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Start from Where You Are

Start from Where You Are

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Start from Where You Are

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Aug 11, 2011


Start From Where You Are, is a guide for you, the entrepreneur, to a place that will help you reach your personal goals, both financially and emotionally. Learn how to take your current situation and turn it into success. Follow your heart and learn how to create a business through simple to understand and fun examples.

The lack of jobs and crash of the housing market have left an entire country looking for ways to pay their bills. The internet has helped turn ordinary people into entrepreneurs, forced to find new sources of income. Americans are weighing their options and starting businesses at unbelievable rates. Rather than being hardcore entrepreneurs, these are regular people surviving financial crisis and potential foreclosure.

You are the hero in your story. You will be given simple clues to how you can make your life exciting and fulfilling. Too much you say? Then you do not believe in yourself and your ability. Regardless of where you have been in the past you now find yourself where you are.

Start From Where You Are by taking a personal assessment of who you really are and what you enjoy doing. I have included a worksheet called the 1,2,3s of Short Term Goals, which can be completed while you read. You should pay attention to the thought process that has been laid out for you. Thinking like an entrepreneur is natural for some, yet seemingly impossible for others.

There are no guarantees in life and your journey will not be easy. If you assume the role of hero and muster your brains, heart and courage, you can Start From Where You Are. You must begin by believing that the hero always wins; with the right plan. So: Start From Where You Are.

Aug 11, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Kenneth Esrig was born in New York City in 1955 but raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Alabama and a Masters Degree in Hospital and Health Care Administration from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.   After 14 years as hospital administrator/CEO he founded MIST Inc., a consulting company that he owns and manages today.  Just weeks after the untimely death of his wife, Jill, he wrote “A Father’s Day Wish” to his father-in-law. His first book, Washing Away the Pain, completed in record time, received immediate acclaim as a source of comfort for those in pain.  This dynamic speaker holds crowds captivated as he recites his moving verses and anecdotes. 

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Start from Where You Are - Ken Esrig


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This book came as a result of years of speaking about setting and achieving goals. This book would not be possible without the inspiration of Jill Morton who believed in me. She attended one seminar with me and her whole life changed. She is a shining example of how well my techniques work.

My daughter Michelle has been invaluable in this entire process. She has edited the book and proved again how my simple philosophy can help anyone change their lives quickly. After college graduation, I did one of my seminars for her and she has now formed MIST Productions which is marketing this book and me.

As we prepare to kick off this book, I am grateful to the both of them for their support and guidance. I am also grateful to those who took the time to read this book as a manuscript and provided me with encouragement and endorsements.



Ken Esrig is a dynamic speaker who motivates a crowd. His books, Find the Millionaire in your Mirror and Start From Where You Are, are great tools for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

-David Sommer, Co-founder of Rite-Aid


As an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, I appreciate the author’s philosophy that applies to a broad cross section of individuals who are stuck in these most difficult economic times. Esrig has created a road map to re-success for the millions of Americans who have done the right thing all of their lives in providing for their families, but face financial ruin.

The optimism and direction Mr. Esrig has given the reader is inspiring and will no doubt help them to plan for their financial and emotional return. Being a participant rather than a victim of his life is the key throughout this book. The concept is more important today than ever before.

As Esrig states in his book, It’s ok to be afraid as you plan for the beginning of the rest of your life. No, it won’t be easy but as long as you take the lead of your emotions and do not let your emotions lead you and as you think positively and keep having fun, then you will always find the answers you seek, because you depend on yourself to do your best and achieve your goals. Truly words to live by!

I highly recommend your book as the how to for anyone who needs to be reminded that their future remains in their hands.

-Lawrence Feldman, CEO of Subway Development Corporation of Washington


I have read with great interest as well as with appreciation Mr. Esrig’s thoughts, recommendations, encouragements, and calls to action that outlined in Find the Millionaire in your Mirror and Start From Where You Are.

Both very well done motivational tools in easy to digest formats, but with very hard hitting and dynamic messages.

Anyone with even a trace of entrepreneurial spirit and desire would be very well served to read his works and as a result would clearly have a running start on the success to which he and she aspire.

To use his well thought out and often-referenced phrase, Follow The Dollar is great advice!

With compliments and expression of well done,

-Bernard Shavitz, CEO Charge Systems, Inc. and Charge Card Funding, LLC.


Ken Esrig is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to motivate both business and non business audiences. Ken is a master motivator. His enthusiasm and positive creativity shine throughout the book’s adventures.

This book is a great guide for anyone who wants to easily find their way on the road to success.

-Cliff Viner, Chairman/General Manager of the Florida Panthers Hockey Team


This is a great book for those who have to start over or are looking to grow their business and change their lives. Mr. Esrig is a successful entrepreneur who has proven over and over again how to overcome adversity. You will enjoy this book and as Ken’s seminars.

-Robert F. Oden, Partner of Strategic Asset Management Group


Mr. Esrig has demonstrated an in depth self analysis which frankly digs deeper into his personality than anticipated and is amply illustrated in both of his selections, Start From Where You Are & Find the Millionaire in your Mirror. As most of us are in a combat with our personalities and values dealing with self analysis, Mr. Esrig’s most recent book shows a greater insight into his thought patterns and self analysis and how anyone can set and reach their goals.

Please enjoy the opportunities he presents to find out what we are all about.

Try it, you may like it.

-Michael J. Lazar Chairman & CEO of Cambridge Companies

Former Taxi Commissioner for New York City



So, you used to be successful and very important. You have accomplished many things. You have a great story to tell. But you are upside down on your house or just can’t find a job.

Many of us have had to come to the realization that the world has changed around us. The economy and the job market have all but collapsed, and our homes are not selling for enough money to cover our mortgages. We are upside down!

For years, we earned money doing what we liked and going to work each day with a smile on our faces. Our families were happy, and for the most part everyone had not only what they needed but also what they wanted. Times were good, and the harvest, so to speak, was plentiful. Banks were lending money liberally, and mortgages were so easy to get that, in some cases, both spouses did not have to sign on the mortgage. Many people were able to get insane interest-only loans with no income verification.

None of us individually are to blame for the economic downturn, but blaming the government, the banking industry, the insurance industry, and financial markets will not change our situation. The entire country—and the world, for that matter—experienced a radical downturn in the availability and flow of money to lenders, borrowers, and consumers. As a result, the entire world—but for our discussion, the entire country—has found itself in a housing market like none that it has experienced in thirty years.

As a result, some people have simply stopped paying on their loans and live in the house that they call home. Many couples have experienced great frustration over their inability to meet their financial obligations, especially when they lose their jobs or are unable to find any jobs. Many divorces occur when finances become difficult, flooding the housing market and adding to the backlog of people in separations and new divorcés, almost none of whom can afford a home by themselves.

The banks inevitably have no one to go after, and the market continues to crumble because of sales of overpriced, foreclosed homes. So the auctions begin. The market corrects itself through the flood of opportunities for buyers. Some people think that everyone loses when the economy is bad, but for every loss, there is an opportunity. For every foreclosure of this nature, someone turns to the rentals market. Statistically, the husband moves out first, and the

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