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Twelve Weeks of Giving: An Office Project in Giving

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Twelve Weeks of Giving: An Office Project in Giving

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Giving in itself is a gift. Twelve Weeks of Giving is about a business whose office staff went out into the community and blessed other people through giving.

Each week a name was drawn, and that person was given money to bless others. There were twelve people with twelve different ideas and spheres of influence. Throughout this project, it was amazing how resourceful the participants were with the money they were given.

Twelve Weeks of Giving was inspired by an evangelists sermon from Life Action Ministries during revival services. In his message he stated, God passes by the self-sufficient, and that we must be willing to give today out of abundance to supply the needs of others, believing that tomorrow, if we have a need, God will use the abundance of others to meet our needs.

Twelve Weeks of Giving was written to inspire other businesses and individuals to go out into their communities and help those who are less fortunate. Church groups, businesses, and individuals can use the examples shared to start their own giving projects.

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