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Aug 30, 2011


Unforgotten Unforgotten is a powerful testimony of God's love overcoming life's pain. The true life story of a girl who at the age of 6 promised God to use the gifts He gave her to do His will on earth. However, at the age of 7 she was thrust into a broken home due to parental alcoholism, neglect, and violence. By the grace of God, she found balance as a young adult and planned to make good on her childhood promise. While embarking on her dream to reach others for Christ through music, she was fooled in a crossroads decision that cost her her faith. For decades she lived a life void of God and full of vanity, alcohol, and codependence within multiple violent relationships until she was met by divine intervention, and shown the open path to achieve her promise.

Aug 30, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Brandee Nielsen is the host of Christian Coffee Talk for Women, as well as a passionate, multi-genre vocalist and songwriter, using her gift to serve in worship and other events in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

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Unforgotten - Brandee Nielsen


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Chapter 1


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Chapter 10


About the author:

Back Story



Brandee’s story is riveting. It should be of great help for others going through difficulty. I liked the way she used one-word chapter titles. She tells her story with brutal honesty, yet tastefully and with great sensitivity to other folks in her life. Brandee’s story is worth telling.

Ret. Pastor Leroy Spinks

Dear Brandee, Thank you for this opportunity to read your memoirs. It’s full of powerful testimony about your life and your loves. Much of this will reach out to whomever reads it, regardless of their situation and whether or not it is like yours.



My Heavenly Father, I thank you from the very depth of my soul for giving me the gift of life, the gift of music and writing, and the opportunity to do your will in the midst of your gift of my free will. I am indebted to you Lord, for the blessings and honor you have bestowed upon me by saving my life, all the days of my life. Thank you for granting me the honor to communicate the truth in this book to those who have eyes, so they may see, and to those who have ears, so they may hear. I am far from being the worthy, perfect daughter that you deserve, but I am committed to carrying out your purpose for my life. I can only pray for your love and mercy to remain upon my soul. Please bless the world with your goodness, love and mercy, Lord, keeping your little ones safe no matter where they are and what they are facing in the world. I pray in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

To my mother: There are no words to describe the emptiness and longing I have and will carry for the rest of my days because of the loss of you. I know you see me and I know you are aware of everything I do, and what I have become. I hope I’ve made you proud and I want you to know that I have come to realize that because of your faith in and love for Jesus, no matter what you faced and endured on this Earth, I have achieved. In this truth, you have achieved your role as my mother. For this I am so grateful. With all my love, may you rest in peace.

To my father: You are my hero, Dad. My paparoo. I am so proud of you, and I am so grateful that you are always there for me. You’ve been the greatest fan of my life, and you always will be. You have become a true father, and I couldn’t ask for more.

To my daughter: Hey little girl, won’t you smile for me? It’s the one thing you do that makes it all right for me. Your little world shines so bright everyone can see; it’s every little thing you do that brings out the life in me. Without God’s blessing of you in my life, I would be nothing. I am far from being the perfect mother that you deserve, but I will love you and respect you and do the best I can for all of my days on Earth.


To all of God’s children: In this book I share a compelling testimony of God’s love overcoming life’s pain. My life’s pain was caused by suffering through the darker side of a vulnerable life, but it’s put me where I am and made me who I am today. I am an against-the-odds statistic as an adult child of an alcoholic parent, and a faithful child of God.

Through the chapters in this book I share the truth of remarkable blessings God bestowed upon my life in keeping me alive when my life was threatened as a child and teenage statistic, then as an adult.

Jesus made my childhood dreams come true before, during, and after I turned from God for a decade where I thrust myself into a life of self-indulgence, vanity, alcohol and extreme codependence within multiple life-threatening relationships.

My motive is to testify to my faults, redemption and the power and glory of God, with the hope of impressing good advice upon others who may find themselves in similar situations, experiencing similar challenges.

My reason for writing this book is due to a calling from God that is explained within the chapters, telling the story of how and why I got here.

