The Journey God Chose: By Al Brock as Told to Douglas V. Jewson, M.D.

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The Journey God Chose: By Al Brock as Told to Douglas V. Jewson, M.D.

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The Journey God Chose is told by a man who at an early age had a heart that yearned after God. In the process of surrendering his life to Christ, he came to realize the truth contained in Proverb 16:9 New International Readers VersionIn your heart you plan your life. But the Lord decides where your steps will take you. He realized that each day of his life journey was ordered not by him but by his Heavenly Father.

Al Brocks story is intensely personal. It is an open and honest look at his struggles from early childhood with feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and inferiority as he became aware of physical limitations not shared by his identical twin brother. As well, he struggled with feelings of lack of acceptance by his father, again because of his limitations. Als brother, Pete, was always chosen first to be on athletic teams while Al was chosen last. Pete became the star quarterback of the high school football team while Al himself served as the teams water boy. He grew up in an environment of fear because of his fathers alcoholism and violent rages when intoxicated. And then his father was gone when Al was only nine years of age, succumbing to the ravages of his drinking. This left the family of mother and four children to cope with no ready source of money during the years of the Great Depression.

Als life verse could be thought of as Romans 8:28 (NIRV): We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. He appointed them to be saved in keeping with his purpose. This verse is a thread running throughout the story of his life. It is evident from childhood on as the family overcame the challenges of going forward without the father. Continued evidence is seen throughoutfrom his military service during WWII, through his calling to the ministry and his education, in the answer to prayer that provided his wife, and on into his later years.

Every life that came in contact with Al Brocks was met with a commitment by him to closeness and lasting friendship. God used that to bring those he and Bunny met closer in their desire for the Lord. The churches he served grew both in membership and spiritually.

A monumental change occurred for Al with the stirring of the Holy Spirit for a full surrender of his life. God gave him a life-changing experience of memory for repressed events with subsequent healing of past hurts done to him, and by him to others. The result was a Baptism of the Holy Spirit into the fullness and freshness of a new spiritual calling and personal walk with God. The lives of those he came in contact with were changed to an even greater degree with the fullness of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This became a priority in churches he served and in special groups of people. The Spirit of the Lord was seen to change individual lives as well as the collective life of the churches he and Bunny were called to serve.

Al Brock is one of the few men I have come in contact with who has turned sorrow and disappointment into a stepping stone to knowing God in a richer and deeper walk and the Holy Spirits control. Bunny faithfully served along with him in every calling that they had together.

His children rise and call him blessed. So do the many close friends he and Bunny made during the years that they served in the ministry. It was a pleasure for me and my wife, Diane, to come to know him and his loving wife through helping to put his life story into words on paper. Hopefully lives will continue to be changed by those who read these words, even though you may not have the joy of being in contact with him through personal relationship or ministry.

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