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Classroom Escape: How to Create a Better Working Life, Using the Skills you Already have

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Classroom Escape: How to Create a Better Working Life, Using the Skills you Already have

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Worried you won't be able to work in your classroom until the age of 67?

You don't have to!

The Information Revolution has transformed the opportunities available for educators today. And as a classroom teacher, you are MUCH better prepared to take advantage of these changes than you think.

Classroom Escape creates a blueprint for a more balanced life - where you use your existing skills to earn more, work under far less pressure - and keep the 'buzz' of teaching you love.

So, when you win back the time you currently spend in school - what will you do with it?

- Maybe you'll spend more time with family or friends?

- Perhaps you will decide to live elsewhere, or work from the beach?

- Or maybe you dream of having a worldwide impact, far beyond that possible in your own classroom?

Online Teachers can do all these things – and it starts with a simple Passion Project, which you run alongside your current job.

Download Classroom Escape today and you will get:

A step-by-step guide to using your existing classroom skills to earn more, while working less.

A workbook that creates your own personalized blueprint for a lifestyle you will love.

Clarity over exactly what you should be Teaching Online - delivered by 2 powerful audio training units.

3 simple questions to test your Passion Project ideas against – so you can be sure that you're starting in EXACTLY the right place.

The chance to join a community of teachers creating a better lifestyle.

This book is full to the brim with action you can take now, to create a life you will love - using the skills you already have ..

What have you got to lose?

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