God’s reason for commanding me to write this book is also explained in the chapters, telling the reason why He brought me here, to share the Good News and communicate a specific message and warning that the Lord wants you to receive.

Glory be to God.

Chapter 1


I began walking this road called life with Jesus when I was five years old. I remember recurring dreams where several angels appeared to me. They were surrounded in bright gold and white colored lights, and they showed me an image of a golden warrior staff in the midst of the sun. It was a divine impression to carry along my path through life as a warrior child of God. I remember being afraid and telling my mom about the dream and she told me not to be afraid, saying that it was just a dream. As I look back now, I don’t believe it was just a dream.

At the age of six I was quite fond of music and I loved to sing and dance around the house. I remember this was around the same time when I wrote my very first song. It was a simple song about mopping up the floor, because that’s what I was doing at the time. My mom had disciplined me for doing something wrong which I don’t remember now, but vividly recall how disappointed I was that I couldn’t go out to play until after I’d finished the chore. In the background I could hear the voice of Barbara Streisand on my mother’s radio. I remember thinking she must have been a real angel on Earth to have that captivating voice and I wanted to sing just like her. I was dreaming about how I wanted to have the same angelic affect on people by singing for God on Earth. This was my first experience in receiving an inspired melody as I wrote my first song.

I also had many thoughts and daydreams about saving children who were less fortunate in the world. I got this idea from watching television commercials for Save the Children, and I dreamt of taking care of all of them. I even wanted to have ten children of my own. When I told my mom about this she just laughed lovingly, but I was serious.

These were the dreams in my heart back then, while I had the most wonderful childhood anyone could ever imagine. I had a deeply loving, nurturing mother who sheltered me and gave me everything I could ever want and more, which for me meant her time, her warm embrace and her intelligent mind.

She spent most of her time tending to and playing with me, and she’d frequently take me places such as shopping for new clothes or to play at different parks around the neighborhood. One of my all time favorite places we’d go was the Bronx Zoo. We vacationed often at Cave Hill Resort in Moodus, Connecticut, which we always referred to as going to the country because it was so different from where we lived in the borough of Queens, New York.

My mom was always by my side and she included me in everything she did. I never went to bed at night without her sitting on the edge, rocking back and forth and rubbing my back until I feel asleep. Then each morning she’d wake me for the breakfast she’d made, and she would be sure to teach me many things throughout the day. They were fun little training lessons; for example, when she’d cook a meal, she taught me by involving me in the project and giving me specific duties. I wasn’t allowed to handle the actual cooking part until I was big enough to see over the stove. That’s what she always said.

I remember how I loved to receive a cloth to polish the wood furniture whenever she polished it, because I loved the smell of the lemon-scented spray and the shiny finish on the wood. I liked to look at my reflection in the particular spot I’d just finished wiping. In this way, my mom taught me how to curl my hair while she curled hers, how to sit like a lady, how to say my prayers with all my heart and soul, and how to always treat others with respect.

My mother was strict about not discriminating against any race, creed or religion. I remember a day she lined me up to tell me that I was never to cuss or say the N word inside or outside of her house, or else she’d wash my mouth out with soap. Afterward, she explained to me that these are filthy words, which should never be spoken and, more so, because they hurt people.

My mother taught me to be alert and to understand that the world, as beautiful and inviting as it is, is also a dangerous place, especially when confronted by people who are not following God, or who might seek to do me harm. So this meant that talking to strangers was a big no-no in my world, which became quite difficult for me to handle when I was old enough to go to school. I’d been sheltered to the point of being terrified in the presence of all strangers when my mother wasn’t with me, and this included the other kids and teachers who were nuns at the Catholic school I attended.

I recall that my first day of kindergarten was nothing less than a traumatic nightmare as I watched her walk away and leave me there. I cried and was terrified while I stood there looking around at unfamiliar faces in an unfamiliar place. When the day finally ended and I returned home, I never wanted to go back. I never wanted to leave my sheltered home where my mother was my whole world. She was a devoted Roman Catholic who frequently used her rosary beads. My mother was a very strong believer

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