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Leadership in Business

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Leadership in Business

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If your popularity and products reach worldwide, that is quite a significant demonstration that you have reached the pinnacle of success. Many elements, including communication, marketing, transportation, and so on, are helpful in gaining such a goal. But an interesting, curious, and obvious case study is that when Buddha was born 2,500 years ago, aspects of business like communication, transportation, and marketing were not very well developed in comparison with nowadays. How could Lord Buddha and his disciples be successful in spreading Buddhism worldwide? If you want to succeed in your business, read this book.

A project of bees can be completed through the mutual work of the queen and worker bees. A queen bee never needs to motivate, inspire, force, or punish the other bees. Humans are more educated than bees, and bosses in business seek to provide training, inspiration, and facilitiesbut workers still do not work. Why? If you want to succeed in your business, read this book.

According to the World Health Organization, by the year 2020, depressive illness will become the number-two disease in the world, outpacing diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and so on. Depressive disease is universal and has been prevalent in society since time immemorial. The Hindu Vedas are the oldest holy book in the world. They were written about three thousand years ago, and every logical statement made within them is nowadays proven in science. How do the Vedas explain mind management for success and becoming mentally healthy? If you want to succeed in your business, read this book.

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