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Historic Photos of Arizona

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Historic Photos of Arizona

Lunghezza: 225 pagine1 ora


Arizona, the 48th state of the United States of America, is a land of diverse environments and unbelievable natural beauty. It is also a land where many cultureseach with its own food, architecture, music, and artcame together as part of the American story. Historic Photos of Arizona highlights the unique history of this state as captured in nearly 200 images reproduced in vivid black and white. A photographic journey from the Wild West days of Arizona lore to the modern state Arizona was soon to become, this book showcases landscapes as varied as those of the Sonoran Desert and the state’s ponderosa pine forests. From images of frontier life and copper mining boomtowns, to turn-of-the-century Grand Canyon vistas, to Harvey Houses and Route 66, Historic Photos of Arizona presents a fascinating view of a changing land and the people who called it homea land to which many are still drawn to fulfill their dreams today.
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