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Are Epidemics and Vaccinations Billion Dollar Scams?: The Truth Revealed and How a Whole New Biology Will Change, Heal and Extend Your Life!

Are Epidemics and Vaccinations Billion Dollar Scams?: The Truth Revealed and How a Whole New Biology Will Change, Heal and Extend Your Life!

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Are Epidemics and Vaccinations Billion Dollar Scams?: The Truth Revealed and How a Whole New Biology Will Change, Heal and Extend Your Life!

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Dec 31, 2010


The author asks, "Can you answer these questions? If you cannot - you should read this book!"

1. Where do bacteria, fungi, and viruses come from?

2. Do they cause disease or are they the result of disease?

3. Where do "superbugs" come from and why?

4. What are the basic reasons for the increase of epidemics?

5. Can epidemics be prevented without vaccines?

6. How are vaccines made, and what do they actually do?

7. Are vaccinations based on science or on a false biology?

8. What is the "immune system" and how can it be enhanced?

The field of Medicine is under attack here as it has not advanced in this new century with the promise of greater health, less sickness, lower healthcare costs, but is stuck in the past where searching for the etiology of disease was replaced with a treatment of symptoms. At a time in our nation's history when healthcare expenses are huge and are being passed on to present and future generations, the truth about infection and disease must be revealed!

The medical profession's false image has been obvious:

"DrugCare IS HealthCare!"

An entire generation has been "kept in the dark" about sickness and disease and have been at the mercy of a medical profession that has forsaken science for a dream of huge salaries and unlimited patients seeking medical care. The medics have long-realized that drugs do not cure anything, but rather mask symptoms, alleviate pain and discomfort and are a lifetime addiction.

Dec 31, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Donald A. Dahlin, D.C. practiced in Chicago, Illinois for 32 years and has been a retired chiropractor since 1994, had numerous spiritual experiences (NDEs); also traumatic occurrences that left him handicapped in walking, so he turned to writing about non-fiction and current events in 5 self-published books that dealt with many ways to handle conditions that are mental, spiritual or physical. He is using his new book to refer the reader to one or more of his books as a problem solver for that reader. All of his books will be available as paperbacks and e-books from the publisher or

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Are Epidemics and Vaccinations Billion Dollar Scams? - Donald A. Dahlin D.C.


© 2010 Donald A. Dahlin, D.C. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 12/21/2010

ISBN: 978-1-4520-7961-5 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4520-7963-9 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2010914530

Also published by Authorhouse:

The Conspiracy, Fraud, Quackery and Death of Psychiatry

© 2007

A Practical Handbook For Unlimited Spiritual Ability

(Optimum Self-Goverment) by Donald A. Dahlin, D.C.

© 2005

Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any Web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.




Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Epilogue - Part One

Epilogue — Part Two

Epilogue — Part Three





Glossary of Terms




Dr. Robert O. Young


Leader of a New Biology


To Professor Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp for his research discoveries that allow people to recognize the truth that Diseases are born of us and in us as a law of nature—that no one can deny by searching for cures instead of looking at the obvious. If his work had not been denied and silenced by Pasteur’s greed, lies, desire for fame and fortune (and the drug industry for the same benefits), an entire generation throughout the world could have enjoyed a healthier life and future.

To Doctor Joseph Janse, the President of the National College of Chiropractic (1940s-1950s), who went beyond the false teachings of Louis Pasteur’s germ theory to teach his students (including me)–about the suppressed discoveries of Antoine Béchamp indicating that his research indeed, had merit that supported our willingness to deliver natural healthcare; that Béchamp should be honored and promoted.

It is my gratitude to the belated Doctors of Chiropractic who passed their writings on to me, personally, in their search for answers that would expand the research of Professor Antoine Béchamp; this in regard to French Professor Jules Tissot, and Russian Doctor and physiologist A. D. Speransky, and a few reports from miscellaneous sources. They are: James R. Verner, D.C., Clarence W. Weiant, D.C. Ph.D., and Ronald J. Watkins, D.C., the co-authors of Rational Bacteriology (c) 1953, privately published by H. Wolf, New York, 2nd Edition.

To Robert O. Young, Ph.D, D.Sc. and his wife Shelley Redford Young, L.M.T., for furthering the magnificent research of Professor Antoine Béchamp and his successors to bring an honest, scientific and comprehensive approach to natural health that is easily understood and applied.

To Alan Immerman, D.C. for his permission to quote from his professional paper, Evidence for Intestinal Toxemia - An Inescapable Phenomenon in the ACA Journal of Chiropractic, April 1979 issue.

To Shawn T. Tyson, D.C. for his kindness, and for introducing me to spinal disk decompression therapy and the ideal spine concept as the most advanced and effective approach in chiropractic.

To my dear and lovely wife Patti, for her patience, constructive criticism and skillful editing of the manuscript.

Professor Antoine Béchamp: The Normal Biont Cycle, Illustration #1, and The Abnormal Biont Cycle, Illustration #2, in Appendix A, drawn by Ronald J. Watkins, D.C., as co-author of the book, Rational Bacteriology.

