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Cooking up Big Savings: Money-Saving Strategies and American Home Cooking

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Cooking up Big Savings: Money-Saving Strategies and American Home Cooking

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Certified Financial Planner practitioner Mike Maynes will show you how to accomplish money-saving techniques in all phases of the shopping and cooking process. Because eating will always be a necessity to satisfy a basic human survival instinct, drastically cutting back on daily food consumption to save money is not a viable long-term solution. Research over time indicates that there is a strong correlation between regular meals and survival. Insteadof hemorrhaging a paycheck to overpriced restaurants who serve average quality food, to save money, stay home and cook. By doing so, youll save significant amounts of money, eat higher quality food, and strengthen your relationships with family and friends. Celebrity cookbooks often become dust collectors due to exotic ingredients coupled with intimidating cooking techniques. You can save big money with specific strategies and superb ingredients. In addition, practical basic financial planning exercises are included to strengthen your overall financial position.

Cooking up Big Savings will illustrate how to accomplish the following goals:

Create weekly menus for your family
Save money at the grocery store every week
Stretch the money you spend on food to unprecedented lengths
Allocate saved cash to fund common financial goals
Increase your financial IQ
Increase your cooking IQ

In the midst of challenging economic conditions, take advantage of these timely and timeless concepts. Cook yourself right into financial freedom.

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