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Angelface I: the Beginning: A Man of My Dreams or Created by God's Hands

Angelface I: the Beginning: A Man of My Dreams or Created by God's Hands

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Angelface I: the Beginning: A Man of My Dreams or Created by God's Hands

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Jun 14, 2010


This a long look into my many journal entries growing up in middle school and high school crushes and so-called true loves. This is my closure to those days and those who have hurt me; letting them know that through the Grace and Mercy and Love of Jesus Christ and His Father; they are forgiven and that they didn't know what they were doing; and how it would be God's use of them that would shape the person I am today and letting them know that they just made me into a fighter and made my skin that much thicker but still softer so that I can enjoy the many blessing God has allowed my eyes to see in this life; so that I can realize who the true BOSS is! He is the only true friend and love you and I both truly have; no matter what we do.

This is a look into what many teens and young adults still deal with today; but at a much higher scale; and how important it is to have family and friends there to prepare you, and build you up; when others don't know what they are doing. Jesus said: "Father forgive them for they no not what they do." Once you have discovered who God is and how much He is in control and loves you like a father; what others may say about you don't matter that much anymore. He is waiting on you...will you answer his call or keep running? Abba/Father, please let whom ever reads this book be beckoned by you in a way they have never been before. Abba/Father, please don't give up on them. Continue to love on them; in Jesus' name..Amen.
Jun 14, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

I'm your typical girl who is at the end stage of finding out who I am, and not ashamed of it. I am total JesusFreak as TobyMac would say. i see my ability to write is the gift God has allowed to fall upon me to be used as a way to be used by Him to reach those He is tugging at their hearts to come whether its the first or the thousandth time. Just know that His Love is everlasting and will never change. Grace and Peace and Love

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Angelface I - Zee-Zee H.




The First Meeting with Xavier:

The confrontment:

The Zacharys and The Delaines:

The Claiming After the Storm:

The Drive to End All Drives


We join Mesha as she is lying on her bed and reflecting her B in Chemistry. Man Mr. Traveler can be so harsh sometimes, says Mesha as she rolls over to answer her cell phone. Mie its Zschanell…wassup? I know you got an A on that Chemistry test from Mr. Traveler, said Zschanell as she was chewing on a handful of cheesy popcorn. Ahhhaha…I wish Zsch…I got a low B gurl. A low B...what kind of crap is that Mie. I think you need to go and talk with that crazy uptight Mr. Traveler and tell him to put his name to use and take a trip somewhere….Well you know me Mie I didn’t really call you to talk about oh what’s his face. I called because I think that your dream man will one day be up for grabs if you want him….. Oh Zsch you know how much I like Xavier but I don’t think he even knows I exist on the same planet. And besides you know that crazy girl Lauren is never going to give him up. Not even for a slice of bread to save her life. I wish he would look my way at least once. But that is wishful thinking…nothing like that will ever happen for a girl like me. You know the high school rules…Athletes and Jocks don’t date girls that are on the geeky and techy and gothic level, says Mesha as she begins to write in her journal. "Oh girl stops it you are sounding crazy.

Girls like Lauren Perry will never get ahead in life because they will get stuck in their years of high school and never see that people grow up and change. Mie you are my girl…but sometimes you can be so gothic-techy...Mesha interrupted her hello have you forgotten who I hang out with? I am gothic-techy Zsch…I worry about you sometimes. "Oh girl you know I am messin’ wit’cha ya’h. But seriously you need to stop thinking that every athlete is some guy that is stuck on himself and no one else. I know for a fact that you and Xavier would make a better couple. You would be his left and he would be your right and the two of you would be able to balance each other out. And if you are about to say I am saying this because you are my girl…then let me say one thing…yea you my gurl, but don’t get it twisted. Mie I have known Xavier for the last five years and he is not that guy you think he is. Maybe if you learned how to speak and open your mouth you might find out who he really is. Well Mie you know I love you gurl and I am always here for you and I will have to talk with you later…my moms is callin’ me for dinner. You know how she gets if she has to call me to dinner twice.

