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Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

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Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

Lunghezza: 139 pagine1 ora


This is a life coaching and motivational book about crossing over from insomnia, stress, sleep deprivation and sleep problems into the land of sweet sleep and being able to sleep like a baby. It is based on the premise that sleep is a barometer of emotional health so looking at negative emotions such as anxiety or fear, setbacks, failures, unfulfilled dreams and ambitions can help the reader to find peace with the inner demons that may be keeping them up at night. It is written by a business coach who began with the problem and used every intuition to take back her own life and find inner greatness again. It is great for anyone looking to achieve life balance, make changes in their lives and be empowered to find their destiny. It is a book about making a comeback in every area of life such as health, personal relationships, business, career, romance and fitness. It looks at the principles of vulnerability, synergy and accountability to heal the areas of life out of balance or broken. It contains sleep hacks to improve sleep and motivation to make major life changes. It has short chapters and is written in more of a journal format.

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