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Come Jog with Me

Come Jog with Me

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Come Jog with Me

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Dec 27, 2011


Many questions come to mind concerning running and runners and public health.

Here are a few.

1. Why do runners live an estimated 2 to 2.5 years longer than non-runners?

2. Why are runners rarely overweight?

3. Among runners do they have the same incidence of the following problems compared to non-runners that so far the causes of which are basically unknown? Muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, amelanotic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimers disease?

4. Why do women runners have so much less breast cancer than nonrunners?

5. Why do runners have so much stronger bones than non-runners?

6. Why do runners have less atherosclerosis and therefore fewer strokes and coronary and cardiac artery disease?

7. Why do runners have more HDL (good ) cholesterol than non-runners?

8. Why do runners have lower blood pressure than non-runners?

9. Do running women have fewer children who develop Autism than non-running women?

10. Why do runners have better immune systems than non-runners?

11. Does running enhance the production of endomorphnis, serotonin, androgens, estrogens such as oxytocin, ghrlein, and the enzyme troponin and many others?

12. Is there an advantage of the profound sleep that comes to those who exercise as with running and with no insomnia?

Dec 27, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

George Whitney is a 92 year old retired companion animal veterinarian who practiced for almost 50 years in Orange, Connecticut. He is a graduate of Auburn University, was a Captain in the Veterinary Corps, US Army during WWII and president of and active in many organizations as well as a Selectman in Orange, Connecticut. He took up running at age 80 to get in shape and has been running ever since. He is the author of four books, "This is the Beagle," "The Health and Happiness of your old Dog," "A Time for Action," and "Animal Anecdotes," as well as co-authoring several books with his father Leon F. Whitney. He currently lives in southern Vermont where he can be seen running his daily 5k. George competes regularly in 5k races.

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Come Jog with Me - George Whitney DVM


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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

An Open Letter to Mrs. Michelle Obama



Lap 1 ~ The Revelation

Lap 2 ~ Get Set and Go for It

Lap 3 ~ An Inspiration?

Lap 4 ~ Why Humans Run

Lap 5 ~ An Insurance Policy

Lap 6 ~ The Initiation

Lap 7 ~ Eureka

Lap 8 ~ Second Race

Lap 9 ~ The Shoes and What’s in ‘Em

Lap 10 ~ When Your Breath Comes in Short Pants

Lap 11 ~ A Stitch in Time

Lap 12 ~ You May Shrink

Lap 13 ~ Never Trust a Naked Runner

Lap 14 ~ Doin’ What Comes Naturally

Lap 15 ~ To Top It Off

Lap 16 ~ Stopwatch Love-and-Hate Device

Lap 17 ~ Go to College

Lap 18 ~ Use Tact, Fathead

Lap 19 ~ Run Like You Stole Something

Lap 20 ~ Who Are You?

Lap 21 ~ To Push Your Car Over

Lap 22 ~ Walk and Run

Lap 23 ~ An Idea Who’s Time Has Come

Lap 24 ~ Grandma Running?

Lap 25 ~ Publications

Lap 26 ~ The Fair Sex

Lap 27 ~ Workouts and Persistence

Lap 28 ~ Can Runners Smile?

Lap 29 A Mystique

Lap 30 ~ Cramps

Lap 31 ~ Rails to Trails

Lap 32 ~ Pick It Up a Little

Lap 33 ~ The Reggie Lewis Stadium

Lap 34 ~ A Running Partner?

Lap 35 ~ A Family Sport

Lap 36 ~ About Exercise

Lap 37 ~ Use It or Lose It

Lap 38 ~ Running Thoughts

Lap 39 ~ Singing in the Rain

Lap 40 ~ To Jog or Run

Lap 41 ~ Guinea Pigs

Lap 42 ~ Hill Running

Lap 43 ~ Cut and Run Bursts

Lap 44 ~ Research Anyone?

Lap 45 ~ Sexology

Lap 46 ~ Inherited Health

Lap 47 ~ Wolf Ancestor

Lap 48 ~ More Enlightenment

Lap 49 ~ A Downfall?

Lap 50 ~ Who Are All These People?

Lap 51 ~ Late Bloomer

Lap 52 ~ Race Names

Lap 53 ~ What Trophies?

Lap 54 ~ Fountain of Youth?

Lap 55 ~ Take a Trip with Me

Lap 56 ~ What’s Going On?

Lap 57 ~ Don’t Give Up the Ship

Lap 58 ~ Prejudice

Lap 59 ~ About Speed

Lap 60 ~ Diet and Other Trivia

Lap 61 ~ More Diet

Lap 62 ~ Outhouses and Salt

Lap 63 ~ A Marathon? Forget It

Lap 64 ~ Proof of the Puddin’

Lap 65 ~ Running With Pain?

Lap 66 ~ Running Publicity

Lap 67 ~ Special Track Meets

Lap 68 ~ New England 65+ Runners Club

Lap 69 ~ Level the Playing Field

Lap 70 ~ Hitting on Her

Lap 71 ~ Do Runners Live Longer?

