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My Father's Business: Building Relationships

My Father's Business: Building Relationships

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My Father's Business: Building Relationships

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Sep 8, 2004


We loose our peace when love and truth become separated, no light for direction leaves us in the dark as we lack understanding or are trapped in misnomers about God, where we're found to grope about in uncertainties; when chaos rules our thoughts we make poor choices.

It is good to take time out to get a fresh perspective on life, to know what you believe and why. Step into My Fathers Business, a book about building a healthy attitude in a relationship with God first, for the pattern of all else to fall into place.

My Love calls me

into the garden,

Where I meet with His tender embrace.

we touch hearts

in safety,

No corruption here

an open heart towards truth

as we meet in prayer

amongst life's flowers and thorns.

Through observation, shared experience, and practical application to direct you to partake of the most meaningful journey that turns into life itself, you'll meet with the atmosphere of God's loving reality and learn that He is alive. As Jesus said to let down the net for a catch, I've pulled back it in to find it packed with eternal truths. Within these pages a miracle awaits, only obtainable by grace.

Sep 8, 2004

Informazioni sull'autore

  Going back as far as 1983, R. A. Feller has received an American Collegiate''s Poetry Award, where he ranked among the Top 50 of all the poets in colleges and universities in the United States.   More recently, this author was given, in 2003, a most prestigious editor’s award from, which only a select few from around the world have received.   Having been through separation, divorce, and other failed relationships, coming out of a bad pattern, R. A. Feller now shares his soul, at points where he met with God to bare his heart. His leading is in a relationship with a God who’s alive and can see us through any trial; whom he honors with the gift of his writings by helping those in need with his vision from above. "When a mind becomes clouded during a break a break-up, sometimes we need help to trust to love again, or direction for clarity to grow back together again." 

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My Father's Business - R. A. Feller

My Father’s Business

Building Relationships


R. A. Feller

© 2006 by R. A. Feller. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 04/25/06

ISBN: 1-4184-7057-0 (e-book)

ISBN: 978-1-4184-7057-9 (e-book)

ISBN: 1-4184-5351-X (Paperback)


-1- Jesus, My Son

-2- Prayer

-3- Evangelism

-4- Poems

-5- Gods Honor Code

More Insights

-7- Meditations

-8- Journal Notes

About the Author

It is with heart felt gratitude

I acknowledge

The Gideons International

2900 Lebanon Road

Nashville, Tennesee 37214

for permission to work with their

1986 Edition of the New Testament

Cover By James Santoro

84 Parkview drive

Bloomfield N.Y. 07003

Proof Read


Mike Caprio

35 Clark Ave.

Bloomfield, N.J. 07003


To my beloved children, watching them grow has helped me to see that it is by faith in God’s grace alone that saves us; and not by trying to go somewhere God hasn’t revealed yet, a place where I have not grown myself with my Father.

Outside of trusting Christ, I’m powerless over my salvation; for sanity’s sake, I’ve learned to rest in and depend on the grace of God to grow me, the same way my children look upon me, each one having their own individual growth rate.

I’d also like to thank my friends and everyone else I come into contact with that has helped me to see with the compassionate eyes of Jesus in everyday life.

Lord I love being alive, this has only been made possible by You.


This book is my attempt to capture looking through the eyes of God to better understand how to relate to Him; to comprehend the One who sees with compassion as He looks on me. Then me to others, whom He has fashioned, all through His very same eyes.

In unreality we are not taught that God is the answer to our problems, but instead to believe only in the idea that there is a God along with the sea of other information, with a well crafted sign that says, No fishing. God wants us to search Him out and then know Him for who He is, that we may comprehend His reality for growth in our lives.

Whlie working on my book I discovered that I had lost chapter one due to a computer error. Then when I went to rewrite it, I discovered I was looking at scripture with the first person singular; I, Jesus started doing the talking. Later I came accross some notes and edited them together with scripture, This book is a gift from God as I believe He revealed it to me, and then from me to you. It is an expression of an overflow of my love for God and a reinforcement of my identity in the reality of Jesus Christ. I might add, although there are many portions of scripture from the gospel’s it should not take the place of investigating them from the bible for you to be able to experience handling God with your own hands in the building of a primary faith; which will cause you to grow with and in a personal relationship with God of your own volition.


