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Can I Talk to You Spirit to Spirit: Featuring Chain Breakers

Can I Talk to You Spirit to Spirit: Featuring Chain Breakers

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Can I Talk to You Spirit to Spirit: Featuring Chain Breakers

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Jul 16, 2016


This book was written to inspire to uplift and to encourage. I did the book in phases because things happened at different times. My poetry is an inspiration from GOD, during my good days and my bad days. I pray that as you read my book that you can find the place that GOD has destined for you on this Jesus Journey. It is a journey that sometimes we must travel alone, but I am thankful for all the people that has trusted me to write for them. They have been my supporters through it all. I love you in Jesus Name

Jul 16, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

My Name is Sharon Denese Johnson-William I was born and raised in Courtland, AL. I am the mother of 3, one of which is in Heaven. I am the Grandmother of 3 handsome grandsons, destined for greatness, because I am speaking it into their future. I am the wife to Ngaduba William of nineteen years and counting. I have 3 sisters and a special niece raised as a sister. I have 7 brothers and I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord.

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Can I Talk to You Spirit to Spirit - The Chain Breaker


Copyright © 2016 Sharon Denese Johnson-William.

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iUniverse rev. date: 07/15/2016



It’s Never Too Late

A City Not Forsaken

A Mother’s True Angel

Angel Watching Over Me

Can I Talk To You?

Lord, We Thank You for Our Angel

Sharon’s poetry

Today is a lovely Day


Phase 1


New beginnings

The Ultimate Chain-Breaker

Department of Justice


Department of Jesus

Where art thou?

It is only a test

The Vision

Chain-Breaker presents:

You are a beautiful butterfly

The mirror and the butterfly

Phase 2

You Can’t Tell It, So Let Me Tell It

Refuge and Security


God Is Married to the Backslider


Know Your Partner

Bound up

I asked God to change me

Strange but changed

He restored my soul

Dead Man Bones

Phase 3


Phase 4

Taking control after the pain

Cancer vs. Conqueror

Wisdom and Knowledge

My Special Thanksgiving


Tears of Strength

Bring Mama Her Tulips Now

My God Is an Awesome God

Mother Angel

Our Mother

Mary Elizabeth

Honor Thy Father

Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant

For every tear there is strength

Phase 5

Mr. and Mrs. Ngaduba William

Don’t run Breathe



I see you when you think that I don’t

The love of my life

Amazing Love

Thank you my husband

Phase 6

Grandmother’s love


Big Mama

Grandmother Rich in Strength



Phase 7

Look to the Cross

You don’t know our Story

But we do have one

And behind the Story there is Praise.

From the heart of Ty’Tiona

Phase 8

God loves you

Young people and Adults

Broken wings

I am my Brother’s Keeper

Man of Valor

Mighty Man of God

Honor to my Stepfather

Honor to My Brother

The hand on the clock

Well done

Working woman

You were created to do great things

A rose for our Lillie

Celebrating our gift

Tough love

911 Emergency !!!!!!!!!!! Lord


Love is a 5 letter word

The essence of money

Stealing a kiss

Rainbow of Love that Never Ends

To Everything There is a Season

Everything has Time

No matter how high we get

Still looking up to You

Joy Cometh in the Morning


My Son

My Heart

Blessed to have you in my life

If God Be for Us Who can be Against Us

Honor thy Mother and father

If I could change the World

Follow Your Dreams

Single ladies and single moms

Wait on the Lord

It’s never too late

Phase 9

Season’s Change

So Does Life

Mother to Daughter

Seasons do change for the better

Phase 10

Can I talk to you spirit to spirit?

Carolyn’s Poem

An Exchange with God

Letter to my friend


You should know them by their fruit

Phase 11

Telitha Cumi

We Appreciate You

Women of Worth

Ladies first



Destined for excellence

Woman to Woman





Dear Lord

Sister’s Forever

Phase 12

Can I talk to you Spirit to Spirit?

My Prayer

God can hook you up

God is Faithful

How great art thou faith?

Passion with a Purpose



Born to serve

Rock me Jesus

Blessed are the eyes that see the thing you see

Can you See what I See

I’ll Take You There

Open Invitation

I am who I’m supposed to be

I’ll do it


Just for me



I know deep inside there’s a voice within that deeply depends

Relying on me to be all that I can be

All that I can be to speak what’s on my mind, or what’s on the agenda

Being myself won’t be hard to remember

Majority of the time I’m really quiet; I keep things inside; I let a lot of things slide

But, how would people know how you feel if you let everything go by

I will speak in full control for myself, if not for anyone else

Just to make my being whole, I will speak not being in fear

I have a desire to teach on spiritual aspects and read my poetry

Most likely I will speak in congregations of churches

But I will speak that I know; I will speak in full control

This poem and the next was predestined and written in 1996 and 1998

Just delivering the message; this is not my home

I’m just passing through on my journey by

There’s a word for you; A word from the Lord

Let your loins be girded about and your lights burning (Luke 12:35)

