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Choosing the Right Investment Advisor: An Essential Step on the Road to Financial Freedom

Choosing the Right Investment Advisor: An Essential Step on the Road to Financial Freedom

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Choosing the Right Investment Advisor: An Essential Step on the Road to Financial Freedom

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Oct 26, 2011


If you met your investment advisor at a party or hired him because he coaches your sons hockey team, you may not have researched his credentials, ethics, and financial performance. Dont be afraid to correct the situation. If you are seeking to hire an investment advisor, either for the first time or to replace your current one, equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

Author Carol A. Santamaura, an investment advisor, specializes in growing wealth for investors. The principles she shares in this guidebook focus on Canada but can be ap-plied anywhere. They include how to under-stand what kind of investor you are, avoid psychological pitfalls of investing, interview investment advisor candidates, and cultivate a successful relationship with your advisor.

Take off your blinders so you can see past the charismatic salesperson with the convincing pitch. By balancing short- and long-term objectives and investing in an efficient manner, you can achieve your financial goals. It all starts with Choosing the Right Investment Advisor.

Oct 26, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

CAROL A. SANTAMAURA graduated from McGill University with a degree in economics. She has provided investment advice to high net worth clients since 1994 and is a vice president of a leading Canadian full-service brokerage firm. Her credentials include the Canadian Securities Course, Canadian Investment Manager, Registered Options Representative, and Portfolio Manager. She lives in Toronto.

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Choosing the Right Investment Advisor - Carol A. Santamaura


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What Kind of Advice Do You Need?


Psychology 101:

What Kind of Investor Are You?


Understanding Risk


Psychological Pitfalls to Investing


Interviewing Candidates


To Fee or Not to Fee: Understanding Costs


How to Evaluate Performance


Making It Work: Forming Realistic Expectations


Keys to a Successful Relationship


The Financial Services Industry in Canada


Advisor Credentials and Designations




The principles outlined in Choosing the Right Investment Advisor: An Essential Step on the Road to Financial Freedom are directed primarily toward Canadian investors whenever referring to the banking system, regulators, and industry-related terminology.

However, the general content, as it relates to due diligence and good judgment, is universal.

To my clients: thank you for allowing me the privilege of earning your trust and confidence.

Investigate before you invest.

—attributed to Arthur Doyle Cobban (1895–1945)

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Choosing the right investment advisor to help you with your finances is not a decision to be made lightly. Along with your health, family, and work, your financial well-being is one of the most important aspects of your life.

So, naturally, I am intrigued by the process used by individuals, families, and companies to select their advisors. Over the years, I have heard many investors discuss this topic. When I ask prospective clients and high–net worth investors how they selected their current advisors, I expect their answers to be based on the level of due diligence that a responsibility of this magnitude requires: quantitative criteria such as credentials, ethics, or returns. To my surprise, I am often answered with remarks like, I met him at a party or he coaches my son’s soccer team. One prospective client boasted that her advisor had been a professional athlete! On the other hand, I have met knowledgeable professionals over the years with sound investment management practices who have not succeeded in the industry. Investment management as a career can be highly lucrative. The more clients an advisor services and the more assets under his administration, the more money he makes. So how do you see past the charismatic salesman

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