Building Relationships

Remember me Jesus when You’ve come into Your kingdom. were the words of a thief dying on the cross next to Jesus Both their lives hung in the balance of time. This day, I promise you, you will be with Me in paradise, was the response of Jesus Christ, as described in the scene of Luke 23:42-44. With the exchange of these few words a life long relationship of an eternal nature was started. How did Jesus come to accomplish His Father’s business? This is the way in which I’d like to address this question. We are born into this world missing a relationship with God, that we were originally created to have. This leaves us incomplete and clueless as to how to truly relate with other people. It is impossible, as I’ve learned to comprehend it, to have a healthy relationship amongst ourselves without first having a normal relationship with our Maker and Creator. It’s like someone asking you the time when you’ve not yet been taught how to tell time; your told where the clock is, but are unable to respond. In the same way, God is known only by name and people miss the concept of His character and remain distant with others. The parallel being, they lack the full concept in their depth of God’s power to move within His timing to bring intimacy into a relationship. But those who learn of His character get close up to become warm, and reach out as their desires grow inwardly toward God. Christ lights for us the way to follow to remedy situations that have grown cold. As He is God in the flesh, He knows how to show us how to begin a relationship with Himself. As all relationships are spiritual, by the truth of His Spirit of love all is revealed to us. Then when the Living Father of all spirits is invited, He brings joy as He enters into us and we with Him. It is evident to me Jesus came to establish a relationship between all who accept Him and this is what He came to accomplish. I find most people do not understand His big picture. There is a God who has a PLAN to share all of His wealth of creation with us as He conforms us into the image of His Son. Instead we get sidetracked, and relate with our own little figuring corners; never to realize that we’re lacking in the wealth of God whose riches are to be found within Himself. He is always extending His open hands to bring us out of the chaotic corners of doing things our own way, when we instead could be speaking within the focus of knowing our words count towards the sum total of joyously living God’s way. This would aid in sharing His life within us with others, and keep us from a demise of devilish deflections. But again, He cannot come in unless invited to do so. Not knowing His PLAN, people remain religiously poor and blind with dysfunctional illusions in place of God’s personal relationship and liberating light, which I speak of from experience. I know His life. Don’t assume that if someone appears religious they know how to relate to others. It is only when we recognize the completion of our Lord’s truth, His whole picture; that we’re able to begin to come together as a body in love, and know that what He has started to grow in us is reality. His reflection starts to become a part of us as proof ‘He is real’. Then we can turn to God’s steadfastness discovering we can build a lasting relationship with the acceptance of His only true reality, and are able to relate with others in a brand new way. We then gradually come to know as a part of God’s big picture, love+truth=light, an equation which establishes a pattern for order that our God is a God of power whose reign is continually true; He lasts forever, Jesus has been resurrected by His Father, Jesus ascended, and forever lives at the right hand of His Father. He holds the properties of what is true and His way alone gains us access to relate with the Father of creation. If we disagree then we deny the truth of the Power in Jesus to break the hold with love of anything not found within His light. It is when we focus on Christ’s light that all chaos found in darkness is weeded out of healthy relationships. It is by the truth of this love that we grow. It is by grace that Christ laid down His life demonstrating what love is, proving in that what He suffered for us would allow us to respond to His love. He gave of His time, and spending His whole life’s substance on our behalf He counted it as all joy. Love lays down its life for others because of its origin with truth which I believe stems directly from grace upon grace. This leads us onward, for by loving the truth we’re joined in service to God’s will, which is where we learn obedience in relating with Him. When we take God at His grace by His word we’re joined to Christ who lasts forever.

Signals may get crossed with people, as you hear what they say, but their actions dictate another reality which deviates to reveal their falsehoods; however, with God His intent is always directly from His heart, this is why it is safe to trust that in building a relationship with Him as His child you’ll always be comforted by His Spirit. Trust God with a little more of what you think you’re responsible for each day and your faith in a relationship with Him will grow until there is only life in place of strife. Then when our desire is to know Him face to face only, learning of Him lights the way for others to be joined with Him by grace as well. God in Christ gives off the properties of light, as truth+love are brought together for an everlasting love which derives its existence in the truth of grace. This empowers us to love by being filled in with and changed by Christ, into the likeness of His own image which is by the invitation of our own will. Then are we joined to His eternal dimension; Jesus Christ is truth, as He states, I Am the way the truth and the life and no man will have a relationship with my Father but by me. Only Jesus can set things right, as He can satisfy, in an unsatisfying world. It takes growth in our relationship with The Living God to comprehend that His loving care for us is life and worth knowing more than the things we think we possess for life. I would not have believed it myself if it hadn’t happened to me. It was a hard lesson for me to learn that life’s not all about getting all you can out of it; ‘Going for the gusto.’ Now that I’m set free to know Christ, and know the quality as I savor each moment of being with Him, I’m changed.

How do we understand true unfailing love, (see 1Cor. Chpt. 13) or what an intimate loving relationship is, when the ungodly role models we have had have left emptiness and confusion as a normal way of life. How can we experience a safe loving relationship with God when what we’ve learned to feed off of is living up to an elevated standard where someone else sets the pace. If you don’t measure up then you’re put down or rejected. Name calling and fights have conditioned our behavior for us to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. Once this hurt from the past is set in position,You don’t fit the mold, kicks in and you’re out. You’ve got to give up now because you’re not good enough. These voices keep everybody moving to the point where they lose their true identity in trying to keep up with an illusion as to what is actually important. Unfortunately, It becomes engrained into our unfond affections of acceptance if we fail to meet the imposed standard of normality. We’ve been initiated into a known darkness which causes us to search. Although it makes it hard to feel good about the light of love God has to offer us, as coming from this hostile kind of crowd, God is usually introduced in an authoritative way which ties in with the cruelness from the fast-paced social structures; so we become rebels.

