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Dark Poetry, Volume 5: Gothic Twilight III: Dark Poetry, #5

Dark Poetry, Volume 5: Gothic Twilight III: Dark Poetry, #5

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Dark Poetry, Volume 5: Gothic Twilight III: Dark Poetry, #5

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Aug 13, 2018



J J Ginty's 'poetic journal' is a delicious insight.

Gothic Twilight III is an organic outgrowth of Gothic Twilight II (Dark Poetry, Volume 4).

Presenting the thought-provoking (sometimes disturbing), poetic continuance of J J Ginty's chronicles into the predominantly dark (sometimes hopeful) provinces of vice, street life, drug addiction, alcoholism, death, angels, devils, psychosis, despair, loneliness; sobriety, freedom, non-attachment, awakening, wisdom & higher consciousness; reflecting on some of the disappointments, delusions & fears of growing up (getting older); and the liberations & enlightenments therein.

This poetry piece is multifarious by nature & design; covering a wide array of topics; and has been especially composed for those of us of a somewhat dark/gothic mind to indulge our like-mindedness with J J Ginty; as we share with him and explore the inner & outer worlds of censorship, sexual/political ambiguity, media deception, Man's corruption & incarceration of mind & soul; 'Big Brother', famine, genocide, and the poisonous & insidious works of the Three Evils (religion, big business, government): the exploitations of Humanity, and the perpetual moralizing of Man's inhumanities against Humanity.

The works herein are concerned with both the microcosmic and the macrocosmic: examining the inner & outer psyche of the Self, and the thought-created, egoic-world within mandalic existence; and the dilemmas faced – both internally & externally.

J J Ginty, in this absorbing collection, does beautifully & creatively share his attested sympathies with the 'Isolationist': those of us who feel somewhat adrift – feel like we are something 'other'; those of us who don't always believe what is seen, heard, taught or disclosed; those of us who are of a deep & introspective nature; those of us who occasionally like to stick two fingers up at the external world; those of us who are, shall we say, already predisposed?

Contains strong language.

Aug 13, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

J J Ginty is an eclectic writer who is indeed a poet by nature and selection; and beautifully exhibits his artistry through the composition of verse and prose. An author who could perhaps write about any theme in any place, in any time, or any space. Composing his work to suit almost any style, and almost any taste. Having a propensity towards the darker characteristics of life (and death); whether they'd be real or surreal; natural or unnatural (supernatural); normal or paranormal; ordinary or extraordinary. It would be difficult to sum J J Ginty up as a writer; but for now, at least, it shall be said ... he is a writer/poet who has crafted his style to articulate the Dark and the Gothic.

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Dark Poetry, Volume 5 - J J Ginty



Their lives are so full of shit. It is all

They seem to do, is sit

Over life’s fucking filthy latrine

And pooh


Day after day ... excreting every bit

Moment after moment ... of regular shit


They spend most of their time in boredom

Thinking up more shit

They sit, they shit, they clean; they shit

Wiping repeatedly – can’t ever get clean

They are so boring!


Just so goddamn sick of it

And how their overloaded assholes

Never seem to give out


Now my asshole is fully-grown

Now all I seem to do is pooh

I am so goddamn sick of shit

I am so fucking boring, too!


There’re strange survivals in mind

At Lookout house parties

Inconsistent minds that can’t correlate

Which dine – oh, dining all so

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