Professor Jules Tissot: Constitution of a Normal Cell, drawn, as Illustration #3 in Appendix A, as in the book, Rational Bacteriology.

Biologist Gaston Naessens: The Somatidian Cycle, Illustration #4 in Appendix A, from - American Raum & Zeit, The New Dimension in Scientific Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1991, Symposium 1991, From Béchamp’s Microzyma to Naessens’ Somatid by Louisa Williams, M.S., D.C., N.D.

Also from: Bio/Tech News, Special issue, Seeing And Believing, Gaston Naessens and The New Biology, Part 1, Box 30568, Parkrose Center, Portland, Or. 87230.

Graphic design of the Autonomic Nervous System as Illustration #1 in Appendix B, by Raymond H. Houser - 1937, (c) 1938 by the National College of Chiropractic, courtesy of President Joseph Janse.

Graphic design of The Peripheral Nervous System, illustration #2, Appendix B, (c) 1978, permission of the Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation.

Graphic design of The Spinal Column (front & side views) and pelvis as Illustration #3, permission (c) 1989 by Parlay International.

Posture Grading, (4 side views) as Illustration #4 in Appendix B. This examination is from the Harvard University Chart for grading body mechanics, and is from the book, The Essentials of Body Mechanics In Health and Disease, by Joel E. Goldthwait, M.D., F.A.C.S., L.L.D., Sc.D., and Lloyd T. Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S., Loring T. Swaim, M.D., and John G. Kuhns, M.D., F.A.C.S., Sc.D. (c) 1934-1941 Edition. (p. 4)

The Development of Spinal Curvature or Scoliosis (3 back views) as Illustration #5 of Appendix B, (c) 1989 with permission by Parlay International.

Graphic design of the Vertebral Unit, (side view) as Illustration #6 and the Normal Disk (top view) #7 and the top views of The Bulging Disk #8, The Herniated or Ruptured Disk as #9 (c) 1989 by Rebecca S. Saxe, technical artist.

= = = =


Older dictionaries do not contain the definitions of new popular words, and to correct that deficiency so that it is clear what we are dealing with, let’s present the full meaning of the word: scam implies cheat, swindle and betrayal of trust and includes personal damage suffered by one or more persons.

America and other countries have had epidemics that harmed or killed thousands of people yet they are told they must protect themselves by being vaccinated to build up antibodies in one’s immune system to protect them from an infectious attack.

Since Louis Pasteur introduced the Germ Theory, we have been at war with bacteria and viruses, and have developed more and more vaccines and antibiotics to eliminate disease, but we now have disease-resistant germs and new forms of disease that have arisen, with the threat of more epidemics.

Where does it end?

What would you say if this was one big lie? Vaccines do not protect one from a disease, or even to lessen a future occurrence, but often cause disease and death to those who are vaccinated!

We could ask, "Why would the medical profession, the FDA, CDC and pharmaceutical companies act fraudulently? Any person going to college or a university should know about the Germ Theory because Bacteriology is taught the same way in all colleges and universities! Dare to ask, "Is the Germ Theory a true science?"

Suppose the germ theory is completely false, and is not a science that a person can honestly believe in? Why wouldn’t doctors be eager to know this to help their patients?

Did you ever dare to ask questions like these?

1. Why do some people live without getting sick?

2. What is the immune system and how can it be enhanced?

3. Where do bacteria and viruses initially come from, and why?

4. Could bacteria and viruses be a RESULT of disease rather than a cause of disease?

5. Why are Supergerms antibiotic-resistant germs created in our hospitals?

6. What could be the MOTIVE for deceiving the people on this matter of disease? Who would profit most, a statistician or Big Pharma?

An individual who compiles statistics about epidemics and interprets them is only paid a limited or established salary for his work, but – Big Pharma could create their own surveys making an unlimited income in the Billions!

Big Pharma could predict an epidemic that may usually occur seasonally because of weather changes, and how deadly it would become — (and become a moneymaker by its sale of vaccines. BILLIONS of dollars in profit!)

Think about it: medical doctors are known for excellent examinations and emergency/crisis care, but the profit may not be sufficient for their livelihood, to support themselves, their spouse and family – if they didn’t have many sick people to examine and treat! Hospitals, attendants and nurses could not survive if they didn’t have hundreds of sick people.

The medical profession could not survive if they only examined and treated crisis or accident injury patients.

Big Pharma is taking the Leadership role in making money, and helping the medical profession, the hospitals and the FDA and CDC to profit from the promotion of epidemics because of their belief in the moneymaking potential of the Germ Theory! BIG PHARMA would resist change and their benefactors would support them!

Where Is The Evidence?

Let us look at a scam. Perhaps you have seen the American Greed series on television where a person figures out how to cheat people out of thousands or millions of their lifesavings, retirement insurance and personal property, through Ponzi schemes.

Do you know that one man in the 1800s discovered how he could gain fame and fortune – by stealing, lying, and plagiarism of an esteemed Professor’s research? Such a man was Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory!

It didn’t take long for the drug companies and the medical profession to join hands with Pasteur for a future of growth in fighting each new infectious disease with a vaccine: their incomes and living standards could skyrocket!

