Thrillseekers.Com: A Novel

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Thrillseekers.Com: A Novel

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Historically, evil has taken many forms. And in the twenty-first century, what better way to wreak havoc than through the internet?
Alex Morris has finally found the murder-mystery event she's been looking for at "," and she can't wait for spring break so that the fun-filled weekend can begin. What she doesn't know is that the host for this event has his own evil agenda for the weekend, and the murders that will eventually occur aren't played out by actors! This host speaks to the reader in a condescending, yet oddly likable voice, revealing the fact that he becomes flesh in a person already living, then feeds on others' weaknesses, fears, and especially deaths.
When Alex and seven others begin their weekend adventure, there is no turning back. They have no way of knowing that there is more to their presence there than the mere desire for fun, for one of them is not what they seem to be, courtesy of their mysterious host. As the weekend progresses, the players will ultimately realize that this game is deadly, yet there is no escape until it is played to its dismal, shocking conclusion.
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