The Robber's Dog: A True Story

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The Robber's Dog: A True Story

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David Laurence was born the son of a British diplomat and as
such he enjoyed the high life on various overseas postings during
his early years. Having spent the first 13 years of his life living in
various British Embassies around the world, protected by diplomatic
immunity, the world was supposed to be his oyster

Having successfully passed his common entrance exam into one of
the most respected schools in the country at 13 years of age, by 24
he found himself within the confines of the violent and often drug
infested world of the British penal system, rubbing shoulders with
some of the most notorious figures in the London underworld.

Fifteen years later he was to face the ultimate legal nightmare. This
time caught between the defense and prosecution where he had to
fight not only for his own future but also that of his children, in a
case that was to set a legal precedent.

What follows is a harrowing insight into one man's personal voyage
of discovery, in order to gain custody and control over his 2 beloved
children. We follow the journey from it's origins in East Africa
through the jungles of South America and onto the deserts of Saudi
Arabia, before fi nally arriving at the Royal Courts of Justice in the
Strand/London - where personal triumph would mean eternal
happiness..... but failure would mean the ultimate sacrifice.

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