Lap 72 ~ Cherry Picking the Research

Lap 73 ~ The Invisible Runner

Lap 74 ~ Labor Day

Lap 75 ~ Why Runners Retire

Lap 76 ~ Come Dream with Me

Lap 77 ~ More Ponderings

Lap 78 ~ Time to Quit

Lap 79 ~ A New Beginning?

Lap 80 ~ The Down Side

Lap 81 ~ Strange as It Seems

Lap 82 ~ A Personal Letter to You

Appendix 1 ~ Physician’s Consultation

Appendix 2 ~ A Summary of the Program

Appendix 3 ~ Lap Art in Your Running World to Mark Up Running Shirts

Appendix 4 ~ Dying Socks

Appendix 5 ~ Prejudice Letter

Appendix 6 ~ Running Shirt Slogans Used So Far by the Author

Appendix 7 ~ Substitute with Running

Appendix 8 ~ All American USATF Times

Appendix 9 ~ Contacts

Appendix 10 ~ Poetry


For President

Barack and

Michelle Obama

The two brightest stars on the horizon

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

This book is dedicated to you and Mrs. Obama for many reasons among which is both of your dedication to efforts of better health for all. The significance of my thesis of the importance of running type exercise should not be underestimated. As you may know runners rarely have strokes. Strokes are listed as one of the top three causes of death. Strokes cost in the neighborhood of $250,000 for each case treated in the hospital.

An insurance figure for 2007 reported that 750,000 elderly people were admitted to hospitals in our country from falls around the house. We know runners rarely have fractures from falling and the cost of care for those 750,000 hospital cases has to be astronomical. I read that women runners have as much as half the incidence of breast cancer as non-running women.

My message is that runners are so much healthier than non-exercisers. They need only a fraction of the medical costs as non-runners. I hope my book has enough common sense for seniors to start a craze of running for health reasons as well as for the fun of it that will, incidentally, reduce the cost of medical care appreciably.

This book points to evidence that problems such as

Autism in children and in canines, Hip Dysplasia, are from toxins in diets and not from the Zebra causes so many scientists are searching for without success.

Please accept my best wishes and appreciation of your efforts for all and Illegitimi non carborundum.

George Whitney, DVM

An Open Letter to Mrs. Michelle Obama

Dear Mrs. Obama,

Your efforts on behalf of children are exciting and important. Having undertaken the process of becoming a student of running, I have a suggestion the implementation of which could have profound desirable effects on children in our time but also on the health of the general population in the future.

You are aware of the overwhelming evidence of better health in those who exercise regularly over non-exercisers. Moreover it is accepted that those who learn to exercise early in life are more apt to continue.

Observing students at recess periods there are those who enter into physical activities and other children who avoid such when all able children should enter them. A suggestion of starting all able children on the exercise of running from pre-school age and through high school is an idea that could yield remarkable results at no additional cost to the school board.

Orange cones used by most highway departments could be available for all to be used during recess periods in mornings and afternoons most schools provide. The cones would be placed at appropriate distances apart for each aged child group to run around. Some might require adults to hand hold the tiny tots while learning.

By high school, talent would be discovered that would keep many potential dropouts running on the school track team.

With over 30,000,000* estimated to run at least once a week in our country, the results of early learning could result in another 30,000,000joining the good health of the first with a remarkable financial savings in medical services and medication from better health.

It is also my hope that after considering the objectives of this book you might enter the running mystique for the good of yourself and loved ones.

With Respect and Ultimate Admiration,

George Whitney, DVM


It is estimated that at least 30 million people in our country run at least once a week.* Having started when 80 years of age, I have relearned to run as all had done as children. Now after almost 11 years of running in organized races for my health as well as for fun, I have gained knowledge to share with the millions of non-runners of our land for their good as well as for fun.

My initial reason for this book was to show by example how I did it and to attempt to convince the millions of non-runners that, first, they have the inherited ability to run and, second, to convince all inactive, over-65-years-of-age people to join me. I am told repeatedly that my attempt will be a failure because so many have convinced themselves that running is work and as senior years pass the object is to enjoy rest and inactivity.

In studying the approach to being convincing led to a surprising number of conclusions that may be nothing less than astounding when analyzed for a road to better health.

Questions in life flow like a river with many questions having less than satisfactory answers. This book presents theories for answers and I expect the readers will evaluate each answer to questions such as: Why do so many people run regularly? Can all normal people of any age relearn to run? Why are runners said to be healthier than non-runners? Why do runners live longer than non-runners? Why do running women have so much less incidence of breast cancer than non-running women? Why are running and jogging fun? Why have humans inherited the ability to run? Why are those who exercise most considered the healthiest? How could the cost of health care be reduced by at least 50 percent by non-runners learning to run? How could man’s best friend have influenced all of us to have the running capability? Finally, why should humans be considered a dog’s best friend?

All of these questions are answered in Come Jog With Me and many more.

The chapters are called Laps because I did most of my relearning on running tracks of Yale University and I coin the word, TIE, an acronym for take it easy, to encourage new

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