In 2008 America was hit by the Swine Flu Epidemic and the news media was given the prediction that hundreds and perhaps thousands of people would become sick and might die… How much is a person’s life worth?

Big Pharma was going to try and manufacture thousands of vaccines to protect our citizens.

Farmers struggling in a bad recession were worried about selling their livestock: pigs! They criticized the phrase Swine Flu claim that the epidemic was coming from swine (pigs) and this was not true. They had healthy pigs!

Then, quickly the answer came! Some Bacteriology Expert suddenly changed the designation to the H1N1 VIRUS!

This raised a few questions! Think about the possible answers.

1. Why was the current seasonal flu season called the Swine Flu? How was it connected to swine (pigs)?

2. How and from where was the H1N1 virus isolated?


•   SQUALENE – condemned by Congressional investigators in 2004, is indicated as the primary cause of tens of thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of chronic cases of Gulf War-related illnesses; also linked to arthritis and MS in rats.

•   ALUMINUM associated with ALZHEIMER’S Disease.

•   MERCURY that has been scientifically linked to skyrocketing rates of AUTISM in children.

•   FORMALDEHYDE a preservative for dead bodies.


Is it the intention of Big Pharma to create new diseases to fight against so that BP could own American’s healthcare expenditures?


WITH ALL THE QUESTIONABLE SCIENCE BEHIND IT, there are no guarantees that the vaccine will actually prevent the disease from occurring in those vaccinated, and will not cause other diseases!

If you were aware of what happened in the Swine Flu epidemic in 1976 during the presidency of Gerald Ford, you may remember newspapers reported in February 1976 that a flu virus identified as a variant from the A-Victoria strain infected some soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey. About 500 people were infected by it and one of the soldiers died.

One soldier had been sick but voluntarily went on a long march in his weakened condition. If he hadn’t, he would have survived. The virus wasn’t deadly in the first place. Millions of people have suffered influenza and have recovered from it. It had not been reported to occur anywhere else in the country since the late 1920s,

On the basis of this one death out of 500 infected people statistically, it was estimated that if 25% of the population was infected, that about 100,000 people might die. This was the total reason for the Swine Flu vaccination program!

England had announced through its biological scientists that they could not agree with the idea that a swine flu epidemic was forthcoming.

We must remember that our newspapers warned us of the four pharmaceutical companies that manufactured the vaccines that NONE of them wanted to be responsible for any adverse reactions and lawsuits that might occur because of the vaccine. Thus, President Gerald Ford declared to the public that the U.S. Government would accept liability for any lawsuits that might arise!

This stupid action caused Americans to pay for the vaccines that they may suffer or die from, as well as any lawsuits that may arise! This set the stage for any future vaccines and lawsuits. Americans were totally responsible for their own reaction to the vaccines! BIG PHARMA WAS FREE FROM RESPONSIBILITY!

Forty million people were vaccinated and millions of dollars of lawsuits hit the government (the tax-payers) for adverse reactions!

Scientists in the pharmaceutical agencies preparing the vaccines reported their problem: Whole batches of vaccine had to be discarded because they were made for the wrong virus! Pasteur claimed the germs came from the air! Where did they get the germs?

Here is a compendium of their opinions:

The organism appears to be elusive in that it keeps changing its character, coming in ‘types’ and again in ‘strains’ within the types. Mutations were bound to occur. It changes characteristics in certain environments and keeps changing its immunological properties so that a different form can evolve. This makes it difficult to develop a specific type vaccine affecting the population.

This certainly was a RED FLAG that they were uncertain about their technology and understanding of the Germ Theory; perhaps it was not based on science after all! Their plea could change to the alibi of a possible contamination of the culture to obscure the quality of the vaccine so they could not be responsible for any deadly occurrences.

As a consequence of the Swine Flu vaccination program, over 500 people suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The combinations of symptoms were muscular weakness and temporary paralysis, and if the nerves controlling the person’s lungs and respiration were affected, it could produce death.

There was NO Swine Flu epidemic, but the vaccine caused the Guillain-Barre Syndrome in more than 500 people and 25 deaths. The vaccination program was withdrawn after just 10 weeks when the link to GBS became known. There were more than 500 lawsuits and the taxpayers paid the bills!

It is almost like history repeats itself in some ways:

In the Journal of the American Medical Association (May 7, 1932, page 1625), Dr. Alfred Gordon of Philadelphia says: "Since the introduction of anti-microbic serums, a fairly large number of complications have been observed, motor and sensory phenomena occupying the most important place among them. Anti-tetanic serum is the one frequently given as a preventive measure, and in this capacity it is incriminated as the direct cause of paralytic phenomenon that occasionally follow its administration.

"To avoid all possible litigation, it is suggested to have the patients sign a certificate relieving the physician from all responsibility and consequence of immunization work."

What a science! Imagine an architect, engineer, attorney, or any other trained specialist hedging and forcing his client to assume great risks in fields wherein the expert’s services had been retained for the specific reason that the client was totally ignorant of the risks! Is it any wonder

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