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The Trill'eon Chronicles: The Telling-Chronicles I

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The Trill'eon Chronicles: The Telling-Chronicles I

Lunghezza: 322 pagine4 ore


Roakan rose from his concealed cover, raised his sword above his head as more human warriors ran down the ramp of the warship to refortify their depleting forces. Roakan let out a mighty blood curdling battle cry and lowered his sword toward the human formation and as he did so he began jumping over the rubble that concealed him and led his warriors on a foot charge into the ranks of the human contingent. As he reached the first line of the human enemies Obaizen and his warriors were on their enemies rear flank as both collided with the wall of the human warriors at the front and rear flanks at almost the same instant. The humans by this time had drawn hand weapons and met the onslaught with as much fearlessness as the attacking Goathrunouk warriors. The two lines of warriors entangled in a clash of bodies, metal, and bone.
In the morning sunrise there was the glitter of flashing swords, shredded metal, and the spray of blood as warriors screamed their last lifes song. Soon, all that would be left would be the silent victors and the dying as the sun continued to rise as it had done so for millions of years before, unaffected in its designed purpose by the happenings of mere mortals.
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