Further damage is done when a parent is judgemental and is fault finding ninety percent of the time. The value of the child’s sense of identity is, more than likely, going to be to withdraw from such damage. It is their sense of worth, from lack of encouragement, they’ll fall short as to understand what being made in the awsome image of God is. This has to carry over to the creation of unbalanced relationships with peers and even warp their perception of God to the point where the child will keep having to watch stressfully over their shoulder just to make sure they don’t mess up. So that God won’t put the finger on them and bring about guilt, where the pattern of shaming one into a relationship with Him gets passed on in place of knowing the true patient character of His love. Who in their right mind needs guilt in place of love! Rom. 2:1-4 You, therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at what so ever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgement do the same things. Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things, (Act outside of Gods will), is based on the truth. So when you a mere man, pass judgement on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgement? Or do you show contempt for the riches of His kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing all the pain that Christ suffered on our behalf, God’s kindness leads you towards repentence (To turn from your ways, apologize to God, and receive His love). Don’t be harsh on your children, discipline with love and not in anger. I’m sorry if you had a rough childhood but God will work it for good if you let Him. It is only by revelation from God that we truly learn to grow in a relationship with Him. Nothing is impossible for God, so don’t get discouraged. It took me some time to notice where all my thoughts we’re coming from. I’m learning to turn them over to the Lord saying, Change me, throughout the day; and by grace discern that the ones I had about God were really Him calling to me.

We need the substance of Christ’s divine love from His Father to be worked in us; faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, righteousness, brotherly kindness, and charity which is exhibited towards us. We need to be filled with this revelatory light, that we may be established to recognize His pattern for better choices. In this way we see His life when relating with others and comprehend knowing His worth more than the things we wish to possess in other relationships. While we wait and watch for substance in our lives, we’re held together in response to God’s loving grace, which teaches us of His many mercies that we may learn of Him while they’re at work in our lives. All revelation should come out of a love for the truth. Just as in the relationship of Christ knowing His Father, God wants to reveal Himself to us in this way also. Being one with Him we are given a clear perception to ask for the grace we need to be transformed. The divine fruits of the Spirit give us new eternal choices in our lives, that we may grow into a relationship with abundant life; the kind which God has intended for us.

Without God’s Spirit there’s no life within ourselves. We try to extract it from other people by making what seems to be good choices out of bad situations; involving others in a way which Keeps us from having to face the pain of being incomplete and alone with unrest. We can get so skilled at this type of behavior that it passes on undetected; unaware of the fact of how it drags like a long chain to wear us down. This is not what God has as best for us. As we grow to learn of the many facets, of how God expresses Himself towards us; we’re taught to reveal ourselves the way in which God loves us. We show others our core by opening our vulnerabilities to them as God’s timing unfolds. This allows for more of us to be revealed. We’ve grown in a cohesive relationship with God and now know that He’s with us as we interact with others. In the same way, with our confidence in God’s abilities, our identity becomes transformed as we’re securely held in place by the comfort of His grace. By spending time with God, we can recognize where He is not in our lives and turn back towards Him, by the power of His grace, an infinite amount of times. Without Him we can only have surface relationships with people. Unless we’ve God’s blue print for love on how to reach out to other’s with Him as life, we’ll not meet people at their needs. We need to be taken into the depths where the riches of value for eternal weight can be found for lasting change. If you continually see yourself the way God has intended for you to see, this light will change everything around you; as you now have perfect perception to make the best choices, which is to greatfully follow His life which gives life.

The way we are able to build upon the truth of God’s established words of order, progressively sets all into position for rational sane living. We resist our godless thoughts of insanity by calling upon our Lord’s beautiful countenance; remembering He is gentle, merciful, just, and faithful to His word to cleanse us of all our unrighteousness. By relating with Him in prayer, it keeps us mindful that He cares. As we continue to resist the devilish strongholds, and evil thoughts in our mind, our faith in God increases in the midst of this warfare.

Renewal brings new life which raises us up into God’s hightower of love and then the battle is over. In prayer we draw closer to God’s existence one thread of an area in our lives at a time, to have our needs met, until every area of our lives is covered by a fine garment for a quality life. We talk most about the one we’re closest to and spend most of our time with, for it is our joy. Rom. 9:31-32 but Israel, who pursued a law of righteousness, has not obtained it. Why not? Because they pursued it not, (A genuine relationship), by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone. They relied on their own strength and not the power of God’s timing for life. Expressing ourselves outwardly to God we search Him out to know of His way which leads to life inwardly. It is here we learn to know Him better as we meet with Him through Christ our unchangeable consistant pattern, (the stone). We bond with Him as we go to the place where we’re found complete. Christ the healing balm of love will come and be applied by faith to our souls. Having His substance on the inside of us ‘now’ our long searching needs have been met, or will at last be satisfied.