Expecting and waiting for the Lord’s return, not getting too relaxed

I want to live a life that is pleasing to my Lord

I can’t get too comfortable in this worldly world

This is not my home; Jesus is coming back

People are looking for ways out of abusive relationships

Out of pain and agony of worldly sin

God sends a message and some won’t let Him in

They won’t let Him in because the message may not come from

The person they want it to come from

But I told the Lord: Not my will But Thy Will Shall be done

"Be not afraid of their words or dismayed at their looks

Speak the words unto them whether they hear or whether they will forbear

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? (Psalm 137:4-6)

(4) And He said unto me son of man. Go thee unto the house of Israel and speak with my words unto them. (5) for thou are not sent to a people of a strange speech and of hard language, but to the house of Israel (6) Not to many people of a strange speech and of a hard language whose words thou cannot understand."

This poem simply tells us whoever brings forth the message we don’t need to be rebellious and we need to be ready at all times. Be ye therefore ready also; for the son of man cometh at an hour when you think not. (Luke 12:40)

It’s Never Too Late

Winter, spring, summer and fall

All the seasons has passed us by

January through December

Another year has too


Dreams shattered

Promises couldn’t be kept

Life got off track

And we thought we knew the reason

And we became discouraged

Because we thought we missed our season

And it was too late

But how many of you know

Our time is not God’s time

And the four seasons may not be your due season

And in Christ it’s never too late

Because He’s the heart-mender

The potter that can put you back together again

He’s the Promise Keeper

And when we mess up

Jesus is able to fix it for you

So hold on

It’s Never Too Late!

A City Not Forsaken

God doesn’t have a respect of person; that just mean it doesn’t matter your background, whether you’re rich or you’re poor. Neither does it matter if you live in a three bedroom apartment, a house or that you have your mansion on the hill. It doesn’t even matter the type of car that you drive; it doesn’t matter if you have all the name brand clothes and the accessories to match. It doesn’t matter if we think we’re at our lowest point and can’t go any further. God sees us and He can pick us up. You may be in church, but are you in Christ? Will you go into the house of worship and come out the same way without your deliverance? God wants to deliver you out of bondage. Bondage is anything that keeps your free will from excelling; it is circumstances that control us, and it is slavery when we let habits become our master. God wants to deliver us from the bondage of sin. God sent His word to set the captives free. Sometimes we get comfortable in saying I go to church such and such and we don’t realize that the name of a church nor the great pastor will get us to heaven. It will be the choice that we make when we make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

I am Sharon Denese Johnson William and I am not ashamed to let you know that God didn’t deliver me from the tradition of church, because I wasn’t going to church. But it is an honor for me to tell my friends and family, in the town of Courtland, AL, where I grew up. I had a lot of things going on in my life that wasn’t pleasing to my God; that is why I say God doesn’t have a respect of person. I want you to see that God looked down from heaven and He saw a little country girl that had potential to write for Him. To let His people know that there is nothing too hard for Him. For some of you, years pass by and you may not see me. I may drop by to say hello and then I’m gone again. I want you to know that I’m real and when it comes to the God that I serve, I can’t play around with my salvation, because when it’s all said and done we all will need some place to rest our soul. I won’t tell you this journey has been easy because it has not. But if I could see each of your faces I would look you straight in the face and tell you it’s worth serving the Lord. I know at times life gets hard and we don’t know which way to go, but I encourage you to look up because you have a heavenly Father that loves you and He cares about your situation. And I want my life to speak for itself because my home was broken, my heart was broken and I had some dreams shattered. I made some bad choices that had consequences and the results were painful…But God!

He looked beyond all my faults and He saw Sharon’s needs. I’ve loved on God for many years now and I don’t intend to stop now. I’ve came too far to turn back now. My sisters and my brothers in Christ, you can’t find a better friend to believe in. If He tells you anything, trust in Him and it shall come to pass. This book is important to me, because I made a promise to His people all over the world more than ten years ago. I understand why it’s coming to pass now. You see, I had to go through some things; I had to face off with some circumstances that didn’t want me to live. So now I’m still here, because God said I shall live and not die. I believe God wanted to see what kind of material I was made of. Whether it was man-made or real leather, was I wrinkle free or permanent press. He needed to know if I could withstand the storms that would later enter my life. He needed to know that I could survive when it seems that everything in the world was coming against me. And I needed to see that on this Jesus journey we may want to bring many along with us, but sometimes find ourselves alone. We must know that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. God raised me up and I know one day I will have an opportunity to come before you in the name of the Lord, Full of His joy and love, delivering a message of God’s peace, letting you know God hears your cry. Mothers don’t give up on your sons and daughters. Wives don’t give up on your husbands. Husbands don’t give up on your wives. And children don’t give up on your parents. God wants to save your whole family and because Jesus lives, we know who holds our future, so we can face all of our tomorrows.

I invite you to come along as I walk and talk this Jesus journey that we all are destined to follow. Through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, and through it all know

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