 2013


LUPUS OF THE UNDERWORLD and Revelation Now is a novel followed by an essay. The novel is about a large gray wolf that becomes possessed by the four most powerful demons of Satans hell and is transformed into a man (reverse Lycanthropy). As a
man, he he becomes an evil international crime syndicate Kingpin, and develops into the antichrist. God dispatches four archangels who take on the human vessels of FBI agents, exorcise the demons, and engage them in combat precipitating the Apocalypse.
Mar 18, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Dominick Forte is a retired English teacher. Forte's journeyman career has consisted of experience as a newspaper editor, advertising executive, political activist, aide to a NYS Governor, candidate for public office, and educator. He and his wife reside in New York's lower Hudson Valley and have four sons and six grandchildren.

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Lupus of the Underworld and Revelation Now - Dominick Forte


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Published by AuthorHouse 03/12/2013

ISBN: 978-1-4817-2044-1 (sc)

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Lupus Of The Underworld


I Demonology: The Shadow of Theology

II Marriage on the Rocks

III The Power of Demons

IV Demonic Lore Continues

V Cutting through the Lore

VI The Demonic Hierarchy

VII Canis Lupus

VIII The Werewolf

IX Call of the Wild

X Independence Day Massacre

XI The Underworld Soars

XII The Antichrist Cometh

XIII Michael & Gabriel

XIV Putting Together the Team

XV Ulysses Guess

XVI The Mission Gets Underway

XVII Freeing the Wolf

XVIII The Demon Princes Make Their Getaway

XIX Whacking Lupus

Revelation Now: A View Of The End Time


Lupus Of The Underworld


It will surprise few people to realize that we are now in the end time. What many do not realize is that the end time came upon humanity with the birth of Jesus Christ some two thousand years ago. The events that have occurred during the two centuries that have passed since the Nativity of the Godchild are truly staggering, as the believers await with fluctuating degrees of intensity his Second Coming upon the clouds as a Majestic King and a Just Magistrate. Since His promised return, during the history of humankind, we have had our high and low points and can compare and contrast great achievements to total immorality and depravity.

Factions and groups within the Christian and pagan world have upon numerous occasions predicted, promoted, and earnestly awaited the Triumphant Christ’s return and the Final Judgment. They point to signs and omens that scripture consistently depict as an alert that the New Jerusalem, the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, is imminent. Those motivated by profit gain materially by touting the end of the world. They profiteer by creating a fertile market for selling their literary and journalistic wares. The media loves to use the impending Apocalypse for its own purposes. The anticipated doom and destruction makes for good copy and is a ready source for good print circulation and high listening and viewer ratings of radio and television. They revel in keeping the population focused on the ultimate demise of our planet.

This sort of sensational journalism is not new. People have been keeping us excited with their titillating predictions of the return of Christ since His Resurrection and Ascension into heaven. The Roman Church has held us at bay since the Pentecost by telling us that they will keep us ready for the Second Coming and the climactic events of the final struggle of good versus evil at the end of the world. When doom prophesies fail to be fulfilled, the collected vested interests merely regroup and recalculate, promising us a new date for the galactic struggle between the Archangels and the draconic Satan that will mark the end of time as we know it.

Then of course, there is the antichrist. According to the Book of Revelation the antichrist, personified as the Beast will emerge, a powerful, manipulative leader. His advent will signify the re-emergence of the Roman Empire. A new and revitalized Catholic Church will also step up to fill the void created by the stumbling European Community’s religious, financial, and political confusion. Many believe that a modern equivalent of the European Emperor as depicted, for example, by Napoleon Bonaparte or a return to the Dark Age’s Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne will be again upon us.

However, consider this possibility. Maybe the leader who will fulfill this prophesy and fill the role of the antichrist will not be a political leader at all. What if he will have no ties to organized religion? Perhaps he will be even more powerful than the Church or the State. He could be someone so evil and corrupt that he dominates the end time by heading up the most powerful crime syndicate of all times; so evil, decadent, and ruthless as to be a personification of Satan’s deadliest demons—the elite of the Underworld.

This is the story of Lupus, a grey wolf who, after being possessed by Satan’s finest warriors turned demons, is transformed into a man and embarks upon a career of total depravity and subterfuge that leads many of the faithful away from God establishing the Underworld on earth. This would certainly be in concert with the Devil who has his axe to grind with God and who, throughout history, is the antithesis of God.

Who knows of what evil man is capable? The Devil knows.


Demonology: The Shadow of Theology

The elite intelligentsia scoffs at the idea of the existence of an evil spirit world. They consider such ideas superstitious and unfashionable. The devil’s greatest strength and humankind’s most dangerous weakness is the inability to recognize the real and tangible presence of evil spirits. The Good Book explains the reason for the havoc that disrupts the peace and serenity of the world. The book of Revelation describes the devil as the serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Satan is depicted as a great dragon who leads humankind astray with his lies and distortions.

The devil is not just a literary character in fiction. He is not a comic character to be paraded out at Halloween and to boost retail costume sales. He is far more than a central figure in the plots of horror stories depicted in many television shows and movies. He is an dangerous enemy bent on the destruction of God’s precious creatures.

God did not create Satan and his demon followers, but he did create angels and gave them the free will to choose to obey or disobey Him. God’s highest ranking angel was Lucifer, who was the most beautiful and most intelligent of all of the angelic beings He had created. But Lucifer changed his name to Satan and rebelled against God taking one third of all the created angels with him. The Hebrew word for adversary is Satan. Paul describes him in his second letter to the people of Corinth as the god of his age and Peter tells us that he roams the earth seeking whom he can devour.

Lucifer was given rule of the earth long before there was a human creation and the freedom to choose obedience or disobedience. But Lucifer refused to carry out his Creator’s will. When Lucifer didn’t measure up, God gave Adam the chance to replace him.

Lucifer was the first and most powerful of all of God’s created Archangels. His name means Prince of Light. He was the most intelligent of all the angels second only to God. It is widely recognized that Lucifer’s pride surpassed his reason and that he led a rebellion in heaven against God, and insisted on being recognized as equal to God. He amassed a following of angels loyal to him and confronted the Creator with a demand to be set above all other angels and receive equal status with God.

What Lucifer’s initial motivation was for his treasonous behavior is unclear. Whether he was actually planning to seize the throne of God or merely trying to force God’s hand into giving him the most exalted position in the celestial hierarchy is a matter over which theologians can speculate. Once the revolt was underway, however, it became obvious to him that only a total coup d’état would serve his ambitious pride. At that point, he changed his name to Satan and became the Prince of Darkness, God’s adversary and the major purveyor of chaos in the universe.

When those angels in the Heavenly Host, who remained loyal to God under the command of Michael, cast him and his followers into hell, the devil Satan immediately began plotting revenge. His revenge consisted of corrupting humankind. Our first parents were enjoying the bliss of an existence where they had no wants, needs, or desires the fulfillment of which was not at their fingertips. All they needed to do was Do nothing… that’s it… just, do nothing—just enjoy. But they succumbed to the devil’s temptation and turned away from God.

Man is made in the image and likeness of his Creator. Man’s soul is a share in the very life of God. Cast darkness and chaos into the soul of man and you take away his freedom and dignity. Under the influence of evil, man loses his spirit, his strength, and his ability to act in a rational manner. His mind is clouded and his will weakened. Evil has always persisted in assaulting one’s ego, causing

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