It’s not about giving things up to gain acceptance, for as we grow to love Christ more we’re able to relate to Him in a way in which we’re carried in His will. Then God restores the harm done to us by filling in our hurts with His love and we’re comforted. With His love and acceptance. Our past melts away and we are found to start afresh in our new relationship with Him. Whenever our past structure comes into focus by the light of Christ’s new one, we’re instructed in the way of His life’s pattern, which directs us to make better choices. Not only are we disinterested in our old ways of doing things, but we’re no longer found alone as was in the case with our own self efforts. Although we were within God’s structure we were unable to connect with Him. A perfect example of the realization of this is God’s forgiveness through Christ. Without the reality of Jesus Christ’s forgiveness within our new structures we would go into a survival mode again. Due to the discomfort of God’s presence, we would break from God’s will. Here we’d keep moving in our own strength as to not have to face the pain of the bad space we’re in and be unable to relate with the Son who is more than the mirror image of His Father. In dealing with life in this way, we’re cheated out of the peace and the joy which come from turning our problems over to God. In the stillness of a relationship with Him we can receive His loving touch; a balm that heals in place of our pain caused by our unforgiveness, which reconciles us to God. By His Son He makes a way which allows for trust, and we continue to grow by learning to put our confidence in Jesus by consulting with His perfect way over ours. Our relationship with Him then blooms as we commit to the fact His love is good. We then start to approach life with God giving us perspective of what’s happening in the present. As we grow in a relationship with God, through His Son, we become spiritually elevated and begin to see things with the wisdom of God. It is here we realize everything is a gift to us. This sets things in order in a way that does not overwhelm us, as long as we remember He is in control and His way of love+truth=light is always the best structure for a kingdom held in place by grace.

As they arise, turn your memories over to God in the same way, letting His love and forgiveness also work through all of your past hurts while you continue holding onto Christ. remembering Him, who is the Son in the image of His own Father as now holding your future; a healing takes place. These ghosts of dark reflection exit, leaving more unoccupied room for God to draw near for a still closer relationship which keeps the past from coming back to haunt. In Him we can see that He’s patiently been there with us throughout it all which makes bonding with Him even more complete. He invites us to come and express ourselves and rest in the midst of our struggles, as the love He has to share can be found there as well. it is always extending towards us and everytime we recognize the truth of this, it sparks further revelation to experience the light for us to see our growing relationship with God. It’s not about getting it all together down here. It’s about knowing God who takes you into eternity and will draw the nutrients from this reality.

I can remember my dad off in the distance, just being my dad. I knew he was there but I never knew him, nor did I know I needed to know him. From what I knew, not knowing him was knowing him. There was no bonding within the depths of our hearts ‘father and son’ and I was ignorant of the fact that anything else existed. A healthy picture of intimacy was lacking in my life. My dad would talk at me and not to me, (Love-truth=darkness), I lacked substance in my identity. Until I came to know God in a personal way over many years, I had no picture of what intimacy in a relationship was. Jesus laid everything out for me. He proved His Father to be trustworthy. As He followed His Father’s plan, life was produced in their relationship, and together they achieved the promised results. It is here, within this light, I find substance. Just as Jesus has a relationship with His disciples and they learned of Him, they knew He could be trusted after watching His relationship with His Father. From this experience they learned His words are true. They sought Him for His substance and learned that man looks on the outer appearance, but God looks on the heart. A relationship between God and others works best when there is an ‘honest self disclosure,’ when each one can reveal their true feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Here we can better identify each other to prove ourselves accountable, by being trustworthy and safe with one another. When you’re loved and accepted for the honesty of who you are, without the other person expecting anything in return, then you’ve found a friend.

When we are sent forth from the home each day we represent our father. How well we are received by others will tell us of what type of reality our father has filled our lives with. What he taught us will display the substance of our relationship with himself, for better or worse. Know this, any relationship not built on Christ’s actions of love and His words of truth joined together is destined to fail. Anything not established on absolute truth will fall short of eternity by ending in the relativity of time.

I discovered I was lacking when Jesus showed me by His grace to learn of Him. By examining my relationship with Him I asked Jesus to change me. Through the sight of His way, to work out His Father’s will in me; I have found, and am finding, trusting Christ to do this to be an absolutly far better way of life. I watch Christ prove Himself to be true to me in this way over and over again. I am changed to glorify God, knowing that as I look at my hand it is Him who not only made me, but He is the one who is refashioning my identity into something beautiful as I relate with Him. I feel His substance within my character and as I sense it, I am being made alive.

Intimacy with God through Jesus Christ fills in the distance between us all by grace. He is the correct pattern of how a Son relates to His Father. Jesus is full of grace and truth, the character of His Father’s love in the flesh. As I draw near I’m brought to an intimacy which draws me deep into His love. I’m filled with God’s substance to reach out with compassion to others, the way Christ did for me. As His truth and love continually give off light for sight, I’m able to build and experience real relationships, where in the past I’d live up to misconceived ideas of others and my own old unhealthy expectations. God only requires of me that I have peace with Him in accordance with His word, and I’m to let everything else grow from here. God loves us when He encourages us in a relationship with Himself. He is patient and will not force Himself upon us; for it is not in His character. He knows He has the substance we need to feed upon for life, which is Himself within His words. If we’d learn to read and digest them at the proper pace, not too fast or too slow, just enough to be satisfied for the time being, we would be able to relate to Him and grow at a balanced pace.

