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51 Ways To Be A Better Parent

51 Ways To Be A Better Parent

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51 Ways To Be A Better Parent

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May 19, 2018


Do you want to improve your parenting skills, build personal growth, and get closer to your child through actionable tips?  These upbeat parenting actions, that you will implement, transform the way you raise your child plus the benefit of improving who you are as a parent.

 Do you want to know?

How can you be more approachable as a parent?

What gift can you give your child that will last forever?

What email should you send to your child's teacher today?

 This book will:

  • Give you actionable tips that you can start today
  • Provide many opportunities to gain trust with your child
  • Help you form a lasting bond with your family
May 19, 2018

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51 Ways To Be A Better Parent - Consuelo Johnson



How to build a firm family foundation with one activity?

Where can you take your child today that will draw them closer?

How to become a more dependable parent?

Welcome parents to an experience that will change your life and your child’s life forever! 

Have you ever heard of a parent say enjoy them while they are young because they grow up so fast?  I actually received that advice while I was pregnant with my first child.  As the years went forward, that statement rings so true every day in physically watching their transformation before my very eyes and seeing the development through their actions. 

So why write a book?

I was flying home from a business trip and had just finished reading a book thinking I could now take a nap, so as I closed my eyes.  As I’m trying to drift off to sleep, I overhear a woman talking a row behind me.  She was discussing with another passenger about how she was planning a weekend with her kids but had a dilemma because of work she found herself so busy she was unsure how she would manage.  I could hear her say she thought that it was tough raising kids and she felt that she could be a better parent if she had something like a blueprint once they begin to reach school age. She was confident that she could buy them anything but seemed not so sure about her quality time with them.

At that moment, I opened my tablet up and started writing about ways that I have interacted with my children that I felt will impact them for the rest of their life. Moments of actions by me to teach intentionally yet still provide underlying skills for my children. The result was over 100 tips written down to share with other parents.  Once the editing took place, 51 tips survived along with some bonuses.  

This book gives you actionable parenting tips to become a better parent and build a lasting bond with your child.  It will build your confidence, improve your awareness, and provide techniques to become a better you.   

My parenting motto: Give your children the best of YOU! 

So, may this book provide you with the techniques, processes, and insights to provide the tools & moments needed to raise your child so they can become the best of THEMSELVES to pay it forward to generations to come.

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Tip 0

Embrace the Gift

This tip zero is to make you stop and think.

Every time you open your mouth, while talking with your child, words come out.  Words can complement, educate, and express feelings.  Words can also tear down, harm, and have an everlasting effect on

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