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Health, a Conscious Truth: A True Labor of Love.

Health, a Conscious Truth: A True Labor of Love.

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Health, a Conscious Truth: A True Labor of Love.

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Aug 22, 2012


This book was written with the intentional pursuit to change the way people think and feel about health. This book is intended to make you feel understood as a human being with feelings, with a past, and with a future. Health consists of you. This book was written with you in mind, in spirit, in body, and in truth. This is not a how-to of health; it is a book written with love, compassion, and understanding.

Aug 22, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Diana Andrew is a former personal trainer and a practicing Kundalini Yoga teacher in Monterey, California. She was born in 1966 and grew up in a family of eight brothers and sisters, including two sets of twins. Being a kid was easy, no problem. Being an adult, things got more complicated. This book was written out of the desire bring the understanding of health from “complicated” back into an uncomplicated version. The problem with having everything in this country is that we forget about our own inner self.

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Health, a Conscious Truth - Diana Andrew

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Health, Revolutionized



Chapter 1. The Body as Consciousness

Chapter 2. Small Bite on Food

Chapter 3. Empowerment

Chapter 4. Commitment and Discipline

Chapter 5. Self-Development/Self-Love

Chapter 6. The Watcher Is You!

Chapter 7. What Provokes and Creates Change?

Chapter 8. Taking Physical Action

I dedicate this book to all struggling in their journey to good health. May you find a sense of being understood and heard through the writing of this book.

I also want to dedicate this book to my mom, for if it was not for her understanding of how important it was for her children to have a childhood in the mist of tragedy, this book would not have been written. Thank you for remembering the importance of our laughter and play, for our silliness of our childhood that still needed to take place. Thank you mom for staying through with your commitment to raising all of us eight children after daddy died. Thank you for knowing that our childhood was still of good use and there was Life left after his death. Your strength and dedication to raising us will not be forgotten.

May all who have lost find Life again.



"Life is short or so I have been told and I believe it more and more every year. In that life one has to be educated, find a wife, raise a family, educate that family, get a job, and struggle. Nothing ever existed during a life even though it is short that did not have struggle. The enjoyment in life is the struggle. No struggle no life, the greater the struggle the richer the life.

There will come a time dear children when you will meet yourself getting up in the morning. You will get up, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. You will be surrounded by people at work and you will be surrounded by people at home. You would like to go off into a corner by yourself just to be alone. You will know that you are not getting anyplace and you will feel that you never will. You will swear that you couldn’t think creatively if you had to.

You will try to think of bright ideas. What you wouldn’t give for one idea that would make you rich and famous. You will feel that you are on a never ending treadmill and worst of all you will not be sure what you are waiting for.

You will look at government and war and people. You will watch people bicker over their own interests and you will hear all of the pessimists and do gooders of the world proclaim that they and only they know what the world needs.

Now dear children, may I make a suggestion to you. I would suggest that you look out and see a hill, a tree, a field. If you cannot see them then just remember they are there. There is nature. There is dirt. It has been here for a long time. It is orderly. It follows definite laws. It can be trusted. From this you will know there is order in this world in which you live. Looking out at those clouds in the sky you will know that there is purpose. You will realize that it may be beyond your understanding but this must not matter.

It is strange how this will sneak up on you. Don’t ignore it children, and don’t miss it. Some people jump off bridges because they miss it.

I so hope you will understand. There is always hope and always strength and always belief. I suppose that is the secret of life itself. Hope, strength, and belief.

Earl Andrew 1934-1974

Thank you Daddy.

This book will revolutionize the way people think about health. It will fill the gap where the intellect cannot go. It will tap into the hearts and minds of people like no book has before.

We have yet to revolutionize our hearts and minds in our approach to health, but that time has come. To heal first will be the mission of health. The miracle of healing in this book will have a profound effect on many levels for people of any age. This is a book about fundamental health, revealing deep truths about self-development, inviting people to stand face-to-face with their health in a way they’ve never seen or considered before. This new way of addressing our health could prove to be one of the greatest advances in real freedom.

I was seven years old when my father died. I quickly adapted to the loss; that’s what children do. However, as I got older, the effects of that loss began to surface. It seemed that the memory of my father became the motivating factor behind much of what I did. A deep part of me still wanted to please him and make him proud, even though he was no longer physically here.

Except for his loss, my childhood was normal. I had friends and was close with my family, and I participated in sports and activities in school. Yet I quietly suffered from this void inside. The loss of my father created an emptiness that as I got older seemed to get harder to deal with. It was my belief that since time had past and more time had past that it should somehow have taken away this void. I tried working hard at any job I did—hoping that somehow, the void would be filled by good behavior or a diligent, soldier-like attitude. I believed that if I followed well enough all that I was told to be successful as a person that it should solve this emptiness and that because of my effort everything would be fine someday.

When loss occurs at a young age, a child grows up differently. For me, it was a subtle difference, and mostly an internal one. I spent most of my life between the ages of seven to thirty still attached to my father—and that felt normal to me. Whatever I was doing, I carried both the memory of my father and the pain of his loss in the background. I didn’t really have me in my own life. I experienced everything simultaneously through two distinct visions: one of loss, which I tried to honor each day and one of

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