I’ve a Godly relationship which teaches me how to be normal, as I’m taught to call upon God in my time of trouble. I continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of my Lord Jesus Christ and take on God’s character. I know I will find my completed identity. I’ve now become aware of the fact that my perceptions determine what I do and what I say to others. I dare to trust the promises found in God’s word and by them I’ve become His child. God’s Spirit of adoption makes me one with Him and I am seen as He looks on with agreement as His own beloved Son. I’m His growing child. I look up towards the reality of heaven and drawing nearer with a learned anticipation of discovery, I find I Know my Lord and where He resides. I’m finding the precious truth of God’s love in a confident place within my heart, where I’m found to converse with Him in almost all my affairs. Sometimes God is so near to me I even hear myself talking out loud to Him. I’ve learned of my worth by knowing who God is and as a temple of the Holy Spirit I am filled with Christ. I know God, for by His Spirit of truth and grace, He dwells in me and causes my face to shine.I In His presence there is fullness of Joy. Relationships take time to develop; Christ calls to us through our conscience by His Higher Holy Spirit. We grow nearer, little by little away from the darkness, to the Christ who is always drawing us by His light. Each time we humble ourselves before Him, with the acknowledgement of His better higher way, our spirit man increases with true life within our souls; for as we invite the Christ, He changes our nature to that which is eternal.

There’s a tendancy to focus on what we’re to do next. We’ve been trained to survive by conquering tasks with self effort. God wants us to ‘be’, for when we are still He can communicate and build a relationship with us as He teaches His way of life. God Himself is with us through all of our trials as proven by His commitment to sculpt us at a loving pace. We learn He is faithfull as we discover our new inner beauty to be reflecting His character. His worth in us is made evident by the way people respond as His new nature ignites us. We’re now refashioned to be new creations in Christ Jesus. He fills my soul as a lover and I gush out as a river of life to all those around me that are thirsty. It is not how I see myself, it’s being in touch with how God sees me that I’m able to know my precious value. It is in His acceptance of me, in the way He calls, that I’m found to relate with Him out of a response in keeping with His character which is very much alive with His substance. Just as the ark of the covenant was the power center and substance of all Israel, when we bear the name of christian, we are arks of Christ whose same power is within us as our hope of glory. He holds our substance and as we relate with Him He directs our path, the way a torch would lead us in a dark cave. You’d cherish its light as it will guide you away from the jagged edges of the walls and lead you out from the darkness. Christ as that torch, our fire from within leads us to the best place which is where He wants us to be. A broken and contrite heart He will not cast out. It is here God keeps us humble, pure, sensitive and faithful. We’re forgiven, redeemed and as the restorer of our souls He heals us. Is the substance of your truth real or does it cave in under pressure from the abuser? The truth of God’s substance carries us when we can no longer carry on through the dark. Jesus Christ has my gaze which causes me to see beyond all else, even into the future as I believe the promise of His words.

I’ve truly received the Spirit of God’s love and know now that a relationship with a lesser spirit is settling for a lie, where I was only left empty and lonely inside. Now I am attentive to listen to His newly discovered life from within me. I’ll never forget about the person who saved my life, and how He brought me into His eternal family of sanity. I have become His desire which gives me a state of being. The Holy of Holies has just moved into my hearts core; the Spirit of the living God has indwelled me and as continual praise ushers forth from my direction, it’s clearly known that my love for Him has been kindled in gratitude. The prophecies about Jesus are true, He’s removed the veil between selfcenteredness with it’s chaotic style of living and brought order by bringing love and truth together. He brings light to the center of our worlds as we relate with Him. He makes us one, as a part of a body of child priests, who know how to be lead free from the burdens of stress in everyday life as they arise. Their trust is in their Father who has planted them in eternity. We as priests are sensitive to God’s call. We step out in intimacy knowing the Jesus who we follow. We reflect Him and attract others to His loving true light; in so doing, all relate with Him as the Christ person who is behind His ‘NAME’, and this removes the divisions in humanity for our love for the truth has taken precedence over all else.

The character of A loving father makes God more approachable; for the love between God the Father and Jesus, His Son, can be better understood. When the root of the truth of God’s love is realized more deeply than the roots of shallow unhealthy love, which can never satisfy, they become uprooted and this is a picture of growth which lays the foundation and builds healthy relationships. As what is false has given way, to Christ, our growing seed of love who uproots all by what is genuine; it is here a relationship of a normal eternal nature is brought into focus.

Patterns of thinking leaving you lost

then come like a child and reach for My hand.

Soon you’ll be able to see with My eyes

simple is life when My love is most grand.

It starts by My grace,

they’ll always be mercy when you cry out to Me;

I want to fill your soul that you can receive My peace

It’ll pass all understanding,

when you abide with Me,

in My joy is where you’ll find life.

Just as I’ve begun a good work in you

I Am able to complete it.

Only I empty your vessel of what keeps you from Me

so that you may know I can reconcile,

satisfy you with Myself from within.

As I watch from the mountain top

and come along side

My relations with you

are apart of a treasure

which burn from within,

until out it comes

they are not meant to hide.

Never be afraid to share,

for it is My love that is apart of you

wait on Me,

and you’ll find

I will be there.

Reconciliation in a relationship allows for growth in intimacy; for it removes all that is blocking the way between Father and child, which fills heart, mind, body, Spirit and soul to move as the same breath. As God’s tide comes in and fills me it pushes out everything not of Christ, I’m left saturated with His true substance to where His oil runs over with the reality and power of His healing gladness everywhere it’s needed. It is my prayer this book should close the gap between Father and child, and all other relationships as through observation and interaction we come to know God in a more personal way.

