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An Outdoorsman's Heart

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An Outdoorsman's Heart

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From the 17-year-old television host of Hunt Channel's® The Outdoor Experience comes a new chapter of his outdoor journey.

Blake tells his life story from the cradle to the outdoors. Sharing his process of growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio with "non-outdoorsy" parents to becoming outdoor tv's youngest personality. Blake being the oldest of 8 children and being surrounded by the big city, it sure wasn't easy for Blake to become who he is now. Blake has interviewed a wide variety of guest on his tv show like Ted Nugent, Jim Shockey, Chad Mendes, Jase Robertson, Eva Shockey, Michael Waddell, and Phil Robertson just to name a few. He shares those experiences and many other adventures of his young outdoor lifestyle.

Unlike most of his generation, Blake holds some of the most Christian, conservative values. He tackles some of America's most controversial social issues. Not backing down from his faith, he takes on these subjects using a biblical and logical approach. Explaining how gun rights are a necessity, how the outdoor world proves God's existence, and how to stand up against those who oppose our constitution and hunting rights. Through all the never-ending hate he receives from the opposing parties, Blake managed to push through it all and stand up firmly for what he knows is true.

In this book, Blake explains why he is a hunter, why he believes in an Almighty God, why he believes the outdoors changes one's lifestyle in a positive manner, and why supports the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Blake also demonstrates how to get kids back in the outdoors using different tactics. Kids still have that natural, God-given curiosity and love of nature. Blake, from his own youthful outdoor experiences, teaches you how to nurture a child's natural desire to go outside no matter what environment you may live in.

Phil and Al Robertson, the stars of A&E's Duck Dynasty, also share their thoughts in Blake's book.

In this inspiring and passionate book, you'll learn about Blake's faith, his conservativism, and why he sees the outdoor world the way he does. He hopes that his life story and his unwavering faith will inspire you. You'll get to know this teenage outdoorsman's heart, and you'll be a better American for it.

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