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Sleepaway Memories of Deerhead

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Sleepaway Memories of Deerhead

Lunghezza: 249 pagine2 ore


This is a very nostalgic and humerous autobiographical memoir about the twenty five summers I spent growing up at a sleepaway camp owned by my father. It follow the evolution of a rather primitive boy's camp into one of the most successful and popular co-ed sports camps in the country. The adventures and or misadventures are described as seen through my eyes and include my first fomantic interest, color wars, snipe hunt, pranks and many other camp activities. This memoir also includes over 100 photos taken during some of those glorious summers.

I founded and ran a successful group medical practice for the past forty years and have only recently been semi-retired. I have maintained a strong interest in photography and have had two successful photographic exhibits at one of New Yorks most prestigious galleries, The National Art Club, at Gramery Park.

This is my second book following the successful publication,m through AuthorHouse, OVER THERE, describing the six years I spent in Switzerland attending medical school in a foreign language, which I initially could not understand.
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