The question was asked of me, How do you love someone in a healthy way? My response was turned toward myself, as to how Christ worked healthy love into my life which I’d like to leave with you my dear reader as a testimony of how God foundationally started to build His relationship with me.

God most definately led me into coming to know the fruits of the Holy Spirit, 2 Peter 1:5-8, and later on, Gal. 5:22-23; which to be fully appreciated should be read within the context of their whole chapters before being singled out for individual study. It was revealed to me that these attributes are of the nature of Jesus Christ Himself. Love, joy, peace, patience (forgiveness), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control If you possess these qualities they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The knowledge of the Lord suggested to me a learn and grow at your own pace picture of Jesus that I could safely relate with. The character of Christ, eminates from Him being with His Father Himself. After being reconciled to God we grow to be bonded into the unity of His peace as we continue to take on His substance. I find I can I meet with Christ here to be my secure foundation. Now I can send God’s face before mine as I relate with other people, His substance is an unveiled pattern for me to have healthy relationships, I know to hold onto that which is established to be true; I love the truth of this grace and it is by God’s Spirit I’m learning to be wonderfuly humbily lead. I’ve a body I can finally hold onto and learn to know that beneath the surface of the name Jesus Christ there is a person, the veneer of how I first understood Him had been finally lifted. I could finally comprehend the power of the depths of His meekness, and behind His name I knew beauty in the pattern of His person. Now I’m beginning to know Him in a relationship as one individual to another, where I can always reach out and touch or be touched by Him for an answer.

When we fill ourselves by prayerfully studying God’s Character and asking Him to work it in us throughout the day, holding fast by remembering His promises by night; we become as flowers which open to His light, as a fragrant bouquet, flowing over to reach others while benefiting from being with Christ ourselves. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Learning to see things the way Jesus does brings renewed life). Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-His good pleasing and perfect will. Building a relationship to me is loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and as we commune with His most excellent Spirit we are able to love our neighbor as ourselves. As love for truth yields a revelatory light, a position to experience a clear picture of Christ’s healthy love will allow all true blessings to flow. (See, chapter-8-Journal Notes, dated 12/18/02).

One blessing for me came through an observation of how Christ conducts His church. I saw out of a love for the truth that He builds relationships within a question and answer forum; Jesus fills in the spaces between us and Himself by letting us run spiritually dry, then we ask, Why? We’re to realize that life comes from within Him, then when we come up dry we’re to search out, why? Jesus joins us with His answer, by using an example in our own lives, one that we can relate to as to understand. He then proceeds to teach us from within the meekness of His Spirit on a personal intimate level, revealing to us our arrogance which we forsake in exchange for reconciliation as we are humbled; as He brings each one of us together where we keep drawing to what is more precious, which is nearer to Him. It is my prayer that you will come to find a better understanding of your personal growth during the course of this book.

Chapter Summary

The Foward, Building Relationships, is designed to plow up the soil for the rest of the chapters to follow. This will allow you to plant good seed, be watered in love, for healing and growth to follow as they flow.

In chapter one, Jesus My Son, we learn how Jesus related to other people as seen out of a direct relationship with His Father. (A compilation of much of the four gospels with many passionately placed amplified notes.)

Chapter two, Prayer, is about relating to God and others through prayer.

Chapter three, Evangelicism, gives illustrations on how we are relating with others: we’re actually evangelists.

Chapter four, Poems, over a hundred poems of light which just seem to shine brighter the more you read them.

Chapter five, God’s Honor Code, Does God have an honor code? I believe that I have laid it out rather well, see if you agree.

Chapter six, More Insights, a continuation of insights from my first book which read as proverbs, over a thousand.

Chapter seven, Meditations, thoughts which apply to everyday living that were burned both in and out of me while I worked on this book, (38 in all).

Here are some titles: Thanks For Salvation, Sharing Christ, Sexual Purity, The Power of God, Praise, Pain & Love, Mercy, Being Real, Letting Go, Sparked, Jesus, Truth, Seeing People, Pride, The Plant, Getting in Touch, Self Abuse, Counselor, Love vs Fear, Less Than Whole, When it Hurts Say Ouch!, Hearing God’s Voice, Apostacy, Angels and Demons, Treasure.

Chapter eight, Journel Notes, an overview of what was happening in my relationship with Christ in my life while I was writing both my first and second book. Stirred from my bed, or at any other time, I’m found to have dreams, visions, insights, or counseling encounters. All are entered in my journal notes over several years.


Jesus, My Son

A tear fell from the corner of the age. Who will dry it? Then down the cheek. It seemed to hang endlessly in time as it spiraled downward towards the abyss. Who will catch it? Then another got on line without an answer, so it seemed. Silence and emotions were frozen from the pain. Too much mistrust abounded and the hurt was to bear. Eyes searched with endless stares, eyes sought the signs of the time, and eyes filled with compassion entered the darkness patiently. They bore the light which searched for eyes amongst the people looking for mine, to find My Father’s heart from within. They burned the way to the path that’s straight. A true path open for all to come and relate with Me; for, to remove any obstacle from knowing Me is why I’ve come. But it must be according to the truth which is laid out by My Father. This is necessary to ensure that eternal life be sewn into the soul to take the fabric of times place, bringing order to all that line up with absolute love between My Father and Myself. I share what is within the timing of the pattern of His plan. The truth is that the Word is God and from the beginning nothing has been made that has not been made by Him. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood the truth of it.

