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Johnny Plutonium and Other Survival Stories: Humanity as an Endangered Species

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Johnny Plutonium and Other Survival Stories: Humanity as an Endangered Species

Lunghezza: 227 pagine3 ore


An accomplished storyteller and social essayist, Willson avails himself of a full repertoire of literary techniques to tease and taunt us into a deeper appreciation for What There Is, All Interconnected. How does humanity fit into The Whole Thing? Are we anything more than a temporary infestation? Willson's sharply cynical humor is tempered by an all-abiding love of life and living.

"Willson is writing about ideas that can't just be digested over lunchbreak cheeseburgers and then forgotten in the scheduled hectic afternoon of 'nomality'." --Ben G. Price, ANARCHY

"These are the musings of an agnostic pantheist, who is not above tackling that old philosophical chestnut called, 'free will.' Throughout my reading of these stories and pithy comments, the words of Shakespeare's Puck resurfaced again and again: 'What fools these mortals be!'" -- Fred Gillette Sturm, Department of Philosophy, University of New Mexico

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Harry Willson's opposition to radioactive dumping in New Mexico led him to publish the anti-nuclear manifesto of physicist Charles L. Hyder, to support Dr. Hyder in his fast against the Waste Isolation Pilot Project in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and to personally provide testimony to the Department of Energy in opposition to the plant. It is our privilege to honor Harry Willson's wish that 10% of the proceeds from sales of this book be donated to these organizations: Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping (CARD), Albuquerque, NM [] and Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Santa Fe, NM [].

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