Ok Zsch I will see you tomorrow at school. And please bring my CDs. I need to do my homework. They shared a laugh and hung up in unison. Mesha’s laptop begins to play Take a Bow by Rhianna. With springs and flips like an Olympian floor gymnast and almost falling off the bed…Mesha opened yahoo messenger to see who would be blowin’ up her messenger Soccerking07, Mesha said "I don’t know nobody by that name. Why are they contacting me now? Don’t they know its homework time? I bet its Tucker playing a joke on me…Ok …ok I will play your little game Tuc’.


Hello Tucker…wassup?

(Take a Bow Rhianna)


Hi Mesha…I am not Tucker.

Last I checked I’m Xavier Zachary.

Mesha choked, and is turning all shades of red a person her color can before she loses all sense of reality. She doesn’t know what to say so she closes the conversation. She runs downstairs to get her sister, who’s in da kitchen with their Mrs. Delaine cooking dinner. Michelle…Michelle, shirks Mesha as she rounds the corner like a greyhound on the race track. Mesha Imani Stephanie Danielle Delaine you know better than running and screaming in this house like you have lost your mind. We are raising young ladies not harlots and hoes. Now apologize to your sister and respectably ask for her attention… I am……m sorry Michelle, can I please talk with you upstairs? said Mesha as she grabbed Michelle’s arm, while trying to catch her breath. Ok…ok just let me stuff the chicken and I will be right with you…I know what this is about so we can talk about this after dinner. It will be ready in 45 minutes ok Mie-Mie.. After fifteen minutes and two cartoon episodes later Mrs. Delaine asked Kore and Kebi to set the dining room table. Oh mom can we do that in about ten minutes; said Kebi as he was changing the channels. "Kebi Benjamin Andrew Delaine boy you bett’ah come and set dis table before I set you… Kebi knows he had better get that table set before his mom finishes her sentence. The table is finally set and Mrs. Delaine calls her husband to let him know that unfortunately they are eating without him.

He asks her to put him on speaker so that he can join in on the family blessing over this Thanksgiving of a feast. Mesha we would like for you to say grace tonight lovingly said Mrs. Delaine. "Everyone bow your head…Father we come to you to give thanks for this huge blessing and ask that you will bless it to be rich nourishment…In Jesus’ name amen. The family joins in on a hardy Amen and the feast begins. Buttermilk biscuits, homemade macaroni and cheese, baked-stuffed chicken with carrots and pearl onions and cornbread dressing and string bean casserole. And a pitcher sun-brewed iced tea with cool mint leaves. Mesha’s mind is swimming in a million different directions.

She slowly rises up from the table… Oh no ma’am I don’t think you are going to leave this room without helping us clean off this table and washing your dishes, said Mrs. Delaine as she spoons her last spoonful of macaroni and cheese. Kebi laughed as he saw the look on his sister’s face. You know what Mesha and Michelle…why don’t you girls go upstairs finish your reports that are due on Friday and your brothers Kebi and Kore will finish up their meals and clean up the dining room and the kitchen. Besides its guys night tonight anyway, sternly said Mrs. Delaine as she places her dishes on top of Mesha’s.

Mesha grabs Michelle’s arm tightly and drags her upstairs to her computer where Rhianna’s song plays. "Mie-Mie what is going on here and who’s SoccerKing07?" Chelle…it’s…its Xavier…Xavier Zachary. Xavier…Xavier Sebastian Obadiah Zachary …what is he doing? I bet he is up to some prank I wouldn’t talk to him if I were you. I know how much you think you have a thing for dis boy. Com’on he’s da captain of the soccer team at school do you know what that will look like to everyone. Just tell him he has the wrong girl and he will leave you alone trust me. Mesha interrupted her look I know you are my twin and all. And I know we are supposed to have this tight bond

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