I watched from heaven as the angel Gabriel stood before My mother Mary just before my appointed moment, which is recorded in history. This moment would align both time and eternity. It had become purposeful for Me to live out My life in time. I left heaven and came to earth to establish from My mother’s womb My peace. This was set in the records of heaven and positioned in time, to have absolute authority in a troubled relative world. I the word, became flesh and lived for awhile among you.

I grew and waxed strong in spirit. As I filled with wisdom, the grace of God was upon Me. And when I was twelve Years old I went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast. My parents and I stopped by My Father’s house, I remained as it was here absolute truth called Me by My light to be. As a testimony of scripture I was examined astonishing the rabbis for three days with My most excellent spirit. Then My parents found Me at the appointed time. How could You have dealt with us this way, we were worried? How is it that you sought Me, did you not understand I must be about My Father’s business, by the light I was lead to remain with them.

In the begining was My word, I Am from the beginning, through Me all things are made; without Me nothing has been made that has not been made. In Me is life and this life is the light of men. My light shines in darkness, but the darkness is not able to comprehend it. I’ve come to reveal to you My life giving spirit which brings what is dead to life, for flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God. Beloved; you need to see that you are dead in order to be made alive.

I walk amongst the people as the Son of Man and go unnoticed. My first line of business is to meet the one who cries out in the wildernness for all to turn from their sin. His name is John. He bears Me witness as I am baptized by him in water in front of all to see, including those who do not turn from ‘the god of this world’ with his unfullfilling promises of pleasure; turn to Me and you will see the door of eternal sanity. I Am the gate way to heaven.

Time is torn open as the Spirit descends upon Me, My Father calls to me from above, but not for My sake, This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. My Father’s voice is for you. Then John gave testimony, I saw the spirit come down from heaven like a dove and remain on him. I would not have known him, except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me. The man on whom you see the spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the holy spirit. I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God. Many looked on, but only a few to Me. I came to be a seed, so I must be planted on top of the soil that contains the god of this world and push him down beneath the ground to free his grasp on all the lost souls who grab hold of Me. The things of time, which can never really satisfy, the devil has offered Me; for he still wanted to raise himself above the most high God by putting his time above eternity. I know My Father is able to meet My needs for I know His love is true. I Am He, My nature is kind; I Am good and gentle, patient, perfect in self control to the point of being long-suffering with everyone alike. I Am just and love freely without expecting anything from you, remember I am the seed being planted for all, to fullfill the prophesy. The first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven, so also are those who are born of it, from heaven. And just as you’ve been born in the likeness of the earthly man, so shall you bear the likeness of the man from heaven. I give Myself to you as a labor of love; I am poured out as always true to God’s nature and come to bring completion with humility. A relationship with Our Father that’s birthed from within; with Myself as the way, the door to eternal life is open.

I’m found growing before My Father as a tender plant, and as a root out of dry ground. I Am the vine; I’ve come to join you unto Myself that you may become one of many grafted branches. All who pass before My path of truth and believe Me are joined unto Me and My Father and share in our life; you’ll enter Our reality of order, which is the stablizing force that holds everything together. I’ve come to give you endurance and encouragement so you will have a spirit of unity among yourselves, as you follow Me, that with one heart and mouth you will glorify your God and My Father.

It pleased your Lord to bruise and put Me to grief so My soul would be an offering for your sin, that when I am put to death as the atoining sacrifice and rise on the third day; it will bridge the gap for you to enter eternity as you turn from your ways and follow Me, as time is now cracked open for you to do so. The devil does everything in his power to keep his souls from seeing this crack, but he cannot succeed; for those who really want out of his domain come to Me to enter in and they are set free.

A brutal death on the cross; I’ve come to redeem you from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for you, for it is written, Cursed is everyone who is hung from a tree. I freely give up My pure Spirit for you as it is My Father’s will, His desire I know and love and trust as My own. My seed is planted in you as you believe Me. I alone have the power to make everything right between you and my Father. When you believe Me you know my Father and allow for My seed to take root within yourselves, then I restore you by filling you with love and truth that you’ll see revelation light within My light that’ll cause you to grow.

Although I walk among crowds of people it is only the ones who are looking for Me that find Me looking for them. There are those who look, who are at the edge with no direction, but unless they’re told they’ll not know of My compassion and become chosen. The invitation is open to follow Me out of darkness, Learn of Me, then I will be revealed to you; then your faith will grow as you come to know Me and My Father better, We will draw you by Our Spirit. Our children will always be heard, for Our love can not deny them and My love with My Father is a relationship which shows the way to the most valuable life one can have. I know the hearts of men and how to protect My sheep from the unruly, whereas the simple pass on getting punished as they miss out on My abundant life; which the devil tries to convince others otherwise, as to the validity of My existence. Eyes though they are blind now are opened and receive their sight; the tongue of the dumb sing praises of me as the lame jump about with all their heart, and the deaf are now able to hear My name as gladness to many becomes the new way of life. I’m not ashamed to touch whom My Father reveals by His Spirit of truth and enter their hurts in the face of those who would reject Me; I also occupy time and space as one of you. But My focus is not on the things of time, which My Father provides for, as long as it shall last; it is on the Father, and to carry out His eternal will.

