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Living in the Spirit: Plus My Prescription for Health Ihn

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Living in the Spirit: Plus My Prescription for Health Ihn

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Everyone is born with a living spirit that came from Godit is up to each of us to nurture it to full expression of peace and joy, found in being close to Him. Living in the Spirit is the journey of a lifetime, however long or short our years may be. It is in how we live the days of our lives that we ultimately find that blessed happiness we seek, as the true stories written herein show.

These pages illustrate how we have the ability to think, feel, and make decisions, which can lead us into a higher existence beyond just the physical consciousness we all know. Our bodies relate to our spirits, so meeting our bodies needs may now be seen as necessarily connected to the spirits needs. Understanding this interrelationship can lead us into following a more healthful lifestyle and prepare us for a totally spiritual life to come. Inevitably, we will lose our physical bodies, but our spirits will live on forever.
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