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Suffering Loss

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Suffering Loss

Lunghezza: 64 pagine41 minuti


Life is a journey and in this journey they are many obstacles one can encounter. But as believers, it is an active choice to believe that all things are possible with God. Discover to Recover is the principle that greatly stimulate the process of emotional healing.

In this book Moillah Ndoro provides biblical scriptures to encourage and strengthen us to trust and to have hope in the LORD. In clear and simple language, Moillah Ndoro describes her true life experiences and biblical scriptures that Suffering Loss will enable us both to Let go of our past and Let God!

Damaging experiences that we encounter in our lives can potentially be a great risk to our future. But the good news is that The grace of God can locate you from anywhere, even from the grave. Suffering Loss is a book believers ought to read in order to understand that the name of God is above any kind of situation, suffering, loss, disappointment or failure in life. It is a book full of biblical inspiration aiming to comfort and to strengthen us in times of trouble.
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