The next day I saw John there with two of His disciples. When he saw me passing by he said, Look the Lamb of God! When they heard him say this they began following Me. When they persisted I asked them what they wanted. Inquisitively they replied, Teacher where are You staying? Come... I told them... and you will see. I saw their hunger for understanding and was glad they followed after Me to search Me out. Then at the tenth hour My eternal nature became recognized, Andrew who was one of the two, went off and told his brother Simon, We’ve found the Messiah. Andrew brought Simon Peter to Me. I looked at him and said, You are Simon son of John you will be called Cephas.

I promise you I will wipe away every tear that you will bear for Me and take you to a kingdom I’ve prepared. I tell you it will be a place where a relationship with Our Father is fully restored; the way it was meant to be from the beginning, where a childs needs will never get ignored, It will be a safe place forevermore. I must live the truth as I Am the truth. My Father made Me who has no sin, to be a sin offering for You, so that in Me you might become the righteousness of God and know Him. Carrying out My Father’s will, which is to ask of My help, restores you to Him and this is where I get My love for sight; My manner of being produces the way of life for you all to follow.

The next day upon leaving Galilee I came upon Phillip who was searching for Me and I told him, Follow Me. Phillip went straight way and found Nathanael and told him, We have found the one who Moses wrote about in the law and about whom the prophets also wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

Nazareth, can anything good come from there? asked Nathanael. Come and see. Phillip told him.

I saw Nathanael approaching and said, Here is a true Isrealite in whom there is nothing false. How do You know me. Nathanael replied.

I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Phillip called you.

Then Nathanael declared to Me, Rabbi You are the Son of God; You are the king of Israel.

You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You shall see greater things than this. In fact you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.

My light shines in the deepest darkest ooze of decay which can be found among the hearts of men. I anoint and set My seal of ownership on them by putting My correct Spirit in their hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come. I come to teach you how to love one another; love reaches out to all and to all who will to receive My love become the children of God. I only do what I see My Father do and teach all men to do the same. I Am alone and yet I’m not alone; all is dark except for the light I see coming from My Father. He fills Me and we are bound together, to seek and to save the lost souls of men. By Our grace We’ve called you to Our eternal glory; know Me, and after you have suffered a little while, I’ll reveal Myself as restoration which will make you strong, firm and steadfast to establish where you belong. I Am greatly moved and restore with actions of truth and love the sufferings of many who have the sickness of disorder. Indeed in your hearts you’ve felt the sentence of death. But this happened that you might not rely on yourself but on God who raises the dead.

On the third day I met My mother at a wedding feast with My disciples. While we were there she approached Me, Jesus, they have no more wine. Dear woman, why do you involve Me, My time has not yet come. Yet she knew My heart and the compassion I’d have once I sized up the situation and entered into it, the embaracement it would cause for the host. My mother’s faith persisted, she said to the servants, Do whatever He tells You. I noticed nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used for ceremonial washing, each held twenty to thirty gallons; by grace it had become time to start My ministry in public. I spoke with the servants and told them to fill the jars with water, so they filled them to the brim. I then told them to draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet feast which they promptly did. When the master of the feast tried some he proclaimed to the bridegroom, Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink, but you have saved the best till now. The servants knew right away that the water had been turned to wine. This was the first time I revealed My glory and My disciples put their faith in Me.

I went down to Caprenium with My mother, brothers and disciples. There we stayed for a few days and drew closer together. Come My family, come over here My disciples, sit by My side. My kingdom is always advancing toward everyone; however not all are aware to receive it. Battles will take place as light from My word sets all men free and then there will be affectionate worship towards Me.

For all who come into My view, My words will push back the darkness of those who let Me. Come, draw closer, to My Being, which is of an eternal nature. My Being establishes the pattern for life; it is my order that joins us by filling time in with My eternal nature. My substance sewn into the fabric of time, the way a shuttle passes through the loom, sanity will also be pulled into position. All sanity is put together by My light, which cannot be put out, and is joining all who believe to that which is of the world to Me and My Father; My life is able to take deaths place. My word is stitched as light into the darkness of man’s fallen mind, where demons try to spin webs and confuse choice by projecting images as to what I Am not. All lies come out of the darkness in my light, so that what is false will be exposed, then I arose and turning to them I further stated.

My sweet eternal life has a taste which differs from all the devil has to offer as his maze of blind madness will be revealed as My way opens to show the way out; it is here My redemption is first received and finally embraced. All captives are set free to repay good for evil, in My Name. In My Name darkness is forced back; only I have the power to save, it is not found among men, nor is it within man. Let My confidence be found within you and then you will truly know Me to be your deliverer. Then we left.

Later that day when evening came, I said to My disciples, Let us cross over to the other side. Leaving the crowd behind we got into the boat and shoved off. There were also other boats with us on the water. A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. I was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion when My disciples woke Me

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